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Get a Grip Clip Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Get a Grip Clip”
“Tried the Get A Grip clip last night. Unfortunately the clip does not have enough grip to hold on to to the square steel of the front frame. I did however use it on the hand grip handle under the canopy to hold my stick. I will be purchasing the large plastic clip style and this will be my backup.”
RP of Bismarck, ND
“Loved it so much I had to give some to friends!”
KP of Costa Mesa, CA
“I love this thing. I use it golfing, fishing, shooting. I'm lost with out it. Getting another one.”
“I used one of these for a little while, until my cigar went missing along with one of the 2 clips. The rivet broke and all I had left hanging on the front post of the cart was the other clip. I've got one of the "Plastic" ones that everyone seems to be dissing. I've had it for yrs. works fine. Do however take your label maker and put your name and phone number on the thing so if you forget it on the cart maybe one of the cart guys will call you and save it for you.”
“I smoke a cigar every time I play golf. This is by far the best clip I've used. Much better than the plastic ones that always break. Great product and worth every dime that C.I. charges (which isn't that many dimes b.t.w.)”
“Great device for holding my cigar while I play golf!!!”
“Indeed, an excellent purchase! Totally pleased with the item! Suites my purpose exactly!”
AB of Oklahoma City, OK
“I was a little skeptical at first. But this thing works and works well. The tension on the cigar clip is just enough to hold the cigar with out damaging the wrapper. I like this thing a lot.”
NG of Fabius, NY