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Customer Reviews of “Connoisseur's Bullet Plunger”
“I only needed a few dollars to receive a free gift with my purchase. Having never used a punch, I purchased this one. To my surprise, I enjoyed using the punch more than a cutter. The only problem, this one does not have sharp enough edges, and you have to put a great deal of twising and pushing to cut the hole in the cigar. Because of this, I have cracked a few caps on cigars. In addition, after having it for around 6 months. The button you push to disgard the tobacco, starts sliping causing the edge to recede back into the punch. Your better off to purchase a lighter with a punch included than to purchase this one. The Bugatti lighter has a much better punch included.”
DM of Taylor, MI
“Nice! I like it. Cool looking and one of the few that eject the plug.”
RS of Utica, NY
“Looks cool, but not quite sharp enough to be a viable option.”
MR of Avon, OH