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Customer Reviews of “Black-Ops Delta Lighter”
“I've had this lighter about 6 months. Works perfectly. Not quite as wind resistant as some other torch lighters but not bad. Small tank...maybe only 5 cigars if you have to relight several times each.”
PB of Deland, FL
“This lighter was the very first lighter that I owned (that was refillable of course). I figured that I'd go with something that was a bit stylish yet durable. As to be expected, this lighter does get the job done. But I'll admit, trying to refill it is a bit difficult, and the tank isn't very big either. After lighting 4 or 5 cigars, it needs refilled. Maybe that's normal for most lighters...this lighter however does function well...”
TM of Lake Stevens, WA
“Don't waste your money on a $100 lighter. Just pick up a few of these babies! It consistently lights and I've never had an air jam. Sure, it runs out quickly(every 5-10 cigars depending on how efficiently you light your stick). That's why you buy 2 so there's a backup handy! As single flames go, there isn't a better value out there.”
“Solid outside construction; however, I recently broke off the fill needle while trying to bleed the be careful. Small fuel tank, I would recommend refilling after every cigar if you buy this lighter. If you're smoking with buddies, bring a backup.”
SM of Mahopac, NY
“I got this lighter free with some cigars I ordered....The tank is so small and it doesn't light half the time....”
“I purchased this lighter a few months ago. It has a small fuel tank and runs out of fuel quickly. I am experiencing some technical malfunction now. After refueling, it will no longer light.”
“good customer service, my lighter isn't working but after contact CI they are sending me a new 1. I have no complaints whatsoever”
BJ of Denton, TX
“received today and works great!Thanks CI for replacing it with the orig. 1 sent that didn't work”
BJ of Denton, TX
“I've had this lighter a little over a week. Got it in the brown bag deal. Works flawlessly so far. It feels very sturdy with solid construction of mostly metal. I like the little hoop, for a key ring or whatever and I like the large adjustment knob which makes adjusting the flame effortless. Like many before me pointed out, it burns through butane very quickly for a single flame lighter. About 4-5 cigars and some playing with it and I've already had to refill it. Not a big deal for me since I only smoke at home and am not far from butane but I can see how it may be a problem for anyone who travels in which case a spare would be a wise choice. All in all an excellent lighter for the price.”
AL of Salem, OR
“Good lighter for the one cigar a day smoker. Tank is too small for much more unless you carry a butane can around. That said, it works fine as my back-up for a Bugatti B-1 torch . Regardless of your lighter choice, use the premium fluid. The Black Ops Delta is a good choice; the Black OPs Kilo is better but cost $20 more and is a triple torch.”
CF of Worcester, MA
“Got this lighter as a bonus offer for 5 bucks....totally worth the deal. It's a good sturdy single torch lighter and I am happy with it.”
DS of Tulsa, OK
“Works well no complaints.”
LN of shinglehouse, PA
“Very good lighter. I just ordered 2 more. I wish I could hang on to them!”
JB of Livonia, MI
“Only lasted 2 months. Filled according to instructions with CI "Lotus Plus Premium butane”
“Great lighter!”
AH of St Cloud, MN
“It has a pretty small butane tank... enough for maybe five cigars top before refilling. But I've had it for about 6 months and it's still going strong. For the money you spend it is a great deal. Small and portable, sleek looking, and it gets the job done. If you're looking for functionality then this is for you; if you're looking for a flashy lighter with a name brand then go for something else.”
CH of Tallahassee, FL
“I like the look and the feel of the lighter but it wont hold butane. I fill it, its empty within an hour.”
HJ of Fort Worth, TX
“Not a bad lighter for the money. It gets fussy once and a while. I got it for on the golf course and it has never let me down. Small fuel cell so check before hitting the links...”
MW of Hamden, CT