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El Diablo Humidor Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.64 out of 5 Based on 50 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “El Diablo Humidor”

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2 out of 5
Bad Laminate Job
Humidor is good sized. The lamination is nothing to be amazed by. Every corner of the left side is missing laminate. Not sure what happened, but doesn't look good at all. At least it wasn't the front!
5 out of 5
Great Humidor
I like the size of the El Diablo, its big enough to hold a considerable number of cigars of various sizes but small enough it doesn't take up a lot of table space. It has a very nice finish so it looks good in the living room, den, office, or where ever you want to place it.
5 out of 5
Perfect size
I honestly love this humidor. I don't think I will ever be able to fit 300 cigars in it (I have a larger Cigar Oasis humidifier which does take up space), but I love the accessory drawers and the humidor has more than enough space in it for what i usually keep on hand. I highly recommend it.
5 out of 5
El Diablo Humidor
I am extremely pleased with my new El Diablo Humidor. I have it all set up, seasoned (thanks to the starter kit) and fairly well stocked with Undercrown, Kismet and a few Fuentes. It is keeping a perfect 70/72 % humidity and I look forward to many years of enjoyment.
5 out of 5
Great value. Right size. Love the look.
5 out of 5
I like it it keeps
I like it it keeps the cigars nice and it is very nice on the inside holds in humidity very good
5 out of 5
El Diablo
The pictures don't do it justice , a beautiful humidor by far for the price. The drawers hold cutters, lighters and matches. The only downside is that it doesn't hold 300 sticks , which doesn't matter because you have more than ample room for cigar's
5 out of 5
Great humidor
Good workmanship with good fitting lid. Lots of storage. I would recommend this box.
5 out of 5
El Diablo Humidor
CI was recommended to by a friend,and now after purchasing my new humidor, jar of black ice and a few smokes to fill it I must say...CI is awesome! Everything was shipped and arrived in a timely fashion. Simple detailed instructions on how to get my humidor ready for my cigars, and with about 1-3 days the humidity was holding steady. I've already made a few more purchases through CI and look forward to many more.
5 out of 5
4 out of 5
Lots of space and a good Prix.
I am really happy with this humidor. Lots of space, a good price, and it looks nice.
5 out of 5
Awesome Humidor
I recently purchased the El Diablo Humidor with the starter kit. From the photos I though this was way too nice of a humidor for the price. It must be too good to be true but I ordered it. WOW! Beyond my expectations. Super beautiful humidor and prep set up real easy with the Humidor Starter Kit. I've had for about a month now and maintains humidity levels quite nicely. I've been in the woodworking and cabinet industry my entire professional life and I'm still trying to figure out how you can offer such a beautiful humidor for that price.
4 out of 5
El Diablo humidor
The humidor is a very nice unit. Slight damage to one of the corners due to shipping, though the box was not damaged ?? Solid construction. Holds the humidity level at 70 per cent. Tons of room for cigars. Two drawers at bottom for storage of lighters, cutters etc. Pleased with the humidor and starter kit.
5 out of 5
The humidor is excellent. There
The humidor is excellent. There is a lot of room, for all size of cigars. The only thing that I have an issues with is the magnets do not stick to the back of humidifiers.
4 out of 5
Nice humidor
Very nice humidor for the money. Nice tight seal. Great finish. Only draw back is that it only holds about half the cigars it claims. But then again thats pretty much every humidor unless all you smoke is half coronas.
5 out of 5
Nice configuration
Nice humidor Waiting for varnish smell to go away before placing any cigars inside
5 out of 5
300 Count Humidor
This is a nice humidor for the money. Wish it came in a couple different finishes. But is doing what I want for my cigars.
3 out of 5
Nice Looking Humidor. Could Use an Upgrade
The humidor is impressive looking and I'm sure I will have it for years. It will not hold 300 cigars unless you smoke coronas. The two dividers for the bottom area do not fit snuggly. The humidity boxes and hydrometer are low end and essentially useless IMO. Get the starter pack to season and upgrade it.
4 out of 5
Great Buy
Overall I am very pleased with the El Diablo that I received as a Father's Day Gift. Very Sturdy and well constructed for the price. The felt lined accessory drawers are a nice feature that house my additional lighters and cutters. The only thing that I would like to caution future buyers in the capacity. Unless you are housing smaller gauge cigars you will not reach the 300 stick capacity that is advertised. If you having any significant inventory in the 60 gauge range the capacity is severely reduced. Especially if you intend in using any humidification enhancers. Right now I have just under 150 sticks stored and I will be hard pressed to reach the 200 mark. But this is a great humidor.
5 out of 5
El Diablo Humidor
Totally Awesome ! beautifully constructed, plenty of room, Extremely happy Cant believe the quality of Humidor at such a great price. I upgraded to a digital Hygrometer as it is easier for me to read and wanted the temperature as well you CANT GO WRONG. This is the stuff. I love it.
