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The Scottsdale End Table Humidor Reviews

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

Customer Reviews of “The Scottsdale End Table Humidor”

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5 out of 5
The Scottsdale End Table Humidor.
It's a beautiful piece of furniture. My wife loves it. Great quality. I strongly recommend it. Cheers
Customer Testimonials
Ok so here's the deal. This is a great humidor, but the design is inherently flawed. What you need to do to get this thing to live up to its potential is go to Walmart and buy some rope caulking for about 5 bucks or less and stick it in the corners all the way around the inside where the drawer shuts and voila, your humidor holds humidity. Easy fix and if you decide later you don't want the caulk there, it's removable.
Hello, Fellas I do not own one of these but you asked if you are missing something. Question, did you cure it before use. Something someone showed me, take a CLEAN sponge and soak it with 70/70 and wipe all the CEDAR inside the Humi. Let it sit and rinse and repeat till it is stable at 70. Then you can use it. You have to do this with every Humi before use. Hope this helps.
Nice unit with no humidity problems. The only issue I have is the drawer doesn't pull all the way out, so accessing the back of the unit is difficult and there is a lot of wasted space.
Looks good. Hard to hold humidity levels. I have 2 8oz Black Ice jars, 1 shot glass of distilled water, and 1 shot glass of Propylene Glycol and I can't break 50% RHM. Am I missing something?
Looks great. However, despite seasoning for two weeks I am having trouble reaching optimal humidifcation levels. Tried many methods and I'm stuck at 49%. Also, this unit arrived with a broken drawer and bent edges.
I love this humidor. It looks great, holds the humidity well, and holds lots of my favorite cigars. A very good investment.