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Humi-Care HX10 Crystal Gel Rectangle Humidifier Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Humi-Care HX10 Crystal Gel Rectangle Humidifier”
Just got this the other day and it is a really nifty piece. I will say that it is unwise to submerge in distilled water for anything more than an hour. About 2 hours into the recommended 4, this little bugger (literally) exploded. I was able to get most of the beads back on and snap it back together and it works great now. Also someone asked about Velcroing this, there is no need as it comes with a handy adhesive backed metal plate and a magnet affixed to the back of the humidifier. Recommended to buy!
WC of La Vista, NE
Let's see....ashtrays, lighters, cigars, well just another great freebie. The Humi-Care HX10 Rectangle Humidifier, it works so well i would have paid for it. You guy's are too much. Thanks, later.
VB of San Francisc0, CA
I bought one of these, soaked it like it said to, and found that it had popped open and I lost all its contents... So, I threw it out. I bought a second one, decided that I'd only soak it for 3.5 hours, its a good thing I did because I caught it when it was just starting to "split". I was able to squeeze it shut and electrical taped the two edges as a precaution that it wouldn't open and ruin my cigars. All in all, if you buy this, soak it for no more than 2 hours. And you may want to electrical tape the ends as I did just to be sure it doesn't pop open in your humidor and ruin your premium cigars.
RS of Johnston, RI
Definately the way to go (Humi-Care HX10 Crystal Gel Rectangle Humidifier)! Just be careful NOT to follow the preperation directions. Manufacturer suggests soaking in distilled water for 12 hours. After 3 hrs the crystals grew extremely large, seperating the two halves of the plastic case. I was able to get half of the crystals back in the case, and it worked great. It took about 3 weeks for the remaining crystals to dry and I was then able to add them to the humidifier. After some research I found out that a shot glass or two of distilled water is all you need.
SF of Williamstown, NJ
These are great! One thing you need to know... if you leave them soaking too long, they will explode. Not a big deal, just stuff as much as you can back into them and snap them closed again.
JR of Lebanon, OH
My 100-count humidor (Humi-Care HX10 Crystal Gel Rectangle Humidifier) holds only my good stuff -- everything in there is $5 a stick and up. Well, when winter came and the air got more and more dry, the cheap OEM humidifiers in all my humidors proved unequal to the task of keeping the levels in the optimum 65-75% range. In fact, the 100-count had dropped below 60%, even with me adding distilled water to the element daily. In a panic, lest I end up with a big cedar box of $5-a-stick kindling, I ordered the Humi-Care HX10 to see if the propylene glycol gel beads really did what they claim to do. Sure enough, thanks to the slow and steady release, about three days later I was up to 65%, and at the end of a week I was at 70% and haven't waivered since. Now I'm no longer afraid to sneak a peek at "the boys" every now and then (and who doesn't like to eyeball their stash occasionally?), because unlike with the old humidifier, I don't have to count every second the lid is open; I know the HX10 will replace any lost moisture with no drama. Thanks, Humi-Care, and thanks CI!
Looks nice, but do not follow the directions. Let soak no more than 1 hr other wise you will have a tray full of little balls. Please fix the directions in the container. Cigars International will not replace if this happens.
AF of Marlton, NJ
Excellent turnaround. I ordered this (Humi-Care HX10 Crystal Gel Rectangle Humidifier) item yesterday at 2pm EST with standard ground and the item was waiting for me when I came into the office. I am soaking the item now, and hope it works as well as everyone else has said. Great turnaround and excellent customer service support!!
C of W Washington, DC
Great product. I did have the same problem as a few others did. After soaking for just over an hour I returned to a pan full of crystals. So much so that I scooped up about half a quart zip lock bag full. Now I have some to retro fit my numerous floarist foam elements. The one thing I do strongly advise is to use this in a large(100+) humi. I put it in my 50 stick box on my desk and it took it up to 85% in 2 days. Swapped it into the 150+ at the house and its perfect. Love it and I swear by these gel crystals.
RC of Abilene, TX
Well I am going to start all over again with an exchange of new ones as I found to my surprise that after 3 hours the 2 Humi-Cares have burst! It seems the average soak time should be 2 - 2.5 hours MAX! Lesson learned....READ the comments by others BEFORE purchasing a product. A couple of my friends have used the older ones and said they are fantastic especially with how dry it gets here in Alaska. It will be nice to maintain our humidor above 50% if I babysit it every 4th day.