5 out of 5
Great buy
I've had the El Diablo for about 8 weeks. It came very well packaged and almost immediately. Can't say enough about CI. I bought the Humicare starter kit with it and used the wipes for three days with the humidifier that came with the kit and the 2 humidifiers that came with the El Diablo (I've since removed the supplied humidifiers, the Humicare works great to maintain the humidor alone since the humidor was seasoned). The humidor seasoned well, is constructed very well and is holding strong at 72% and 70°. I transferred most of my older, more valued cigars to it from my cabinet and put it in my cedar closet with my suits, so the cigars can age (aging is reason I bought the El Diablo). Out of sight, out of mind. The lock seems to work great, the drawers are felt lined & perfect for holding some smokers' hardware. The hinges are quality and the lid seals flawlessly. I have not tried to fit 300 cigars in it & probably never will. Currently, I have about 100 +\- a few. It has a shelf with adjustable divider and an adjustable divider in the well. Handy for separating infused cigars from the traditional ones. All in all, this is the best humidor around at this price and I recommend it to everyone. Cheers.
5 out of 5
Great great humidor
Very nicely made. Good looking and gets the job done! Well done
5 out of 5
Excellent humidor
This was my first humidor I have purchased, after receiving a subpar hand-me-down I started from. This thing holds more than enough smokes for me and the pull out drawers are super handy for accessories. It is a beautiful piece and does a great job of holding a straight 70 humidity. Would strongly recommend.
5 out of 5
El Diablo Humidor
This is one beautiful humidor and a great price. It arrived 4-5 days after ordering and packed to survive a nuclear explosion. its supposed to hold 300 cigars but, and I found this problem with all the humidors, it doesn't. Right now its full with approximately 150 cigars, 6" - 7", 50 ring. I bought this humidor expecting it to hold around 150 because none of my other humidors hold what they are supposed to. Still, knowing that, this is a gem. Its exactly what I wanted, what I expected and what I received. No complaints about the item, price or service.
5 out of 5
Great Humidor, starter kit is well worth money
Before I purchased the Diablo Humidor I had a 50 count glass top humidor which did not have the best seal, which caused fluctuations in the humidity. El diablo humidor has the best seal I've seen on a humidor, and is VERY easy to organize with the separators it bringseems, it can also be locked and the two drawers helps me keep my accessories organized. The starter kit made the seasoning process a breeze, and the humicare black ice is one of the best humidifying products I've ever seen, definitely worth the purchase.
5 out of 5
Stop Thinking About It!!!
Bought this unit after having some humidor issues in the past. Top quality construction and shipped very well protected. It was seasoned in one day according to the instructions using only the humidification devices and wipes (I keep mine at 67-70% at aprox 68 degrees). I also purchased the Cigar Oasis electric device for the appropriate size and set it up after it held humidity. If you're looking to consolidate humidors to a larger one or start aging...this box at this price is an excellent value and choice and backed by CI customer service you can't go wrong.
5 out of 5
Only had this a few
Only had this a few weeks but happy with it so far! Humidity holds really steady. Love the space! Thanks
4 out of 5
Good value
The functioning of this humidor is awesome! The seal is airtight right after seasoning and it keeps the humidity at the exact level I want consistently with zero problems at all. The reason for 4 stars vs 5 stars, is the accessories drawers and the key and lock. The drawers are literally 2 boxes next to each other that are not attached to the humidor at all and just sit in there and work and look great just cheap, low quality but doesn't look like it. Same exact case with the key and lock. More for looks than funtction and basic. When you stick the key in lock you could wiggle it up and down by an inch it's so loose. It works with zero problems, just as basic as it gets. I love it and it looks nice! I would buy the humidor starter kit with it as well. Buy 2-3 more seasoning wipes though because it just a massive surface area to wipe all down.
5 out of 5
My humidor shipped fastand was in perfect condition other than one small dent on the outside but looks beautiful I took my time seasoning it and it has held a constant 70 inside only thing that bothers me is that the key has to go in at an angle but other than that it's perfect
4 out of 5
Quality large humidor
First humidor I've bought. I have to say the construction quality is very nice. Been holding humidity very nicely. Only complaint is the adhesive on the humidifier magnets is weak I added some super glue they stay in place nicely now. Def worth the price for the massive size and space. Def recommend for the person looking for more room.
5 out of 5
Humidor review
Newbie here, but great humidor with tons of space and nicely finished
5 out of 5
Great humidor
I purchased this humidor, I also purchased a Cigar Oasis electric humidifier for it. It holds humidity very well. I took the top shelf out though because with all the great deals on cigars I just have to many to use the shelf. Very happy with this humidor and it looks amazing.
5 out of 5
Amazing humidor and starter package
It is an amazing humidor. I bought this with the starter kit and it definitely helped setup my humidor. Took 2 days to prep it, held 70% right away. Has not fluctuated at all. Seal is great. Overall look is superb. I constantly get compliments. It says a higher qty for cigars but I typically buy churchills and 60 guage cigars so being that what it is, its holding less then the suggested volume. Overall though, you can't go wrong.
