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Boveda Humidification Packets Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Boveda Humidification Packets”
This product works well. I was using a different method of controlling my humidification and after reading about this product, I decided to give this a try. Now, I can fit more in my humidor and I don't worry about my level of humidity. Give this a try. I will always use this from her on.
Love this product, takes the possibility of a mess out of the process. My sticks are kept in a cool basement (live in NJ) temp is regulated effortlessly. Recommended to my brother in VA, who also loves it.
AH of Vineland, NJ
I have been using these for almost a month and they are great. I re-seasoned my 50ct and used the 69% packs and working great. I have a question, I ordered more for my new humidor and I received the new style packs which are smaller, will they work with the same as the larger packs or did I get travel packs by mistake?
DW of Albany, GA
I have to say that I really like this product. I keep anywhere from 50 to 75 sticks in my humidor at a time (sometimes less when my supply runs low) & 3 of these packets keep it running smoothly. I've also thrown 2 in my "leftovers" humidor as well & it's nice to not have to constantly check that one to make sure it's okay. I'd definitely recommend these to anyone who's fed up with constantly checking levels & adding water or solution. I know to change mine when I see a constant 4% drop, it usually runs at 69-68%, I know when I see 66 more often that I need to change my 3 bags in there. This is a glass top humidor, near a window in the Florida weather, I can get about 2 months maybe 2 1/2 months out of three bags so I'm happy with that result.
great product works very well
MW of Waynesville, NC
I have mixed feelings on which humidification product I like the best. The electronic humidifier I use in my 300 count didn't work like I expected until I added two fans purchased from CI. Even then, you have to replace the unit that holds the water since it will not function properly after being refilled over and over. This past year I made a move out of state and had to store my belongings for around 3 months. Since there was no electricity to run my electronic humidifier I purchased the Boveda humidification packets to place in my 300 count and two 50 count humidors. Keep in mind that my things went into storage in August through October. Here in Tennessee it is pretty hot during that time and inside a storage unit only makes it worse. It should be noted that I had cigars in all of the humidors with little expectation on finding them worth smoking. To my surprise, every humidor was right at 70% humidity and every cigar was in great shape. I'm giving serious thought to doing away with the electronic humidifier and using the Boveda's all of the time. Unless you have a bad humidor, whatever the Boveda packet list as the humidity level. This is what it will be inside of your humidor. At the time of this review all of the Boveda Humidification Packets are on backorder. That speaks volumes.
DM of Hixson, TN
I hear a lot of people saying they are frustrated with the Boveda because their humidor is not anywhere near the humidity that they need. Here is the deal, you still have to season your humidor! I recently purchased an electronic humidifier for my Humidor and it was very disappointing. I used Boveda packs before that and never one time had a problem, in fact my cigars were always in perfect shape. It goes without saying that I have quickly returned to using Boveda 72% packs and will never go back. In my opinion, and I have tested a lot of different humidification methods, Boveda Packs are the best way to keep your cigars in perfect shape. If you do not like the way the look, you can always purchase the cedar Holders which look really nice and hide the packs quite well. Trust me, if you take the time to season your humidor, they are fool proof and work great!
BL of Saint Louis, MO
Best cigar invention since the lighter. If you like to fiddle with distilled water and solutions to maintain the humidity levels in your humidor, be my guest. I love these packets. They require very little space and maintain perfect humidity levels. Now that we've hit summer weather and muggy, hot days, I'm even more impressed with their performance, as they lower the humidity level as well. My humidor was showing 77%, and one day after the Boveda was put in, it was down to 72%. I'm a believer.
GB of Mount Joy, PA
These work wonderfully. No guesswork. I use them in a smaller humidor that doesn't have a visible hygrometer, these help eliminate a bit of the guesswork while helping provide a little extra storage when I have a bit of overstock from my primary humidor. Wicked easy to use.
KN of Freeport, ME
These packs can get expensive overtime but theres nothing more consistent in keeping your humi at the right humidity. I suggest handwriting the date of purchase on each packet.
RC of Southampton, PA
I have been using the Bovdea system 65% for a couple of years now. After the humidor is seasoned, these packets will keep perfect humidity levels in your humidor. Where I live (Ohio river valley), we are prone to higher levels of humidity, so depending on where you live you may need different humidity packs. Mine stays perfectly at 68-69% all year round. Usually a pack lasts me about a month-month &1/2 per 50 cigars. Hands down the easiest system I have used to keep my stogies fresh.
SW of New Albany, IN
It...keeps your humidity at 69% like it is supposed to. Not much else to say, except that you can just pop these in a cup of water overnight and recharge them.
DM of Rohnert Park, CA
Best way to keep levels right on target.
JC of Goddard, KS
Great product. Works great. I use them in my coolidor and most of my humidors. Work well in travel humidors for a worry free vacation.
AQ of Hephzibah, GA
Very good, lasts about 3 months in my 50 humidor.
Can't say enough about's a five star review here all the way!
PB of High Springs, FL
I was tired of fiddling with gels, beads, water and solutions. I have one 100-stick humidor and one 30-stick humidor. I put four 72% packs in the 100-stick and two in the 30-stick and both boxes are sitting pretty at exactly 72% humidity! No mess, no fuss! And much more room for great stogies from Cigars International!
