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Black-Ops 2-Finger Cutter Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Black-Ops 2-Finger Cutter”
Not horrible on smaller ring gauges. Larger ring gauges don't do well with the "perfect cut" feature. Took a little getting used to, but not too bad for the price.
DL of Clermont, FL
Does the job well enough, but perfect cut feature leaves something to be desired on larger rings. Simply does not take enough of the cap off, even when you press harder into the stick. Will look elsewhere in the future.
JR of New York, NY
I bought this thinking it was a typical two blade cutter. Quite the contrary; it does not allow you to stick the end through! So with your average robusto it takes maybe one or two swipes but try a torpedo and your whittling away like a beaver at a tree trunk to get off enough! I would not recommend this for torpedo smokers. I may actually drill open the end!
Nothing to complain about here. People are lazy if they complain about having to cut one extra time to clip the cigar without damage. In fact that is the one thing I can say about this cutter. Even when cutting a bigger ring gauge I do not have to worry about the wrapper cracking when cutting. It is a great cutter. I am sure it is not the best (I like V-cut), but I found nothing to complain about. If someone had a regular cutter without the backplate I would actually prefer to use my thumb finger nail. All you really have to do is remove the top cap, not cut through the fillers. This does the job!
MB of Gaylord, MI
Works relatively nicely, nice smooth cut not too deep.
CT of Ithaca, NY
I like to review everything I order, and this one is easy. It's a cutter, it cuts, and it has a brand name on it. And as always, it has a CI low price. Can't go wrong.
DD of Sumas, WA
Because every year my close up vision gets worse(add a few drinks and I'm blind), plus my infuriating habit of misplacing my reading glasses, I started using "perfect cut" type cutters. I picked up this one for travel and as a backup to my stainless cutter.... more or less does the job, but I would not use it as my main cutter.... Fine for travel or the golf course though, and for 8 bucks, they do what they are supposed to do.
JM of Macomb, MI