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Shuriken Anodized Cutter Reviews

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Overall Rating 3.4 out of 5 Based on 5 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Shuriken Anodized Cutter”

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5 out of 5
Love the Shurkin cutter.
This cutter is so awesome,I loved it before I even got it. The titiana cigars are a hit.
1 out of 5
Shuriken Anodized Cutter Shuriken
Does not work well. You have to move it around to create opening Large enough to be able to smoke the cigar. It is cumbersome to use because you have to unscrew the top of the cutter to get to the cutting device. It also dangerous. The razor blades are sharp and if a child got a hold of the device they could get cut. I do not recommend it.
1 out of 5
Not worth the money
Has failed to give me the draw advertised on any of the ring sizes I have tried.
5 out of 5
Sturdy. The more I use it, the more I like it.
5 out of 5
Shuriken Cutter
Works great on my bacarat churchills and belicoso's. No pieces of tobacco to deai with. Did notice it doesn't work well on cigars that have a thick foot.
Customer Testimonials
Works great.
This cutter is great. But a few things to know before you use it. Some of the smaller ring cigars will slide way down in there. This creates long cuts. This can make the end of the cigar very soggy by the time you get halfway done. With the smaller cigars, only pushing about halfway down. Larger cigar should be okay. All in all it is been a good experience, but if the slits are too long, you can make the smoke very hot on your tongue. Just need to experiment with it.
Good cutter! I keep it in the car for any occasion! I usually make 2 cuts, as one doesnt draw for me as I'd like, but there are a few stogies out there that will only need one cut. You can also make one cut and apply some slight pressure while you draw but I prefer the 2 cuts. If you are not careful, you may tear the leaf of a cigar you are attempting to cut, I admit I made this stupid mistake! Push on the flat part of the cigar, dont hold it by the sides!
It works. However, you have to be mindful of the cigar you're going to use it on. Because of the depth of the cut you kind of have to put the cigar farther in your mouth than you would with a cutter to seal the draw. I had to toss about a 1/4 of a cigar that I like because of it.
One cut is not enough for good draw. Two or three cuts and it draws well, but before the cigar is gone, the cuts in the cap have turned into wrapper strands loose in my mouth. It tried it.....I don't like it! Back to regular cutter or a punch.
Works Great...Gets the Flaver of the wrapper....
I've had this cutter for over a year. Still cuts clean, I don't use it on ever type of sticks, not really great for torpedoes. Leaves a clean edge and a good draw.
This is a good cutter for most cigars, although I agree with a previous suggestion that it needs more blades or a small center punch. It does not, however work on any irregular shaped cigars, as it mutilates the head. I'm back to using a good guillotine cutter.
Excellent product! At times, it's until the first draw that you actually realize that it's cut. I would suggest that any that wants a clean draw, less tearing, and ease...purchase this particular item!
Not quite what I had hoped tried it on 3 different cigars 1 torpedo 1robusto ring size 54 and 1 gordo wasn't real happy with any of them it seemed to cut way down on the side of the cap still want to try on a few others though
I bought this cutter on a whim, and I'll never use another cutter again. Perfect draw, and if it isn't, just stick your stogie in again. By leaving the cap in tact I get much more flavor from the cigar. This is how cigars are supposed to smoke, and that's from somebody whose been smoking for over 13 years. Worth every penny of its $20.
Best cutter ever.
Tried it for awhile....and tossed it! I ruined several cigars and had a couple start to unravel in my mouth. One has to be extremely careful how much pressure one applies...and how deeply one "thrusts". Beware guys. I think the regular cutter is best.
I bought one of these on the whack-a-deal when I was checking out the other day. I was expecting to get was the one in the picture, which looks to be some sort of cast-aluminum ... what I got was some sort of composite plastic. Oh well, I thought, as long as it works well I don't care what it's made of. Next issue, it does cut small slits in the end of the cigar but the draw (even after biting down as suggested) is still minimal AND like others have commented the tars build up quickly so that by the time you are close to half-way all you can taste is the bitterness of the tars. I gave it away within 2 days of purchase and the person I passed it on to brought it back the next day with the same complaints! If you have one of these and are content then good for you but, I'll just stick to my punches or regular cutters thanks!
Simply not a fan. The draw is hard because of the slits, maybe it's because of the way I'm using it.... So far I'm not impressed. Think I'll stick with my Xikar MTX...
I have not had any success with a single punch using this cutter. I have moderate success punching twice. I only have good success using this cutter with two punches and a wet cap (scotch or good old fashioned saliva). I have tried on round tips and torpedos, and ring range of 52-60.
Works amazingly better than a cutter.
Pretty awesome. I've used it with success on several sized cigars to include a couple of torpedos. For torpedos, it seems like you have to bite down a bit to get the slits to open a satisfactory amount, though it's not an issue. I like the cutter.