5 out of 5
El Diablo Humidor review
I love this product. The El Diablo Humidor is the best bang for your buck. I've only had this humidor for a little over a month and it is staying consistent with the humidity. I highly recommend this product for beginners. You will not have to upgrade later. Plenty of room. The humidor seems to be high Quality for the price and it looks nice in my living room.
4 out of 5
El Diablo Humidor
Does not hold the number of cigars on the description, but very nice humidor. The included hygrometer was not functional.
5 out of 5
great company
i have shopped with CI many times great selection, competitive pricing, and a very helpful staff, i will continue to be a loyal customer
5 out of 5
Fantastic,beautiful, awesome humidor
Fantastic,beautiful, awesome humidor
5 out of 5
a very well made humidor that came with very simple care instructions. as lso the two storage drawers for accesories are great. and for the price i paid i think is the best bang for a buck
5 out of 5
Great humidor
Shipping was fast and everything arrived in great condition. Finish and workmanship is first class
5 out of 5
Humidor review.
Great price, quality piece of furniture. A am pleased with the humidor and would buy it again.
5 out of 5
El Diablo Humidor
I wanted a little more room got a whole lot it is really well made love plenty of room. I wish to thank your staff for helping me get the humidity right. Love it thank you for getting it to me so fast. U want a big humidor this one is great
4 out of 5
Good value
The El Diablo is a great piece, it won't hold as many sticks as advertised but still has plenty of room. The drawbacks I have noticed are as follows. Loose drawers on the bottom, lots of play and pretty sloppy. Polishing compound still in the grooves. Humidifiers that come with it are pointless as they fall off and do not work well to keep the humidity. Finally and this is probably my biggest dislike, the lock doesn't slide smoothly and you have to mess with it every time you want to relock. With that being said the fundamental construction of the box is very good and I love the look of it in my office. For the money spent I feel it is well worth it and will get plenty of enjoyment from El Diablo. Would buy again.
5 out of 5
Absolutely Gorgeous, Silky smooth exterior finish. Cavernous Interior. Two pullout drawers with lots of room for my lighter and cutter collections. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !
4 out of 5
Pleased with overall quality. Unit seals well and is big enough for a variety of sizes. On the negative side the 2 lower accessory drawers are too loose and rub on the lower part of the boxes that will scratch the lower edge of the box. Also, analog hygrometer is ineffective and inaccurate, even after repeated attempts to calibrate. (not that unusual)
5 out of 5
The devil made me do it!
This beast of a humidor has enough room for any cigar lover. Add the start up kit and you're on way to years of enjoyment. When your friends see all those glorious sticks, just reply "the devil made me do it"!
5 out of 5
Excellent value
Nice box, beautiful wood grain, stays at 69-72% easily
2 out of 5
El diablo
Got the humidor and it was damaged badly on outside. Customer service was helpful and shipped out another one quickly in time for birthday gift. But this one also had damage. Not made well hinges are poor qualilty.
5 out of 5
El Diablo Humidor
Excelling purchase. Held its humidity within 24 hours. Solid construction. Excellent design. Certainly glad I upgraded. You cannot go wrong with this 300 count humidor.
5 out of 5
el diablo humidor
I was short the starter kit. and was over all not really satisfied with the size. it should be a 200 count instead of a 300. the 5 vegas is much more accountable
4 out of 5
Very happy
Very happy
Customer Testimonials
Had this about a year now. I think it was the best purchase I have ever made. Flawless finish, no chipped corners. Thing is solid and holds 70/70 with no problems. Usually keep 150 sticks give or take and this thing keeps them fresh and tasty.
I just recently purchased the El Diablo humidor since I had outgrown my Napoleon II humidor and my two smaller humidors. It made a beautiful addition and looks great along side the others. If someone is looking for a larger humidor for a great price, I highly recommend this gorgeous humidor.
I love my El Diablo; it is absolutely gorgeous, plus it maintains humidity. I got this so I could eliminate three smaller humidors. Great bargain for the size and quality.
Like it alot. The drawers are great for storing lighter, cutter, etc. and plenty of room in humi. Seals very tight. Good quality.
Got my new humidor set up, after seasoning it for a few days it has held its rh level with no fluctuation. Not only is this a beautiful price but it seems to be a great investment. I would definitely recommend this humidor to anyone.
This in my first upgrade to a big boy Humidor. I have had an old hand me down, 20-count that was not the best, but did the job. Ok, so it passed the first test, my wife loves the look of it and allowed me to have it out displayed on the piano. I seasoned, calibrated, and tested the first day and so far it works like a champ. I like the extra drawers to hold my lighters and cutters. I got the extra juice/hygrometer pack and it was well worth the money. The starter wipes work great and the black ice so far works great at holding the humidity. We will see in the next few months how it holds up. I think this is a great investment for the average cigar smoker.
Beautiful and has a good seal. However, the 300 count capacity is quite a stretch. Mine is filled to the brim with about 150 toro's in a 6x50!
Just got my Humidor, was very impressed. Can't wait to fill it up. The looks will enhance any room.
