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Q & A for Humi-Care HX10 Crystal Gel Rectangle Humidifier

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03/19/2013 how long will this humidifiers last before having to replace it and how long how many weeks before you have to add more water

A: Depends on the quantity of cigars stored, the size of the humidor, and the climate in which the humidor is placed. That said, as a general rule thumb check up on it every 2 weeks, if you shake it and it rattles (because the crystals are dry) you need to refill. I'd say you can easily get 15-20 fills out of it. I personally have had one for 2 years and it's still going strong. Hope this is helpful!
by Jeff K
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03/24/2013 Is there any concern with the humidifier leaking if I attach it vertically on the back wall of my 100 cigar humidor or does it have to either lay flat on the bottom of the humidor or attach it to the top? Just curious. Thanks for the feedback

A: You should be good either way. Once the crystals fully absorb the distilled water they turn into a jello like substance and the moisture only evaporates but never leaks. I've had the most success hanging the device towards the top of my humidor because moisture falls.
by Steve R
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06/02/2013 Can i use cigar juice or distilled water with this?

by CC of Astoria, NY
A: You can use both. I usually stick with juice, but since the crystals do contain propylene glycol, distilled water will be highly effective as well.
by Greeby
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05/25/2013 About how many cigars or capacity size humidor would this work for?

by WB of Yuma, AZ
A: The HX10 works ideally in medium sized humidors ranging from 75 to 125 count. If you have a larger unit, you can always use more than one. However, I would not suggest using on smaller humidors, as you will probably over humidify your collection.
by Greeby
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06/05/2013 Does this use a magnetic attachment?

by BN of Oklahoma City, OK
A: Yes, the mount included is magnetic.
by Greeby
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12/17/2015 I already have a plate on the underside of my humidors lid, can it magnet mount to that and face down?

by MS of Dedham, MA
A: Yes, the unit comes with a magnet and can mount to the lid of your humidor. Make sure to give the crystals plenty of time to soak the distilled water in before attaching it to the lid to avoid spilling excess water.
by Product Whiz
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