Cigar Oasis XL Plus Electronic Humidifier Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Cigar Oasis XL Plus Electronic Humidifier”
“This is one of the best ideas in cigar accessories yet. I've had the Cigar Oasis XL for 8 months now and have had absolutely NO problems with humidity. A no-brainer to use. To borrow a phrase from a certain infomercial, "set it and forget it". Very accurate. I have two hygrometers (1 analog and 1 digital) to monitor my babies in my 750 count humidor and they don't waver more than 1% RH. I recommend this to all my cigar smoking friends and have no reservations recommending it to the awesome CI customers.”
SO of Fort Irwin, CA
“As soon as I heard the manufacturer talking on a Tube Video about the fan being inverted on this model to exhaust the humidity from the source block instead of blowing onto it, I felt it would work better in my cabinet humi and I was right. The much bigger model, during winter, would not pass 66% but one day with this smaller Plus in there, and I had 70/70 easy. It remains to be seen how long the water will last but I trust will be nominal because it only runs when necessary and in the opposite direction away from the block. Only sorry it had to be my second option, but I am surely glad I made the switch.”
RP of Worthington, WV
“I had mine for about a year and that is about how long it lasted...worked good until it went out. I was looking for something with a little more longevity.”