I loved this thing size wise, I'm just starting to get hold of the levels. Mine currently stays around 68-72 without the provided humidifiers..I don't have many sticks in it yet. However great humi.
Ya buddy. I couldn't stuff 300 "average" size cigars into it but it's a good'un! No complaints at all. Yeeehaw!
When you do the math you can see that the El Diablo humidor has about 50% more actual space, measured in cubic inches, compared to the Cherry Wood unit currently on sale here for half of the cost of El Diablo. In real numbers ED holds about 180 cigars max. 2 of the Cherry humis would hold about 240 puros for the same investment. I do know you can save $10 by ordering over the phone, since the current catalog lists this at $109, not the $119 here on site. A quick call revealed that CI would gladly honor the price. Just another good reason to let CI handle all your cigar needs is their superior Customer Service.
This was a great addition . I already had three but this one will be for aging. Its all that and then some
Received humidor about two weeks ago, after prep and filling I am very impressed with the product. Considering the price point it is more than I expected. Very nice in both appearance and function. I will buy more for gifts. Thank you.
I am very pleased with the purchase of this humidor. Absolutely no buyers remorse here! Everything the other reviewers have said about this humidor is 100% true. I must have said "WOW" six times before I even removed the packaging. Then I said it another dozen or so times as it was sitting in front of me. Don't hesitate any longer on this purchase!
Purchased this humidor about a week ago and can't be more pleased with it. It took 2 days to season and this thing is much larger than I was expecting. Holds at 70 RH and the hydrometer is spot on. I didn't even attempt to use the floral foam units included and just bought others to replace them. One complaint about the 2 storage drawers. No rails to slide on they just sit on the bottom. Then again for the price I paid it's really a non issue. If you are looking for a larger humidor consider this one. It holds around 150 of my assortment of cigars which are typically sized Churchill, Robusto, & Toro's. CI had it to my door in 3 days and packaged wonderfully, you guys rock!
WOW!!! Got it in two days! Looks great, works great! Worth double the price!!
awesome humidor, awesome price tag. looks great works great holds a lot of cigars. what more could you want
I have had my El Diablo for about 1 week now. This humidor holds humidity very well. I seasoned for about 36 hours and it is holding 70% humidity just fine. The wood grain in the photo is lighter than it really is, which anyone would know because it stated mahogany finish. This humidor is beautiful and very well made. I like to have a larger humidor because it provides better circulation for my cigars. I only hose about 200-210 cigars so it has ample space for air circulation and evenly distributes humidity. The 2 drawers at the bottom are velvet lined and I like to keep my travel tubes, lighters and cutters in them. I strongly suggest this humidor.
Just got mine last night the packaging was crazy, everything was just as ordered, it is beautiful, seasoning it as we speak cant wait to put my sticks in, thanks CI you've made a customer for life.
Amazing Humidor. It was on backorder when I purchased it but after a couple weeks it was delivered. It was in perfect condition when I opened it, and I live overseas so it went through a few hands to get to me. not a scratch on it. very clean on the inside. Once seasoned, it held at 72/72. I love opening it to grab a cigar because there is plenty of room for them to breath and age. For such a low price this is a very well made humidor. Thank you.
Needed a bigger humidor when my CC 140-count was routinely maxxed out with CI cigars. Ordered one of these and wasn't expecting too much (a 300-count for $109.95 including S&H?). I was very pleasantly surprised when the humidor arrived. First thing that struck me was it's enormous! The next was the super-nice glossy finish on this humidor. I cleaned it up and oiled the piano hinge (it was pretty squeaky), then started seasoning it while I did a salt-calibration on the hygrometer. After three days with Black Ice canisters in place, the humidor stabilized and I began loading my puros inside. 300-count is a bit optomistic - I have about 160 in it now, with room for at least 40 more robustos. The velvet-lined accessory drawers are handy - and a nice touch for storing cutters and lighters. I would definitely recommend this humidor for those looking for more capacity and a nice looking piece of furniture to store your vitolas in the perfect conditions.
This humidor is listed under three or four different names on various sites, but no matter what you call it, it's a really attractive desktop that keeps a large number of your puros in great shape. The humidor stabilizes quickly after set up. It's a much darker reddish burl high-gloss finish than appears in the pics here. I only found one flaw in the finish (a small crack in the gloss inside one of the accessory drawers, which fit pretty loosely, but that can be improved with a little ingenuity), and used a few drops of light oil to lube the squeaky piano hinge. It has a good seal and the velvet lined accessory drawers are a plus. It's a surprisingly well made humidor - especially for the price. The "300" capacity is a bit exaggerated, but I'm confident that I can fit close to 200 cigars of varying sizes in it without crowding them. I'm very pleased with this purchase!
dynamite was delivered to my overly excited cigars in just two days...has been holding 72-75 on hyggrometor for 3 days now after seasoning! beauiful yourself one-your cigars will reward you intencely!!!!!
i love this el diablo humidor box and i now my dad will to
I got this Humidor as an early Christmas present from my wife. We were both home when it arrived. Packed very well, not a blemish on the humidor. Even the outside boxes were pristine. The humidor was way above and beyond what I expected. It easily replaced my homemade humi with a beautiful piece of furniture that I must admit I love to look at. The only complaint I have so far is that I need more cigars to fill it. At the price I paid I felt like I stole this item. It is elegant as well as efficient. I even have room inside for my pipe tobacco. This may be my favorite present ever.
