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Moist-N-Aire Electronic Humidifier Reviews

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

Customer Reviews of “Moist-N-Aire Electronic Humidifier”

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5 out of 5
Great service 5 star !
Great service 5 star !
Customer Testimonials
I had mine 15 yrs before I blew it up from overfilling. S R is correct, it runs way positive till it gets tweeked in and stabilized. Then it takes a week to stabilize every time you top it off. I used it to store cigars in their boxes in a converted child's toy box and a Moist-n-Aire was the greatest thing in the world back in the 90's if you were trying to humidify a couple dozen open boxes of cigars. The thing is built like a concrete outhouse and if I wanted to replace the fan on mine I'm sure it would go another 15 yrs with nothing but refills and an occasional tank cleaning.
....Has absolutely no control what so ever. set to 50% turns on at 58 and turns off at 73. been trying to tweek but it can only get worse. Thank God my cabinet is empty and being seasoned, I set it to 60% this morning and when I came home from work it was at 93% and still running!!....Started searching online and sure enough this hunk is notorious for this issue. Gonna send it back and get a Humicare....
As I live in Colorado at an altitude of 7300 feet, keeping the cigars moist in my 3000 capacity humidor cabinet is quite a challenge -- Moist-N-Aire Electronic Humidifier is the ONLY one I have purchased that is up to the task! Thanks CI for coming to the rescue!!
Finally, a humidifier solution that you don't have to pay an arm &/or a leg to keep refilled (Moist-N-Aire Electronic Humidifier). Keep up the good work.