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Humi-Care Digital Hygrometer Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Humi-Care Digital Hygrometer”
The Humi-Care Digital Hygrometer, leaves no guess work. Get serious about how you protect your investment. This is a must have.
It's small, digital, reliable, accurate and can even be calibrated if you want. It has an easy-to-read screen, and it's inexpensive. What more can you ask for? I have several of these in use right now, protecting my cigar collection. Recommended.
J of LWilkes-Barre, PA
Can't believe I'm the first to comment on this little guy (Humi-Care Digital Hygrometer) Just got mine yesterday, first thing that caught my eyes was it's size. Not sure why just thought it was going to be bigger for some reason. Thats not a complaint by any stretch though I love the size because some of my smaller humis are stretched for space as it is, so this item, and its approximate half-dollar circumference, by about a half inch thickness fits in easily. Next thing to surprise me was when I read the instructions it said it was ready to go out of the box. Being a skeptic however, I made up a calibration bag with salt, water etc. and left it all night, next morning the reading was dead on 75% The gadget comes with adhesive on the back so you can commit it to one box or like me I'm going to use mine as a tool to check the calibration on all my analogs at least until I can afford to replace all of them. Also there is no danger of getting a unit with dead batteries as there is a plastic tab that you must pull out of the battery case to turn it on for the first time. Bottom line it's a must have for those of us who keep plenty of sticks on hand, and age'em, and all. Thanks again CI, Keep the deals coming...
RT of Norwood, OH
I've had this hygrometer for a couple of months now & I'm so glad I made the switch to digital. Like others have said, it really takes the guess work out of keeping your favorite smokes safe & sound. If you're thinking of improving your humidor I'd highly recommend a digital hygrometer & you won't be disappointed by this one. Whether it's function or price, Humi-Care is definitely the way to go.
JK of Cape Coral, FL
I bought one of these to replace the analog hygrometer that came with my Old World Humidor. I especially like the fact that I didn't need to calibrate it. It was ready to go right out of the box. All I had to do was pull the little plastic tab out and it was ready for my humidor. It has a little adhesive tape on the back and I used the magnet from the analog hygrometer and stuck it to the back. Now it's used in the same spot that the analog would be. It looks great inside the humi, it's accurate, and I now also get to see what the temperature is inside my humi. Definitely worth replacing your inaccurate analog with one of these.
ST of Fpo, AP
Amazing lil piece of plastic. Reads spot on. Have 2 of them for my 2 humidors. Only thing bad I have to say about them is when u calibrate it you need to turn it really slow and wait 3 to 5 seconds between clicks other than that this is an amazing product for Tues price.
KA of Chula Vista, CA
Love this Hygrometer, Calibrate once and forget about it! Looks good in any Humi and far more accurate than a glass gauge. Get one for every humi you own!
RJ of Las Vegas, NV
Once it arrived it did not work correctly. Customer Service sent another one within 2 days. The new one works exactly as described! Customer service is one of the best in the business.
NM of Taunton, MA
I highly recommend you purchase one of these, once calibrated there's no more guesswork. I have a small cabinet style humi (75 capacity) which has an analog.. Don't get me wrong the analog hygrometer looks great, however it's usually inaccurate. Digi hygrometers in my honest opinion are an absolute must have.
Just calibrated mine! Really easy to use, easy to calibrate! I must say though read the directions. When I was done with the salt test I did the adjustment and it didn't change so I freaked out and kept turning the dial, and had to wait another 12 hours for the test to calibrate it...AGAIN. But that was my error not the hygrometer, it refreshes every 10 seconds. So when you dial it in, press the reset button and you're good to go! Pretty awesome investment for your sticks!
EF of Long Beach, CA
This is a great hygrometer. It is more exact than the normal hygrometer. I use it in conjunction with the HX-10 Humidifier.
MS of Liverpool, NY
Best kind of hygrometer I could have purchased. Easy to use, easy to read, perfect for my small desktop humidor. Definite buy.
KV of Peekskill, NY
I've had one of these for a few years. It worked great until recently. I thought due to the dry climate of my new house my humidity beads weren't keeping up. After adding more beads and checking daily I broke down and bought an oasis xl. Turns out I should have checked my hygrometer. Not only had it gotten way off it is so far off I can't even adjust it. Works great but make sure to test it periodically.