I wanted to wait a year or so before writing my review to judge this beauty accurately. I can now say that this was one of the best purchases I've ever made. After replacing the humidifiers and hydrometer that came with it (they are on the lower end), it has stayed perfect since. It looks amazing on my desk. The drawers for my cutters and lighters are perfect. The finish is beautiful, the hinges are tight and have remained so. I do the light inside test from time to time to make sure. The wood has stayed in shape. Plenty of room inside to convince you to keep buying more cigars. You cannot go wrong with this box. At this price point, how can you afford to not have this big boy on your desk?
My cigars are always fresh and delicious. This is a fantastic humidor. I wrote a review about 6 years ago on this box and I can still rave about its performance. What else can I say? For its size, its looks and your cigars....this is the humidor you need.
Very nice quality humidor - quality look for any establishment or home display. Nice set-up and easy access. Seasoned well and room to spare - all positive!
Great humidor... Best in class for the price. Hold plenty, looks good and I have had no problems in the two months since I've had it.
This turned out to be a great humidor for the price. The only complaint was that the sponge/foam had some damage, but I'm using crystals to control humidity anyway, so it doesn't matter. There is a ton of room and the top tray is a great place to store your favorites for quick access.
This is great; can't beat the price.
This is a great humidor. It's much darker than it looks in the picture here. I used the seasoning packets and within 3 days it was ready to let the sticks stretch. I'm filling it up quickly and will definitely be ordering another one once this one is filled. I highly recommend this humidor. The hygrometer even worked.
My beautiful El Diablo Humidor arrived in a double boxed, styrofoam lined brick of security! It's a beautifully finished unit and a terrific value to be sure. I guess I was surprised that there was no cigar drawer above the two very handy utility drawers as I am used to seeing that. It's holding humidity at a perfect 69 and the large capacity hold below the tray is a twice divided pit of delights that I am having a wonderful time filling with my newly ordered Macanudos, Mark Twains, Obsidians and especially that amazing Gurkha Sampler!! It's a beautiful thing! Thanks CI!!
Could not be happier! Have had the humidor for two weeks and it holds a perfect 70 percent humidity. When it arrived, it was already at 68 percent so it came up to 70 in one day. The reviews are right: you have to use better adhesive for the humidifiers and the hygrometer. I bought a Xikar digital round hygrometer and Xikar crystal 250 humidifier, both fit perfectly in the frames inside the lid. I salt test calibrated the analog hygrometer and it's very accurate now. I'm a very picky person when it comes to quality and for the money you can't go wrong here. Shipping was very fast and arrived in perfect condition.
Gorgeous - the pics don't really do it justice. Seals well and holding a steady 69% RH all day.
Awesome humidor
Wasn't expecting something this nice!!! All I can say is WOW! GOOD JOB, CI!
I like mine just fine! Had it for six months now. I pulled the foam and use beads and holds steady at 65% all day long. I suppose if you took out the top tray and stuffed it full of robustosm, it would hold 300.....but it fits my mixed lot of 200 well enough.
Very nice for the price. The finish is flawless and looks great. I like the drawers for storing lighters, cutters, etc, and the fact there is not a hygrometer stuck on the outside of the humidor spoiling the looks. I have had this for about 3 months now and seems to keep a fairly steady humidity level, holds a lot of cigars, and I even have 3 boxes stored in the bottom section under the tray. Very satisfied with this pruchase.
This is a great Humidor! First, this humidor is very-very good at maintaining a consistent humidity - even with several openings a day. Second, the drawers are very handy for keeping my smoking tools organized and handy. Third, it's beautiful - I keep mine on my dresser. The only thing I was concerned with after receiving it was that the Hygrometer was positioned between the Humidifiers in the lid, so I moved the Hygrometer to the back of the box and below the lift-out tray using a piece of two-sided tape to secure it. A few months after purchase I was listening to my brother complain about his Humidor's inconsistency so I purchased a second one as a gift for him, and his works as well as mine.
This is my second humidor as my other one, a 150 count, was starting to overflow. I bought one of these bad boys two weeks ago and CI ensured it arrived on my door in a very timely fashion and very well packaged/protected-CI, props alone on that! El Diablo is an absolutely beautiful humidor. It is a large humidor with plenty of space. I did a thorough inspection of both the exterior woods and interior woods and did not find one error or mistake in it's creation...just perfect. The seal on the lid is superb and top quality as well. One thing I loved most about El Diablo is that the pictures do not do it justice. The pictures on the CI website almost show that El Diablo is a light shade of wood, almost a goldish yellow type color when in fact the El Diablo is more of a light to leaning medium dark cherry oak color which, in my opinion, is absolutely beautiful and even more beautiful that what the pictures show on the CI site. It is well crafted, classy looking and I appreciate all the space it has for my collection of sticks. You can't say you don't like those two bottom pull out trays either to hold your torches and cutters. Just a phenomenal humidor and for the price you cannot find anything better out there! Get one, get one, get one. It is a beautiful humidor and is one of my new pride and joy possessions. I am fully confident it will take very good care of my babies fo the years to come until I decide to upgrade again!
