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Q & A for Cigar Jar Humidor

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04/14/2013 How big is the opening on this? Big enough to get a hand inside? Or am I going to have to turn it upside down to get cigars out?

by MP of Bradford, NH
A: The opening is 5" in diameter. You'd need super sized hands for them not to fit.
by Jeff K
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07/16/2013 First time buying a humidor, do I attach the disc to the top of the jar and just soak the sponge in water? Also is it necessary to buy a hygrometer?

A: Yes, mounting to the lid works best. Soak the humidifier in distilled water, then drain the excess. Using tap water is asking for problems, stay away! A hygrometer is not necessary, but it is a good thing to have. Especially if you don't want to constantly check up on your stash. I would recommend a digital hygrometer, as they tend to not only be the most accurate, but provide years of reliable service. A good one will cost around $15 (well worth it when you take into account the headaches you could save yourself).
by Greeby
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