Gurkha BKXL Tactical Field Knife Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Gurkha BKXL Tactical Field Knife”
“So, just got this in the mail today as a birthday gift from my parents. I'm a big knife enthusiast and I have to say, they're not kidding when they say this thing is heavy duty. It's got a decent weight to it. The spring-assist on the one I received is a little slow, but I'm pretty sure that's just because of the preservative in the action yet. It's fairly balanced with a tight grip. There's a slot in the middle of the handle on either side that I'm not quite sure what the purpose is. The belt cutter is in a nice place. I've had other knives where it stuck out too much and you had to use caution when clipping it on your belt or into your pocket. Speaking of which, the belt clip is sturdy enough to where it shouldn't bend for a while with repeated use, however, the included nylon sheath would be a better bet for those that wear belts. Overall, an excellent addition to my collection and a much appreciated gift!”
“This knife is absolutely gorgeous! After purchasing 1 for my brother’s birthday, I got so jealous I had to buy 1 for myself. It’s not an infomercial knife, but the real deal and it’s price of 50 bolas is a steal. The construction is for real and can take a lickin’. I try not to leave home without it. This knife will not let you down.”
PS of New York, NY
“This knife is a great looking, sturdy, sharp piece of hardware. It has a great weight and grip which makes for easy use. I am finding uses for it because such a great piece of steel shouldn't just sit around collecting dust. And the price? I dare you to find a comparable knife at the same price. An excellent edition to my extensive blade collection. I highly recommend purchasing one for yourself.”
“I was surprised on the quality of this knife.”
“This knife is awesome. Was really surprised on the quality on a knife I had paid only $20 for on sale. I also have the smaller one which I use for deer hunting.”
“This is a knife that is very well built and solid. I am impressed at the quality this knife offers and very sharp out of the box. Awesome sale on it to got the knife for only 30 bucks (reg 200 bucks).”
DH of Rockledge, FL