This little tool is totally awesome. If you are like me and like to chew on your cigar, this is your ticket. The harder you bite down on the cigar, the smoke is released. My forte!!!!! is as descibed, but my only gripe is that it tends to bring about harsh flavors if you are a person that salivates alot on the end of your cigars. Doing so brings out oils on the end of the cigar which hampers the flavor. I still love the concept, but maybe this would be better for cigars that are mild to medium in body.
Just got tool and tried it out, didn't care for it. Tar collected on the cuts and gave a bitter taste to smoke. I will try another....
I personally think a big improvement to this cutter would be to either add more slits to the center of the cutter or add a small punch "plunger" cutter to the center of the cutter in case I wanted more of an opening to draw through....
Amazing cut. Makes all of my cigars smoke smoother than velvet
This is an excellent cutter, very pleased with it. A+++
Tried this cutter for the first time, had to bite down kinda hard on the cigar to get any smoke out however I believe the cigar had a very tight draw to begin with, tried a second time and the draw was great. This cut puts the smoke against the back of your teeth which I'm not crazy about. It's nice for some cigars but not as an every day thing. A little bulky for the pocket as well.
Greatest $20 I've spent on a cutter. I was unsure at first, but now, it's the only one I use. Awesome idea and I would recommend this to anyone.
This does not work. Poor draw and destroys the cigar. Tried it in combination with a punch cutter and worked reasonably well.
The Shuriken Cutter is an interesting cigar accessory and I purchased it because it was so intriguing. After using it I have to say I am not a fan. It does work, but I am not a fan of having to bite down on my cigars to get the smoke flowing. If you enjoy chewing on cigars this is the cutter for you. I will stick with a traditional cutter or punch.
By far the best cutter I have owned! I recommend it for anyone and for the price, how could you say no?
Tried this on two cigars. So far - half way through the tars from them become gathered at that slits and both of them seemed to get bitter. So Great for the half way through cigar - but watch out for the tars building and may ruin a good smoking cigar.
Neat design and all, not the "perfect" draw in my book, doesn't allow enough smoke for my preference. The main reason I dislike the cutter is the fact that it draws the smoke right against the back of my teeth, top and bottom.
I purchased this cutter before a 'guys motorcycle vacation' and we all gave it a try. The first time wasn't a success, however I think it was due to our error and the cigars. My 2nd attempt was a better experience. I'll be keeping this and perfecting the technique. I mostly use a V-cutter and still get the occasional cap unraveling. This is a nice product!
This thing is GREAT! Where have you kept this jewel? It changes the entire-experience of cigar-enjoyment! I love the way one can adjust the "draw", to their own pleasure, just by simply biting-down. And it eliminates "tongue-burn", for us MILD-lovers! And, I'd bet that it might help with the flow of a too-tightly wrapped cigar, too. Seems to work the best on the larger ring-size smokes, where there's a lot of "cap" to work with---although not real sure about torpedo-style? I don't care! Either way, you ain't gettin' THIS-one back.....!☺
This cutter is UNBELIEVABLE!!. When I bought it (along with my favorite Rockies), I didn't expect it to be that good but wanted to try it because it looked different. I used it yesterday for the first time and boy, was I surprised. I followed the instructions and when I looked at my cigar, it looked like nothing had happened. I couldn't see any of the cuts and I said to myself "this is a bunch of BS". But I took my first drag and realized how perfect the cuts were. The cigar remained intact, there was no unravelling of the wrapper, no harshness at the end. Overall a perfect smoke. GREAT CUTTER!!!
IMHO, this product is the greatest invention since the cigar itself! My enjoyment of cigars has improved 100% just by using this cutter instead of a traditional cutter. The draw is PERFECT, and even my strongest smokes don't "bite" any more; plus the "after effects" are greatly minimized. I've recommended this cutter to all my see-gar buds.
I wish I could say I am having the same results. I have tried this cutter on 5 different cigars (different brands) and ended up having to use my traditional cutter to smoke them. I am doing it like the video is showing and the cigars are good quality premiums which smoke perfect once cut the traditional way. I am open to any tips. Great idea, I just wish it worked better.
Got one of these cutters, works great!!! Save your $5 though and get one of the metal ones. I got one of the "leather" ones because I thought it would look nice but I'm not thrilled about pleather it actually cheapens a great product IMO.
I just got this cutter in the mail today, and I tried it on one of my 5 vegas triple "A" cigars. I have to say I love it, got a really good draw from it.
I received a Shruiken cutter this past Christmas and it totally rocks. It has replaced all the other cutters in my cigar case...Punch, Guillotine, V-cut, and drill. I love the draw it provides and it seems to slightly improve or add to the taste of my favorite cigars. I've recommended my cigar buddies order one as they love it they keep borrowing mine!
Works just like it says and no bits in your mouth. It is just new enough to be a real conversation starter
Just bought one of these word....FANTASTIC! Works on any cigar, even torpedos. I smoke a lot of tatiana's and this is the best cutter for the smaller ring sizes.