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Black-Ops Alpha Lighter Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Black-Ops Alpha Lighter”
Picked up an Alpha Artic on a Joe Cigar Daily Deal and have been very pleased with it. Love the rugged design, large tank with window and the single-action operation. Lights on the first strike every time and the powerful double-flame makes short work of firing up my big-ring cigars. Would like for it to have a little more heft in my hand but otherwise is a perfect companion for all my outdoor activities.
WB of Gibson, NC
I prevously bought the Black Ops Delta lighter with the single torch. This lighter lit every time, but the flame blew out in the breeze more easily than is typical for a torch lighter and the tank is small. I bought the Black Ops Alpha and it solves all these problems. It lights first time every time and appears to last several times as long between fills as the other one, even though there are two flames, plus the tank is transaparent, so you can see when it needs a refill. The only problem with this lighter is that because of the hinged cap that opens as you light, it has to be tilted towards you so if you have to relight a nub a lot of heat is directed at your face.
PB of Deland, FL
So far I've owned the Black-Ops Delta and Alpha lighters. The Delta I wasn't impressed with, but so far the Alpha has lived up to my expectations. It's got a good sized tank to it, and it works very well. Almost too well. I scorched the wrapper on the first cigar that I lit with it. But like everything else in life, practice makes perfect. It doesn't take much time to light my cigars and I can easily tell when it's getting empty. One of the features of this lighter is simultaneously a pro and con. The flame adjuster requires a flat head screw driver to adjust, so the pro is that once you adjust it, you won't accidentally bump it and turn the flames up and burn your eyebrows off, or turn them down to the point that they go out. The con is that it requires the inconvenience of getting a screw driver to adjust the thing. All in all, even with that tiny inconvenience, I would highly recommend this lighter.
TM of Lake Stevens, WA
Great lighter, solid construction, but I wish I would have been told it would arrive empty...
CC of Grand Rapids, MI
This is the ONLY lighter I have ever owned that works every time and has NEVER given me any trouble — even compared to much more costly Colibri, Bugatti and Xikar lighters. I especially like the large clear reservoir. After constant use and abuse for over two years, the flip up cover finally broke off but the lighter still keeps on working. By the way, I can't give the same great review to the single flame Black Ops lighter although even that cheaper one is more reliable than most.
A little over a year and it's stopped working. Disappointed....the whole point I bought a lighter was for convenience. Once again, wood matches are the saving grace....
Lasted less than a year. The textured plastic piece came unglued. Maybe it was a lemon but the Black Ops Kilo triple torch appears to be much for durable. The Bugatti B-1 is a great lighter as well.
CF of Worcester, MA
Loved it when i first got it about a month into though it fell apart........
CC of Grand Rapids, MI
Purchased my Black-Ops over a year ago. Has traveled with me everywhere and has been envied by many of my friends. A little cleaning of the latch mechanism every now and then and I'm ready to light-up a great stick! Highly recommended.
I just bought another one of these. Dropped my last one and it broke. Was a little upset, but it was a couple of years old and still worked perfect. I have a few other kinds of lighters and they sit in a box; I guess I will have to use one while this is on the way. For the price, this is a steal.
Not a bad lighter for the price.
RD of Baytown, TX
Great lighter for the price. I received a few compliments.
JS of Pittsburgh, PA
The one stroke lighting action is my favorite feature, followed by the easily adjusted flames and finally the large, easy to see in, fill level window. Of the seven lighters I purchased in September 2014, I have three that have not yet been used, I've gifted three and I am still using the very first one out of the box. I use the lighter pretty much everyday, so I figure that even if it stopped working tomorrow, I will have got my money's worth and I'll just break open the next one. The bottom line is that I find these to be a good, inexpensive and reliable lighter.
WC of Saint Paul, MN
Picked this up as a freebie; it is a great lighter. Works well in the wind, even burn and gets your cigar lit fast!!
JH of Dallas, TX
This lighter is a durable workhorse - been in in the car, in the golf bag and jostled for over two years and it has never stopped working. Great see-thru reservoir too.
Great lighter. Sometimes gets stuck burning though.
DB of Weatherford, OK
Excellent lighter. Works reliably with low quality fuel, we don't have too many options out here in the boonies. Everybody I hand this lighter to is impressed and a bit surprised when they get a double blast of blue torch flame. Cigars light up extremely fast. Excellent, I will buy another when this one dies of clogged nozzles.
Got this lighter as my first butane lighter and have been very happy with it. I don't have to refill it that often, even when it gets passed around at parties or on the golf course. It has also never failed me and seems pretty durable. Doesn't take long to light any cigar right up, even on windy days. Very happy with this purchase.
This is an awesome lighter! Has a great double torch that lights everytime and a huge fuel tank with a viewing window. I learned my mistake when I bought my first lighter without a window which constantly ran out of fuel and it was always a guessing game on how much fuel you had left. Highly recommended!
SM of Linwood, MI