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Customer Reviews of “Cigar Oasis II Ultra-Deluxe”
“The Oasis ll XL is a large humidifer. It is designed in two parts, top and bottom with foam in the bottom part with fans that circulate the humidy around. The unit is built for a larger chest and has a remote LED that has the connection for the extra fans that you can add to help circulate the air around. The unit can be set to a certain Humidity and left alone. When the humidity drops the third fan kicks in and the unit is LOUD. I had it pressed against the inner wall and moved it away to make sure it was not giving it anything to carry sound. I even sat it on some small towels to help and threw a towel over the plastic part, but made sure the air ways were clear. What I did find out is that by "REALLY SEALING" the box, I mean the drawers and doors with 1/8" x 1/4" foam strips, I was able to - I cut the sound down by 95% - what a difference with muffling the sound. I will make this statement - it is designed for a larger box and it does put out humidity, but when it engages to add humidity - be prepared. Would I buy again, I think I would try to find a quieter one, but not sure if you can when trying to humidify a large humidor. By the way, I got one of the Gurkha Warrior's Chest Humidor - FREAKIN AWESOME !”
AG of San Antonio, TX