Finally came in after 8 days.... Guess there was some weather issues and a minor train derailment somewhere along the way.. Checked out the box it came in and it was fine, foam still intact and not broken. plastic bag had some wear marks on the corners but it all looked good. Lets get this baby seasoned!! Located all the foam sticky pads scattered about the inside of the Humi and stuck to other things and got those all put on the ends of the dividers. attached the analog hygrometer and stock rectangle humidification squares. Found several bags of chicklets / dehydration baggies and pulled those out. I purchased a Boveda seasoning kit bag and tossed it in and locked it up tight. 14 days..really... until its seasoned, drag but I want to make it last and do it right the first time.. Placed it on my dresser and its a perfect match, but wait.. oh no the front corner laminate just separated and is now stuck to my thumb in a bunch of small slivers...$#!* looks like it was possibly bumped or experienced a minor drop before packaging to send it to me since the packing foam looks good where that area is. So when you get yours I recommend the hand feel test over all the corners and edges before you get as far along as I did.. Its about the size of a pinkie nail blemish squarely on the bottom corner and I guess I'll live with it at this point in the process. Otherwise the lid seals nice heavy and tight and the two bottom drawers are a little loose and would be nice if they were on a rail or track slide but it will work for me. The color is a rich blend of walnut color or tortoise as is a great edition to my bedroom set. Darn corner though...
I've been using an El Diablo for almost two years now. It's a great humidor. It holds temperature and humidity really well and of course, lots of cigars. It's gorgeous and the two accessory drawers are perfect for my cutters and lighters. I would highly recommend it to those in the 150+ cigar range.
Great looking humidor in Burlwood. Tight seal, seasons easily, and can't beat the cost. I looked! CI does it again with a great product at the best cost.
The humidor is AMAZING! great design I love the bottom drawers for all my lighters and cutter...tons of accessories I have. The space at the bottom is great for my mazos and the floating table is great to keep the cigars you want ready for your smoking disposal. overall the humidor is great looking and design real nice, if anyone is looking is a large humidor this is absolutely without a doubt a great choice.
Purchased the El Diablo back in 2010. I was quite pleased at first, but I am now somewhat disappointed. About 6 months ago, the wood began to split around the hinges and the brass screws have since pulled completely through. Frequent use might be to blame. At any rate, I now have to completely remove the lid whenever I reach for a cigar.
I think this humidor is great. I found some of the negative comments in CI’s Fan Feedback to be accurate: i.e., the draws are too loose (you’d think the manufacturer would spend an additional $5 and improve it and I had problems with one humidification device falling off (the sticky magnets I attached to the device just wouldn’t hold – the ones attached to the lid did). I solved this by substituting two Savoy humidification devices I already had on hand (PS – I think these are the best available anyway). None of this affects my overall opinion of the product. The finish 1s flawless, the capacity is excellent especially if you have some robusto size cigars and lay them crossways at the feet of your larger cigars. After it is seasoned, it holds 69% - 72% humidity with the two Savoy devices mentioned above as well as a Humi-care type jar in the bottom. All humidification devices are filled with a propylene glycol solution. I didn’t use the analog hygrometer enclosed – I have digital devices. I’d recommend this product.
I got this humidor recently, and it seems really great! I can agree with other sentiments about the size of the humidor. I would say it is closer to the 100-150 range if you smoke bigger ring sizes as I do. The humidor is very well made and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this one to any of my friends. At this price, its hard to beat!
After having this humidor for a few months, I thought I needed to give an update to my first review. If your going to purchase a box of this size, then spring for the Humi care Plus humidifier for around $75.00 dollars. I tried to keep this humidor at the correct humidity level with the bead type. Regardless of how I place the over head oval shape one, and jar in bottom, I could not keep it accurate. After placing an order for the electric one, I know longer have to worry about the humidity. All I have to do is remember to refill it once a week, and both the bottom and top hycrometer will stay the same. In addition, I would add at least one fan to keep the air circulated. I'm using a fan at the bottom and at the top, this works great. Since the EH Plus comes with no directions on placement, may I suggest the following. Place in on one side of the humidor, with a divider preventing cigars from closing off the vents. There is a vent at the top, and one on the bottom at the other end. The EH Plus is placed where it can blow toward the side of the humidor, and the divider. The bottom fan then blows toward the middle, with the upper fan moving air toward the top. If you have a better idea, I would love to hear it.