AM of MAnchorage, AK
Hi everyone; I'm thinking about ordering this and just have one question-- would there be a problem with velcro'ing it to the humidor lid? I usually get the crystal jar but I'm thinking I can save on space by attaching these to the roof. Thanks!
MB of Apo, AE
Having first read the reviews, I knew not to leave it in water a long time. After 1 1/2 hours I took mine out ot the water, and placed it in my 50 count humidor. While this can be to much for a 50 count humidor, there is still a way to use it by blocking some of the vents with cling wrap. When I saw the humidity going past 75, I took it out of the box and wrapped a small section which sealed off that part of the humidifier. I like this product really well, and I don't mind finding how much of the box of beads need to be closed. Now I have it down to a fine art and it keeps my humidor at 65 - 70.
DM of Taylor, MI
Just received my HX10 this morning, opened it up and started saturating the crystals as stated.. The new instructions said 4 hours, I have done so, and have had NO problems like the others stated. It seems as if they may have changed up things a bit, they are now round balls instead of "crystals" so maybe that helped in the over-expanding area of things. Pleased with my purchase, as I always am with my C.I. purchases. Will come back after a few days and let you know how it holds the humidty in my Gurkha Assasin 100 ct. humidor!
TC of Carbondale, IL
Got mine yesterday, submerged it in distilled water and promptly forgot about it for twelve hours. No explosion, no cracks, its in great shape and working fine. Got lucky I guess.
JZ of Fayetteville, GA
It seems a few had problems with this. You do not have to submerge it in distilled water, just put it on a plate and pour water into the grill till full, let set for a hour or so, turn it over so any remaining water inside will drain out, wipe dry and put in your humi box. It's made for larger boxes of 100+ cigars, anything smaller will have too much humidity.
DG of Pearcy, AR
Just got my 500 count humidor and I'm debating replacing the included humidifiers with the Humi-Care HX10 Crystal Gel Rectangle humidifiers. I'm really new to cigarology, so want to make sure I set the humidor up with the most reliable and consistent accessories available. Any advise is greatly appreciated.
MH of Dallas, TX
Just got my humidor the other day and I love it. The upgraded humidifier, however, I cannot say the same for. I really like the concept behind it, but I can say from experience that it did not undergo thorough testing. I received the supposedly updated instructions to "submerge the entire humidifier for 4 hours to allow for TOTAL saturation;" DO NOT DO THIS. Unless you like playing with solid balls of water and trying to find a makeshift way to dry them out quickly, I would highly suggest soaking this system for a max of 2 hours. 1-1.5 seems much more reasonable. If you soak this for 4 hours, or even 3, this system will burst open and you will have half these crystal balls on a towel in a pan drying in the sun, and the other half jammed into your humidifier. Fortunately my humidifier didn't break as it's made to open rather easily, but at the same time it's a real inconvenience to deal with the aftermath of what is supposed to be a more maintenance free system. I would still buy this system again, but I would read the reviews of others before following the instructions so religiously.
JW of Sterrett, AL
works great, don't listen to recommended soak time. Initial soak lasted 3 hours before crystal beads expanded too much and split the plastic in half. Only soak for 1.5 hours and everything will go according to plan. Keeps humidity at 70. I will recommend this product, just disregard instructed soak time and only soak for 1.5 hours. - Keep Smoking
I knew better than to soak for 4 hours having had one explode a year or so ago so I just set it on kitchen counter and filled it with distilled water and let it sit and it still exploded. I won't buy another one.
I ordered one in June of 2012, looks like it's not doing its job anymore. Other than that, I've had no complaints about it. I made my own PG and distilled water juice. It worked great for the first year of fills.
PU of Eatonton, GA
I bought two of these and I do not know why they put so many beads in them. You have to be careful not to soak them too long or they explode!!
KC of San Dimas, CA
I purchased the Humi-Care HX10 the other day. I ordered it on a Tuesday and it arrived on Wednesday. Cigars International does quick delivery. Now let me talk about the actual humidifier. It is great. I replaced the one that came with the humidor and the humidity immediately dropped. I bought one of those [other competitor's] gel jars. It did not work. I am going to stick with Humi-Care.
