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Q & A for Large Rectangle Humidifier

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03/22/2013 What's the life expectancy

A: Atleast one year if maintained properly (filled with distilled water or Cigar Juice only and never left to totally dry out). If you want to make your life much easier, buy crystals instead. They last as long, or longer. I've had one going strong for 2 years now. Copy link to view.
by Jeff K
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04/12/2013 How do i use this little Humidifier?

by JR of Fowler, CA
A: Fill with distilled water and check it weekly, If the foam is dry add more distilled water. I'd recommend this product instead (copy link below into browser). Crystals are more resistant to mold and need less maintance.
by Steve R
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06/30/2013 How does the humidifier attach to the humidor?

A: It's magnetic. There is a male magnet on the humidifer and a female magnet with a sticker type backing that sticks to the cedar in your humidor. Once it is installed you can easliy removed to refill then snap it right back into place. Easy!
by Bryan
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