Purchased in Feb 2011 and have been very happy with the results. - Large Capacity (says 300 but more like 150-200 w/ 50 ring size) - Low Maintenance when paired with Cigar Oasis XL set at 69% humidity - Found the bottom drawers to be sloppy/loose (Shims would help). - No flaws with the finish... High glossy lacquer like finish. - Fully Cedar Lined, Bottom, Sides, Top. fantastic aroma - Best Value
Its a good deal for what we paid. I feel with one tray it give lots of room on the bottom. I put in an electronic humifier. There is flaws but nothing to worry about, those items can be adjusted. If you stock coronas you should able too fit 300 cigars.
There many flaws but I must admit its nice. I really thought that was a big humi. I've put all R&J. I know there is many I won't smoke. I made many mistakes just because they look. So now space is my number one priority. It be nice to order what I like but I must wait. You really can't beat that price. But its good for starters. I have 8 humidors I should've order one huge box that holds 1500 cigars.I hope this help the rookies in this hobbie.
So this is one nice Humidor!! The pictures do not show the true depth of color the wood has. My wife even lets me keep it in the bedroom it looks so good. She wants a matching jewelry box. Wish they made one Now there is a draw back as others have said the humidifiers don’t stick had to go and get Velcro and mount them myself and I wish the drawers where lined with felt the ones at the bottom for lighters and such.
I've had the humidor for over a month, and you want beat the price and quality. I use one of the two humidifiers that come with it, then the other humidifiers is the blue long oval one that you purchase from CI. I found it better to use strong velcro for holding the humidifiers, and I have two hygrometers in the box. After performing the salt test, the hygometrer that came with stays right on target. I know this because I also have the digital hygrometer (round) that is also purchased at CI. There is one other hygometer at the bottom of the humidor, in order to see what the bottom reads. The numbers are not off enough to merit another humidor at the bottom. Mine has 8 X 54 down to 4 X 60, but I have never counted how many are in there. What I do know, this was the right humidor for me.
Just picked this up and I must say I am pleasantly suprised. You can't find anything close for the price. I will give an update after my sticks have spent some time in their new home. I would not have needed this additional box if I didn't spend so much time at Joe's Daily Deal all the time!!!!
This is unreal for the price. Not only does it look great but it is the one you need to age your smokes! I have packed in over 300 in it (5 x 38). What else is there to say but beautfull.
I love this humidor. Did my research and for the quality, quantity, and price you cannot beat this deal. This is my flag ship humidor. I have a couple of other smaller ones for my everyday cigars but I keep all my premiums in here. It fits the cedar box Davidoff sampler box nicely and the movable dividers on the bottom keep the cigars nice and organized. Nice lined storage drawers on the bottom to keep my fuel, extra cutters and matches. Tray on top is perfect to keep my ready to go cigars in plain view while keeping the rest of the sleeping boys on the bottom. Humidity level is very stable. I took out the analog hygrometer and replace it with a digital one. I also don't use the standard humidification device because I use the crystals. This is a beautifully made humidor with lots of space and it it very functional. The key with tassel is a nice touch as well. My next purchase is going to be a fuel cabinet humidor. I just have to see if my wife will go for it. Great job CI.
I ordered my new humi on Wed 12/15 and got it on Thu 12/16. I'm seasoning my new humi as I'm writing this and let me tell ya I can't stop looking at it, it is by far my best humi. It is big,roomy, and keeps me from having accesories all over the place. It has a beautiful finish. I've read from other reviews about the issues with the hygrometer so I changed it to digital,and with the humidifiers not sticking I've had no problem there,only one thing was wrong one of the bottom dividers was real short when you put in the bottom, it just falls flat- I think I can fix it. Besides that is an awesome humi I have no regrets and for the money you can't beat it.and now to order some sticks THANKS CI
Love the humidor. Wood is gorgeous. However, the humidifier bars and the hygrometer supplied with the box are useless. The magnets do not hold. I leave the bars on one of the shelves and augment it with a humidifier crystal jar. I also have a digital hygrometer. Again, the box is gorgeous, just the accessories need some help.
Beautiful box - truly a gorgeous furniture addition to any room. The only issues I had were: The humidification magnets do not stick to the wood, nor to the magnets stay attached to the the humidification bars. The bars kept falling off the lid into the box. Also, the analog hygrometer is not real accurate - needed to replace it with a digital unit.
I bought this Humidor back in December and have had no problems with it. It's worth every penny and for the price, you just will not find another one like this. I guess my only issues are that it certainly will not hold 300 thick gauge Cigars, maybe 150 - 180 at most. The adhesives on the magnets on the Hygrometer and Humidifiers would not hold them to the Cedar so I had to use Velcro instead and swapped out the analog Hygrometer for a digital. Whenever I have this many Cigars in one Humidor, I don't take chances but I am using the original Hygrometer in one of my smaller Humidors and it works just fine. Other than that it has a pretty good seal (easy to keep Humidity normal but temps can get up there so keep it in a nice cool space), the drawers are great as well as I keep all my cutters, matches and lighters in them. I have owned it since 12/09 and it has kept my Cigars in pristine condition. I would definitely suggest this Humidor (El Diablo Humidor) to anyone just starting out or someone having a medium sized collection.