MS of Liverpool, NY
I bought one of these for my 100-120 count humidor and soaked it in regular distilled water and had a very hard time keeping my RH level consistent. I just bought another one but soaked it in cigar juice and it is a perfect 70% all of the time. After filling it with cigar juice and letting it sit for 1 hour, I dumped out the excess water and then hit it with a blow dryer through the screen for 2 minutes to get all of the excess juice out. It worked perfectly right away. I highly recommend this product but I would never fill it with any but cigar juice.
BS of New City, NY
I'm with TP on this one!! I also received what I'm assuming are updated instructions. I poured distilled water just up to the mesh screen, waited an hour and turned the humidifier upside down for a few minutes to drain any excess water. The updated directions make no mention of soaking the humidifier. The only drawback I found was some of the 'balls' were somehow on top of the screen and a few fell out of the humidifier. I cracked the top off of the humidifier, removed the screen so the balls would fall to the bottom, replaced the screen and snapped the top back into place. Good to go!!Now I'm waiting to see if it raises the RH as it's winter.
SK of Columbia, SC
Great product. Keeps your humi right where it needs to be. Super easy maintenance which doesn't even need to be made often.
DM of Souderton, PA
Bought this product do to my floral foam one getting moldy of course. I have about 60 sticks in my 150 count humidor and this holds a constant 70%. Works awesome. I read all the horror stories of over soaking so I only soaked mine for 45 minutes and I had no problems at all.
Hard to say, right now, but it's looking pretty good. I was gifted a 100+ count humidor several weeks back - slightly used, but hey, it's friggin' FREE! So I cleaned up the individual drawers and looked into how to care for my humidor. This product jumped out, touted great things and had some good reviews. I live in Georgia & we get some humidity.(Understate much?) But my home is climate controlled, baby! But DRY? Well, it would seem so. I was getting steady humidity readings in the mid 50's before Humi-Care. it's been almost 2 weeks now and my readings have crept up into the low 60's at a temp between 70 & 75 degrees. Today I'm up to 64%!
PS of Decatur, GA
I let it sit in distilled water for a hour when I first got it. Been two weeks keeps over 60 cigars @ 69-71% perfectly. Now keep in mind im also deployed to a desert environment, and the cigars are literally in a 3 gallon ziplock back that is kept inside a Tupperware container, thats in my wall locker. This worked so well some of my fellow soldiers ordered some and we all agree its soldier approved.
BF of fort hood, TX
Quick follow up on my previous post...had some trouble getting my humi into the low 70's, even with this fine product. But I looked into C.I.'s tutorial on humidor care and learned how to season the thing. Now I'm getting consistent rh readings between 68 and 70 at temps between roughly the same numbers. Seems to be working great! Thank you C.I. for all the insight! CHEERS!!!
PS of Decatur, GA
These are very strong humidifiers. If you have smaller then a 100ct humidor I would get something smaller. I purchased 2 for my large 350ct box and it shot the humidity to 77%. Using just 1 will hold the humidity at 75%. I've been putting 1 in for an hour per day to keep it at 69%. Hope they settle down in time.
RP of Point Roberts, WA
Pretty surprised with the humidor, much better than I expected. While not the best it certainly does the job and does it well. Aesthetically its OK and craftsmanship is fair to good. It works and keeps the smokes all set to go. Great value.
CZ of Bakersfield, CA
I have replaced the standard humidifiers in my home and work humidors with Humicare HX10's, and love them. They are much longer lasting than the typical ones shipped in many humidors, without breaking the bank. I can keep my humidors plus or minus 2 for extended time. Also nice is the larger magnet that actually sticks and remains in place. Using them as "stocking stuffers" for my cigar smoking friends.
GS of Janesville, WI
My old floral foam humidifier wasn't keeping up anymore, so I switched to these. So far I couldn't be happier. If I open my humidor, they regulate the RH within a few minutes of me closing it.
I got my first pair of these about 6 months ago. (Didn't read the instructions, which turns out to be a good thing after reading some other reviews now.) The first pair has worked so well that I replaced all of my "stock" ones with these both at home and at work. When I gifted my brother-in-law a humidor recently, I included one of these so he can start out right out of the box in dry Phoenix. These blow away the stock ones - very happy with the consistent results.
GS of Janesville, WI
I replaced both Credo's in my 600 count cabinet humidor with these a few months ago. Before this, I found it near impossible to maintain a constant humidity in my humidor. I was starting to think I had a leak somewhere. Since replacing with these and treating the cabinet with Cigar Juice, I have not had a problem. Now I just recharge with distilled water periodically.
