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Customer Reviews of “Colibri Nascar Rebel Lighter”
“I recently purchased a yellow "Rebel" lighter for even less than the current price & it immediately became my personal cigar lighting implement. Four other, way more expensive, lighters have been put to pasture by one little five buck Firebird. It has the largest tank capacity of any of my lighters & sports a viewing window, which most inexpensive lighters do not. Compact, yet powerful, it has a yellow plastic cover that protects the piezo parts & is trimmed in yellow plastic, which gives it a great look. The Nascar emblem is cool & the flame adjustment wheel is super easy to operate.”
“Not a nascar fan at all, but this baby works. Found that it needs to be "warmed" for the lighter to work the first time all the time. If its any where close to cold, it will putter for a few minutes before it decides to work. Worth the money. I got it as a grab bag offer.”
“Works good. Have bought a half dozen torch lighters and this one and one other are the only that work”
“These lighters were offered to me at a discounted rate along with my purchase so I got two of them. First lighter works great. I’ve lit half a dozen sticks with it by now. Great features and function. Better than some of my “good” lighters. Has an easy to adjust wheel to control the flame and a fuel window. The second lighter had problems firing. Cigars International has got me covered with a replacement on the way with further assurance that the replacement will work or they’ll exchange it as well. Great customer service. ”
ML of Pickwick Dam, TN
“Great lighter! Comfortable and works flawlessly! Buy!”
KC of Mount Ephraim, NJ
“Great lighter for the price. Works every time.”
JO of Rochester, NY