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04/22/2013 Just got mine and was wondering if you can pop out the hygrometer to salt test it. Thanks!

by JJ of Cape Coral, FL
A: Yes, if you need instructions on how to salt test watch this http://www.cigarsinternational.com/cigar-101/article/29/salt-test/
by Steve R
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07/28/2013 What do I need for devices to keep this humid?

by SH of Lolo, MT
A: This humidor comes with a humidifier. It is a long, black humidifier designed for a unit of this size. All you have to do is add distilled water. Allow time for the foam inside to absorb the water, then drain the remaining. However, a lot of people like to upgrade their device to crystals or beads. I prefer this method as well. Check out crystals made by Humi-Care.
by Greeby
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