I Own Two Of These. The First One Works Like A Charm...The Second One, Not So Much.
It works great.
Seems to work well and accurately.
JC of Goddard, KS
I love this Humi-Care Digital Hygrometer. One of the best I've ever owned. It is very accurate. And have had no problems with it. I'm ordering two more for my other two humidors.
I have had two for a year and a half and they have held calibration. Definitely recommend for anyone wanting an accurate and reliable hygrometer.
JF of Henderson, NV
Truly a great little gadget. Cool look as well being blue, sort of stands out from the rest. 10/10
JD of Buffalo, NY
I purchased the hygro as a replacement for the old analog version. The calibration was easy and the accuracy is nice to have, especially since I grab a stick daily. This digital hygro will be my standard for any humidor in the future.
EH of Jacksonville, NC
Easy to calibrate and use. Good purchase. Ended up buying an Automatic humidifier system. Now just using this to double check the RH.
Easy to use and easy to calibrate. A great buy.
AS of Tempe, AZ
Awesome product, great quality for the money, THANKS CI
LW of Windsor, OH
I was pleased with this hygrometer, it was simple to calibrate even for someone completely new to the cigar world!
DT of Pittsfield, MA
So far, so good. Accurate out of the box and just to make sure, I did the salt test for 12 hrs. Spot on. Smaller than I thought it was, which is good. Love it.
EW of Pittsburgh, PA
Accurate, easy to use, easy to install, and I know my babies are sleeping safe at night with a quick glance at the display. Highly recommended!
SM of Linwood, MI
Small and compact. A little tricky to calibrate. But does its job well. And doesn't take much room in your box. Recommended to all.
Awesome for the money. Keeps track of my humidity for me. Very easy to read and calibrate.
JN of Pageland, SC
Keeps accurate reading and ok color which is blue.
PS of Rock Springs, WY
I always know the exact condition of my cigars. Great peace of mind!
JO of Lebanon, MO
Very accurate and reliable. Throw out your analog and get this.
AV of Lincoln Park, NJ
Works great. Salt test and a perfect 75... No adjustment needed
GP of Batavia, NY
Works great; easy to set up.
PJ of fort washington, MD
Calibrated the Humi-Care Digital Hygrometer (only off 1%), put it in my humidor and it has been working like a charm. I have been let down by the analog hygrometers in the past. With all the good reviews I thought I would go digital. Easy to read display. So far so good.
ML of Aurora, IN
Great item. Easily adjusted and works well.
Works real well, I had been keeping my cigars way under humidified, but now I have them right in the sweet spot!
PR of Anaheim, CA
been tryin to calibrate it but I had a hole in the bag so make sure ya use a good baggie looks like itll fit right in where I need it
JK of marshalltown, IA
Easy to use and highly accurate… A cinch to calibrate and virtually no maintenance required to keep it operating… Small design gives the user the opportunity to designate less space to medias and more to lovely cigars!!!!
MR of Clark, PA
Awesome hygrometer! Simple and easy!
MM of Black Mountain, NC
The hydrometer that came with my humidor was not bad. But for the price of the Humi-Care hydrometer you can't go wrong. It's got both the digital hydrometer and the digital thermometer in one. Can't beat it.
WF of Broad Channel, NY
NF of Hialeah, FL
These are very accurate. You can calibrate it but its so accurate it doesn't even need to be. This is the 3rd one I have purchased and so far they are on spot with the humidity% and temperature%.
IS of San Francisco, CA
It works , buy it. simple as that my friend.
AB of Hampton, VA
This hygrometer was very easy to set. I threw it in with my Boveda 75% pack in the Herf-A-Dor and it read high, so I reset it and threw it back in and read 74% after 14 hours. Did the normal % tests on it afterwards..... spot on calibration... This little thing is awesome!
This hygrometer is quick and accurate. Has been spot on.
JE of Sagle, ID
so far this hygrometer has worked flawlessly, and passed the salt test when it arrived.
SW of abingdon, VA
Operated Exactly as described CI got it to my door quickly and in great condition!
AR of Grandfield, OK