Trust me when I tell you, there is not a better Humidor at this price anywhere. The size and look is just AMAZING, if you are planing to buy a Humidor do not look any where else, you will very pleased at this one, really really trust me, I own many and this is the best for this price and size, thank you CI
Love this humidor. Its big, beatiful and works great. The analog hygrometer does not work well, I suggest getting a digital one.
Solid humidor...purchased in mid Dec 09 and I have been really pleased. I was skeptical due to the price but was very very pleased. Quality is top notch and holds humidity great. I too had some problems with the adhesives for the humidifiers but simply super-glued and they have been working fine....upgrade to a digital and you will be set. I totally recommend this humidor
you just cant beat this deal. dont even bother with a smaller humidor, you will be wasting your money. it hit 73% on the 2nd day and has been right there ever since. the cedar is thicker than i thought. the hygrometer is dead on(i did the salt test and didnt need to adjust) its more accurate than my digital. and like others said the color is darker than the pics. i couldnt be happier! if you are looking for a humidor buy this one and with the money you are saving order some smokes.
I bought this humidor a little over a month ago and it was great from the start. Ten minutes after i put in the humidifiers, the humidity went up to 73% and has been there ever since. It has been amazing and I would recommend it to anyone!
I'm very happy with this humidor. I have done a lot of research and for someone one a budget who wants a quality product for a super reasonable price this is the ticket. I have it tuned in, stocked and it is a super quality piece. Lots of room!
This thing arrived in a big box, boy was I surprised! I put a CI Humi-jar on the bottom, activated the two top humidifiers with CI juice and it's held a steady 69%. I'm very pleased with it, and for just a tad bit over $100, I can't figure out why CI doesn't sell it for three times as much. With the extra savings, I was able to buy more cigars from CI. Thank you!!
This humidor is awesome! The online pictures don't do the color justice. It's made with some beautiful, very marbley wood. It has a slightly darker (than the pics) reddish wood. It really is a beautiful humidor. It's very well designed and everything fits together just as you would expect a high-end humidor to do. The size was a little hard to judge from the pics. I wanted this to hold cigar boxes and it does very well. You can fit 4 standard size cigar boxes below the shelf (2 side by side, stacked with 2 more on top), and 2 more boxes side by side on the shelf, with room to spare. The two humidifiers are more than enough to maintain this humidor. The hygrometer is completely useless though. It's like something you would find at a 99 cent store. But for the price, you just can't beat this humidor. Buy a separate digital hygrometer and you're good to go.
Very well constructed humidor. Combined with a HUMI-CARE EH Plus Elect. Humidifier it stabilized very quickly at 68%. If you are looking for an affordable, larger capacity humidor, you cannot go wrong with purchasing the El Diablo.
I love this humidor, finally got it stabilized at 72% after about a week. Loaded it up with a bunch of goodies I bought at CI and 2 weeks later it's still holding steady and keeping all my stock fresh as it came from CI. very good deal, thanks CI!! Y'all rock! ps- the drawers are great for holding the matches you get with your order or lighter or whatever.....nice touch.
this is th finest humi i have ever owned and i have 6 total it just went right to work with the humicare eh it. i never put the two bricks that came with it to work.and it has been perfect from day three when i put the cigars in they have come up to rh and are very pliable and smokeable within a week. thanks ci. good choice and very excelent price,i may buy another!
I bought my (El Diablo humidor) at the CI SuperStore a year or so ago and have not regretted it for an instant. It's in my living room along with my other FIVE large humidors and two or three small ones (I must be insane; I have more cigars in stock than some small brick-and-mortar shops I've been in!). The El Diablo maintains a constant humidity and the cigars stay in perfect condition. And the price? Almost a give-away. If you require a large-capacity box, this one is a bargain.
My El Diablo humidor just arrived and WOW! Really good looking, excellent craftsmanship and plenty of space for my ever expanding cigar collection. This unit is the just what i needed. I highly recommend it. So if your in the need ......DON'T PASS THIS ONE UP. See you at "Cigarfest '08".
"I just purchased the El Diablo humidor and after properly seasoning it I put my precious cigars inside and I could hear them breathe a collective sigh of relief!" The humidor is absolutely gorgeous, and I especially love the two accesory drawers to keep all my cutters in one place. The craftsmanship is superb and it is maintaining a constant 71% humidity level. I can honestly recommend this humidor to anyone looking for a larger unit so their smokes can "stretch out".
I love my El Diablo humidor. It is probably the sexiest piece of furniture I own. Also doubles as a good footstool in the living room for shoeless feet. That way I always have my cigars handy while watching TV.
This baby (El Diablo Humidor) is huge,twenty one pounds was the shipping weight! Now I have plenty of room to stock up on favorites and the occasional weekly special that is too hard to resist!
Great find and worth the investment. (El Diablo Humidor). I now have the room for a good selection of sticks without crowding them.