JT of San Antonio, TX
This works fast and is maintaining my humidor at 70% after seasoning a good value!
SB of eldora, IA
This is an excellent humidifying device. Unfortunately for me, it is too big for my needs right now. I should have done more research when starting my cigar collection on humidifiers. As others have stated, this is for 75+ cigars. My humidor holds 50 max and the disc humidifier it comes with is sufficient. When I completely fill my humidor, I will try it again for a day or two to see how it does; but as of now there is too much humidity.
JS of Brooklyn, NY
Unbelievable! I recently purchased a new humidor. It came with a cheap plastic hygrometer. With the original foam pucks in there the humidity was constantly fluctuating between 60 and 80, or even more extreme. I originally thought it was just the cheap hygrometer that was the issue. I decided to try this humidifier and now my RH is constantly at 70%. Even if I leave my humidor lid open for a while, it gets back up to 70% in no time. As far as the soaking, which I saw everyone having issues with on the reviews, I received updated instructions in the box. I just poured distilled water in the top until it was visible above the screen. I set a phone alarm for an hour and came back to it. I then turned it upside down to drain the excess distilled water and left it upside down on a paper towel for about 5 minutes. I had no issues with it at all. I will never have a humidor again without purchasing one of these for it. Painless, no hassle way to keep my cigars at the perfect RH. I have a 100 count humidor that is pretty much full and it works perfectly for that.
TP of Niles, IL
got it all set up an put in my 150 count humidor with a jar an its been steady at 68-70 percent really nice humidifier
JK of marshalltown, IA
I use both the HX10 and the 8 oz. black ice humidifiers in my humidor. So far my cigars look and taste great.
JM of Brooklyn, NY
It takes a lot to impress me enough to write a review on anything, but I gotta say these humidification elements are nothing short of miraculous. I live in AZ where temperature and humidity levels change drastically throughout the year and it has made it difficult/impossible to maintain humidity levels. I have two decent sized humidors and was having mold issues with the traditional water elements so I had to clean/sterilize the humidors and switched over to Xikar gel elements to prevent having future mold problems. Humidity levels would not rise about 60% and ended up ruining about 40 cigars. After being unable to get the humidors to achieve correct levels, I stopped storing cigars in them since I assumed it was something wrong with the humidors. After reading the reviews for the Humi-Care units I decided to give them a try. I ordered in some Humi-Care elements from CI along with a big bottle of Cigar Juice, and after getting the elements "juiced" I put them in the humidors. Within an hour both humidors were holding steady at 72% humidity. Dropped 70 cigars into the humidors and the Humi-Care elements continued to maintain 72% humidity, weeks later the humidity levels haven't budged and the stogies are resting comfortably. I don't know what is different about the Humi-Care units over others on the market, all I know is it WORKS and it works WELL. Don't waste your time with the other stuff, get a Humi-Care element and some Cigar Juice and save yourself a ton of headache. Wish I would have found this stuff years ago.
JV of Casa Grande, AZ
This humidifier is awesome. I live in a very dry climate and have always struggled to keep my humidor's humidity where it should be. I finally decided to try these and I only wish I had bought them sooner. My only advice is to make sure you don't overfill them, one of the ones I ordered busted open during the initial fill process. Fortunately, it wasn't in the box yet so there were no casualties.
Great humidifier keeps my humidor between 68 and 73 percent humidity, you just fill it up with distilled water let it sit for about an hour but be carful if it soaks for to long the breads will expand enough to pop open the top. would defiantly recommend to any one looking for a good humidifier to keep there cigars fresh.
KM of Helena, MT
Not too happy with how this unit performs. I have a crystal unit from Xikar and it holds moisture better than the Humi-Care unit. I feel like I have to refill the Humi-Care unit constantly when compared to the Xikar. It could be my humidor at fault as well though... I just bought an active unit from CI to help stabilize the RH in my humidor.
NG of Fort Myers, FL
I got this for my glass-top humidor, and i am satisfied... there was one issue when i opened it and took it out of its packaging a couple of beads fell out, no biggie i picked them up and placed them back in, problem solved! great buy i definitely recommend it.
VM of Richmond, CA
Very strong humidifier. It keeps my 200 count box around 73rh. I think I'll soak it for a little less time when it's up for a refill to get down around 70.
JR of Reston, VA