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Q & A for Herf-a-Dor Travel Humidor

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04/16/2013 I just ordered a Herf-a-Dor X10 Traveldor - 10-Capacity and was curious on what is the best accessory for humidification? I purchased (1) Drymistat Crystal Humidification tube as well, will it be good for this humidor?

by LE of Clovis, CA
A: Yes. The Drymistat tube will cover you with this unit. A humidification device is included, but the Drymistat tube is likely easier to use and will minimize fills.
by Jeff K
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04/23/2013 How does the built-in humidification devise work? What do you add to it and how often?

A: If the storage is short term (up to 3 days) add nothing. The seal is such that the moisture will not escape. If you're taking them for a week or two all you need a few drops of distilled water in the green foam piece up top. Two rules of thumb. 1. never tap water (you'll get mold) 2. Herf-a-Dors are not made for long-term storage. Hope that helps.
by Brandon S
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05/14/2013 i store my cigars in my humidor with the celo off, when i put them in there will the foam effect the flavor at all?

by CC of Astoria, NY
A: In my experience, it will have no effect if used for short term storage.
by Greeby
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07/19/2013 Is the green foam a 1-time use or can distilled water be added anytime the Herf-a-Dor is used on travel?

by SR of Santa Fe, NM
A: The foam can be used over and over again. Just be cautious as to how much water you add. Due to the airtight seal, you don't need much. Just a few drops does the trick.
by Greeby
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07/27/2013 Is the humidifier on the 40 count model magnetically attached or does it lock into place like the smaller models?

by AT of winston salem, NC
A: It is not locked into place. The 40-count model has an adhesive mount option.
by Greeby
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