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Customer Reviews of “Cigar Mosaic Humidor”
“Great item (Cigar Mosaic Humidor - 20 Capacity). I love it.”
PS of Lakeland, FL
“A good basic humidor. Been using mine for a little over a year with no problems”
“This is my first humidor. I love the design. I especially love the secure magnet lid. My only gripe is the adhesive on the humidification element does not hold up when stuck to the lid.... Overall I am very pleased though. CI nation!”
“This is my first humidor and was very excited to receive it. You can't beat the price for this kind of quality.”
MH of Albuquerque, NM
“cheap not worth buying bottom came off after 2 days didn't even get to use”
SD of Plymouth, MA
“My brother bought me one and I liked it so much that after I finished seasoning it I put the cigar sampler he sent me inside and took some photos for him to see the finished product. It is well made and closes nice and tight. My brother liked the way it came out and is buying one for himself too. Thanks Bro and thanks CI. ”
JA of Deerfield Beach, FL
“Great little humidor for the price. I use it for some of my overflow stock that I am not that concerned with. That being said, you won't find a better seal on another humidor of similar size.”
CC of Kansas City, MO
“I received a Cigar Mosaic Humidor as a freebie several years ago & have been using it as a 20-25 count seasoning box ever since. One humidification pillow glued to the inside of the lid keeps a constant 68% humidity. Add a stick type humidifier to increase the level to 72%. The top is so cool & the black finish on the sides is gorgeous. Don't expect quadrant hinges or sure seal technology, because it doesn't have them. However, the two tiny magnets located in the front of the lid work so well that you can pick it up fully loaded, by the lid & not break the seal. At this price, no one should be without one. I have two. Makes a great gift, also.”
“Just got mine yesterday so it is still in the seasoning process. Seems well made with a good seal, though it is smaller than I thought it would be. For any one wondering the inside dimensions are about 8"x6.5"x2".”
JW of Goshen, OH
“very nice humidor, love it!”
TG of Redding, CA
“i bought my nephew one so he would have one while he is over seas for our country, i liked it so much i got myself one the next week!! lol. its perfect for my xtras and to take with me on a trip ”
PQ of Phoenix, AZ
“Great starter humidor.”
MD of Oak Lawn, IL
“My very first one and i just love it!!!! Recommending it to all my friends!!!”
WI of Flushing, NY
“Works fine. I would recommend a humi-care stick tho. The floral foam in this humi makes for too high of humidity levels. Still a steal for $12.50!!”
AF of Minneapolis, MN
“This was my first humidor and it's a really great gift to myself due to the overall artistic cigar bands placed on the front, as well as having even glossed wood.”
SR of Acworth, GA
“Good beginner humidor.”
“Nice box I'm glad it was on sale not the size I thought it would be I wish it was a little bigger but it has a very tight seal”
PJ of fort washington, MD
“Very nice. The design is pretty cool and I like the hidden magnet lid. I've got it seasoning now but can't wait to fill 'er up.”
TL of Hauppauge, NY
“I can't say much about it, that hasn't already been said. For the price, it's a great little humidor. Very well built, and nice looking. Thank you C.I.!!!”
SM of Kokomo, IN
“This humidor was a great gift for my husband!!! It's great for an occasional cigar smoker and for the price it is magnificent!!!”
RD of Fort Walton Beach, FL
“I have yet to see mine as I am over seas, but did get a chance to see one, and WOW! Looks amazing. I never would have thought it would have looked that good for the price. Solid construction, great finish. I bought the Hummi Black Ice for it as I do not like the humidifying device it comes with. Another great deal. Thank you CI.”
BB of Saint Paul, MN
“The humidor I smaller than I expected. I'll be lucky to get 15 cigars in it. All things considered, I can't complain too much given the very low price point. ”
DE of West Covina, CA
“Can't beat this deal !! Great little box. Defiantly worth the money. No quality issues as I read in one of the previous posts. If your considering a small second humidor with very low cost this is the one to consider.”
SG of Citrus Heights, CA
“Got this as my first humidor for $12.52 plus free shipping, how can you go wrong? Currently seasoning this bad boy and I love the cool top. Love it already!”
“This was my first humidor. I love it as an aesthetically pleasing bar-top humidor to offer a nice selection of tasty sticks to guests when they come over on weekends. Once I got it seasoned it maintained temp and humidity levels wonderfully. This is a great humidor especially for beginners and occasional smokers.”
PS of Oklahoma City, OK
“The box has a good seal and o construction (the bottom is incredibly thin). But the humidification device is awful it seems to randomly fluctuate from crispy to acceptable and it makes no sense”
AA of Saint Paul, MN
“My humidor came with minor damage to the cedar. The cedar is really, really thin. I wish I would have spent a little more to get something nicer but the humidor is attractive and has a decent seal. Acceptable for a smaller humidor I suppose, I will probably keep a few flavored sticks in it so not a total loss.”
“Great Box.”
KS of Bohemia, NY
“This is my first Humidor and the look is Iconic. Well made, and functional for the price. After trusting that I seasoned it correctly, I am happy to report that i have 19 cigars ranging in size and lengths, a humi stick and a digital hydrometer in it. Humidity is holding steady at 70% and my "obsessions" as my wife calls them, are doing quite well. Thank you!!!”
HJ of Fort Worth, TX
“Cool humidor , but nothing too special. Cigar box will do just as well. But I guess what can you expect for 12$”
RC of Staten Island, NY