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Q & A for Humi-Care 16 oz. Cigar Juice

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03/26/2013 Do you pour this stuff into HUMI-CARE Crystal Gel after the Gel has lost its luster? Or do you just pour this stuff in a jar?

A: HUMI-CARE Cigar Juice can be used to re-charge your HUMI-CARE Crystal Gel Humidifiers. However, this is not necessary, as these crystals already contain a humidity-balancing solution of propylene glycol. Distilled water will do the job, and is less expensive. However, both options will work.
by Steve R
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04/21/2013 Propalyne Glycol And Distilled Water Is What Is In The Green Radiator 50 50 Mix I Get At The Auto Parts Store For My truck. Is This Really The Same Thing You Use For Humidifiction For These High Dollar Cigars???

by GW of Pinetop, AZ
A: I'm not a chemist, so I'll explain this as best as possible. Most antifreeze uses Ethelyne Glycol, which is toxic. Some newer, ‘greener’ brands are using a propylene glycol blend as a non-toxic alternative. Propylene glycol is an organic compound which basically serves to stabilize water (through evaporation and/or freezing point). It is recognized as safe by the FDA and is very commonly used in many food, beverage, and oral pharmaceutical products as a preservative.
by Jeff K
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07/20/2013 When storing cigars in my humidor is it better to keep them in the plastic wrap they arrived in or take them all out? What about just opening the end?

by jw of pace, FL
A: One of the great debates of the cigar industry. Most people, including myself, keep them in the cellophane. Cello breathes, and provides a nice layer of protection. If you want to open the end you can, but it is not necessary.
by Greeby
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