JP of Boynton Beach, FL
Just bought a bulk bag of the 75% packets. Here's what convinced me to make this purchasing decision. I bought a couple of these packets from a local cigar store, just to see if it could raise the usual stable 66% humidity in my 50ct humidor (I had previously been using the Humi-Care beads). I simply wanted a moister cigar. Within 1 day, but probably slightly less, these two 75% Boveda packets raised my humidor's humidity to a stable & unflinching 73% O_O !! I highly recommend these packets, THEY WILL WORK FOR YOU!!
ST of Odessa, TX
Works great for anything! Give the humi a jump start, also works great for storing boxes until they can be placed in humi.
DH of emmaus, PA
It did a good job of keeping my cigars humidified when I went to hunting camp.
AK of Milwaukee, WI
Best stuff I've ever used.
JG of Torrington, CT
Easy to use. Works like a charm!!
SH of Tulsa, OK
Works well. I bought the small packs so it takes about 4 of them to keep a 150 cigar humidor at 69%. I will buy again, but will purchase the bigger packets.
GB of Stuart, FL
I purchased my first box of 12 Boveda Packs back in September '14. I have a medium size humidor and I have ONLY used the Boveda Packs to regulate the humidity and they work GREAT. My hygrometer reads between 68% - 70% humidity with the 69% Boveda Packs. I recommend these wonder packs for anyone who is concerned with keeping their precious cigars at the correct humidity 24/7/365!
BH of Ewing, VA
They work great.
RH of King George, VA
Best humidification system for ease of use, space saving and maintenance.
NR of Hesperia, CA
Wow!! I don't know what I was thinking using anything but Boveda. These are great!! I have tupperdores and because of how they seal, these hold it perfectly between 68-70 without working hard. If you're using a cedar humidor you will need to use 2-3 packs for a 50 CT box, but still, no fuss at all....whatever your preference, these packs are a godsend. If you are leaving town, throw an extra 1 or 2 in. You can't overhumidify, just make them last longer by having more in there. A++. I've ordered 3 bricks so far for all my tupperdores and they are great. In the brick they are half the price that they are in any B&M store, even the lowest price I've found. Goodbye beads, juice, and distilled water. Hello worry free humidification!!!
SH of Clinton Township, MI
These work great - and when they dry out, put them in a glass of water and they will recharge in a week - I have ones I have been using for years.
Once I received my humidor, I seasoned it and inserted these Boveda packets and they work exactly as they say they should.
SW of Abingdon, VA
Two Thumbs Up!
Very simple and convenient. Until I find a more suitable method for me, this is perfect for the 'fire and forget' option of getting the perfect humidity.
MU of Lancaster, PA
AMAZING! A friend gave me one of these for my herf and now I'm hooked. I've all but replaced my sponge in my humidor with these. Keeps my humidity level just perfect and maintains my little beauties in perfect condition.
JB of Pemberton, NJ
These are great.
IS of San Francisco, CA
I'm new to cigar smoking and humi-care I started out with the distilled water and the "puck". Well let me tell you like most newbies I started out well, but it does get old checking RH every couple of days, doing everything thng by the book only to get swings. Well NO MORE these Boveda packs are GREAT just throw em in and all your cares are over except what do I drink with my smokes!!
JD of Detroit, MI
THE standard bearer of disposable humidification. Love 'em!
Does what its supposed to do
Great way to control humidity in your cigar humidor.
EC of Tully, NY
Keeps the humidity perfect. Just toss in and forget about it!
DC of Deatsville, AL
Boveda packs work great! Just toss a couple of packs into your humidor and you no longer have to worry about over or under humidifying your cigars. Thanks CI for a great price on a truly awesome product.
BR of Warwick, RI
It is cold and dry in this part of the country in winter so the Boveda product does struggle to maintain a humidity level. I have been using the 69% packs but need to increase them in the winter. The best I can get out of them is 62%. I will purchase them from CI because service here is very good. I just need to find the product that works so I will continue to experiment.
JM of Spirit Lake, IA
I USE THIS ALL THE TIME.. I travel alot in Afghanistan and it keeps all of my cigars PRIME for smoking. You cant go wrong
NJ of Avondale, AZ
Awesome and easy use! Especially here in dry Afghanistan! Plop it in and go; too easy.
Worked great. I just stuck it in a heavy duty zip top bag and I had my own calibration kit.
TL of Hauppauge, NY
I added this to my Herf-A-Dor to keep from having to put a hygrometer in it. Surprise! When I tested my new hygrometer, right on 74%.... These things are awesome!!!!
These are great! I had been debating on switching to them for a while and finally decided to order some of the 72% packs. I placed 2 packs in my 100ct Man O' War humidor. I have 2 digital hygrometers (one on the top rack and one in the bottom) to monitor the humidor. The Boveda packs have kept a constant 71-72% with very little deviation. I have also decided to use them in my travel humidor. I highly recommend the Boveda packs!
Been using these for a month or so, for my 5 humidors. So far so good, the ease of use is wonderful. I live in south Florida and its very humid here,so I like to keep my sticks at 67 to 69. The different choices makes for lots of options for aging, storing, or dry boxing.
I have a 300 count humidor, and 2 that hold 50. The large one has an electric humidifier in it, so my humidification need was for the smaller ones. At the price these go for, I'm not overly impressed with the way they work. The gel beads seem to work just as well, and are a whole lot cheaper.
DM of Taylor, MI
I'll never use anything else to protect my cigars. Easy, reliable and consistent.
JB of Valparaiso, IN