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CI Smiley Crystal Gel Humidification Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “CI Smiley Crystal Gel Humidification”
Among other reasons, C.I.s Smiley humidifier, is perfect for the 40 count boxes that have small humidifiers and no gauge. It's a very reliable safety net.
VB of San Francisco, CA
The smiley crystal gel humidifiers are a must have. In the past I struggled to get good results with oem clay humidiers. The fluctuations and constant maintenance was downright stupid. I noticed immediate improvement in my 50 count humidifier and within a week no wild humidity fluctuations. Anyone with a desktop humi will benefit from these. No more flaking wraps no more hair pulling...thanks.
EO of Milwaukee, WI
The CI Smiley humidifier(CI Smiley Crystal Gel Humidification) works as advertised! I was struggling to keep both my 20 and 40 count humidors over 65% using only the OEM humidity elements now that winter's drier air is here. Even refilling them daily, I couldn't get it done and the impact on my cigars was noticeable: flaking wrappers; hot, quick burns and airy draws. In desperation, I ordered two "Smileys" to see if the propylene glycol gels lived up to the hype, and I'm happy to report that both humidors now sit at 68% and I haven't had to re-wet the gels since the initial soaking several weeks ago. Fully convinced, I next ordered the Humi-Care HX10 for my 100-count humidor with similar results. And the cigars? Oh, yeah, baby, they're back to even burns and steady draws!
I sure hope the crystal gel humidifiers live up to the hype. Just soaked mine per directions and the 10 for my 100 ct humi worked great but the round one separated and had to fish all the gel balls out of the water and maybe half went back in! Really does anyone test these things? Maybe they are overfilled? That's alright though, after taking the foam out of my old round one i now have 2 round gel humidifiers! :-)
KD of Lamar, CO
FELLOW CI ADDICTS! Just wanted to give a quick warning about this product in regards to prep. The product comes with no instructions, however after a great conversation with customer service, I have found the map to perfecting this product. But anyways guys, just go ahead and take a "shot glass" of distilled water and pour it over the opening of the humidifier, or until you see that the water is covering the base of the top. DO THIS FOR NO MORE THAN 5 MINUTES! After that, drain whatever excess water is in the unit, and BAM! You're good to go!! CAN'T THANK CI ENOUGH FOR THEIR INCREDIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!
JA of Sacramento, CA
I love the price (Make Me An Offer price was awesome!), but it's quite frustrating when the beads pop the lid off the puck. It's easy enough for me to remove what won't fit afterward, but I'm glad I was there to see it actually pop. I would have been very unhappy to come back a day later and see beads all over my sticks. For those of you who caught my comment above, Make Me An Offer is a great way to score great deals on items like this!
TP of Culpeper, VA
A little big for small humidors (25-50). It only allows about half the capacity, but gets the job done right.
NH of Baton Rouge, LA
Great little humidifier. The logo is a bit large, but no complaints from me. It gets the job done.
RS of Sacramento, CA
love the cigars and the prices but last time 2 out of 5 were bad to cigars way to dry.
Good quicky & cheap
BG of Somers, NY
This is really cool and I love opening my humidor to the smiley face; however, although it looks to be the same size as the original that came with my humidor, I find I have to keep hydrating it often. Perhaps I have a bigger humidor than I thought? I definitely want to get more.
LS of Parkville, MD
are just the right size for my smaller humidor haven't activated them yet so not sure how they'll work
JK of marshalltown, IA
Be careful when hydrating the gel. While soaking for the first time, the gel balls inside expanded too large and popped the plastic casing rendering it useless.
MA of Avalon, PA
Excellent addition