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Versailles Display Humidor Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Versailles Display Humidor”
Shipped overnite as promised...well packaged (Versailles Display Humidor). Quality of the wood finish is superb! Can't wait to load it up after it gets up to the correct humidity. Very well pleased with my first (and certainly not my last) order from CI.
SH of Peoria, IL
I ended up getting my order much sooner than I anticipated, and it was packaged very well to help prevent shipping damage. The humidor (Versailles Display Humidor) is beautiful, with Cherry Venetian and is a very nice mid size, allowing for enough smokes to show off, yet you don't have to worry about overflow of a 25-40 count humidor. The 3 glass panels make a great accent to the humidor to allow you to see through into it and at your cigars. For 99 bucks, its a steal.
DB of Downers Grove, IL
I purchased this humidor about a month ago. It is an excellent humidor for the price. The only thing is the gauge is extremely inaccurate and the humidification device is horrible at holding water. Definitely invest on a nice gauge and humidification device. They are easy to swap out but other then that the humidor looks great and works excellent after getting a nice gauge and humidification device for it. Definitely recommend it to everyone!
NC of Deltona, FL
I have bought this humidor as a gift (Versailles Display Humidor) to my father and he loved it . The cherry wood finish is unique and beautiful especially the view of the cigars on stand by under the glass window . I have bought another one for a christmas gift . thanks CI !
DH of hamburg , NY
Ordered this humidor along with dozens of CI cigars for an upcoming wedding reception. I have to say the humidor is quite nice with the ability to view cigars at a glance. Packaged very well and arrived safely. Downside: the analog hygrometer that comes with the humi is useless and provides significantly wrong readings. Get you a digital hygrometer for accuracy...humidor consistently reading 75'F and 72% humidity...Overall, I am very pleased with this item.
DR of Sugar Land, TX
I received the Versailles Humidor as a Christmas present from my wife. I had "hinted" earlier in the season that I needed an upgrade from my little 40 capacity humi. I have to say this thing is georgous! Love the windows and the shine on this humi. Excellent construction and that Spanish cedar smells GREAT.
GR of Sterling, VA
I just recieved this humidor in the mail today and it is BEAUTIFUL! The quality is very good and the lid closes "on a pocket of air" just like it is supposed to. Dont worry about the glass windows letting out humidity, the glass is sealed very well into the wood. Unfortunatly the other reviews about they hydrometer are correct, the built in meter is horribly inaccurate. I have the humidor charged already and the digital meter is reading 70/65 and the built in meter is at 50. Invest the extra $20 and buy a digital hydrometer as well. Other than that, the box is beautiful and I suspect will last for years!
RD of Mastic Beach, NY
I will admit, I received this product very promptly, and began the process of "Charging it" by upgrading to a Xykar humidifier, and then also purchased a digital hygrometer. Both were highly recommended. Once the hygrometer was calibrated, i placed it in the humidor and then after about 3 days, found it to be stable at about 70%. I placed about 65 cigars in it, and after about a month, found it would not hold better than 65% humidity. I took it to a local cigar store, and had it investigated, but the owner claimed it is OK, and it would stabalize. That has been over 2 weeks ago, and by that time, the cigars were VERY brittle and not at all as they should be. I dont know what happened, i am located in the desert with very low humidity, but have kept up the charging of my humdifier. I will continue to mess with it, but in all, the humidor is very attractive and i wish it would hold proper humidity.
AK of Yuma, AZ
Got this humidor for Christmas, and I'm thrilled with it. The fit and finish is excellent, and unlike a few of the other folks, the simple analog hygrometer that came with mine seems to work just fine. It was in dire need of calibration, but was easy to calibrate and has worked great since then. It really is amazing how much better my cigars smoke when they come straight out of the humidor. I will say that the wire mesh screen in the included humidifier was actually rusted when I opened the package, but since I replaced it with a higher quality gel crystal humidifier anyway, that really wasn't a big deal.
SC of Salem, OR
I could not be more pleased. Super glossy high quality finish, the picture does not do it justice at all. The HX10 humidifier fits perfect under the lid.
JP of Fresno, CA
I decided on this humidor after looking at every humidor that would hold 70+ cigars, the bigger the better with my growing collection of cigars. I couldn't be happier with this purchase, I seasoned it over 3 days with humi wipes and used the moist towel method to set the hygrometer and it is working perfect and looks great, it shows same humidity level as my digital. I have about 100 cigars in it and they look great, still have plenty of room for 20+ cigars to add. The best result was I put this in my man cave and when my wife seen how beautiful it is she placed it in the living room for all to see. Looks and performs like a 400.00 humidor! I'm not using my Paradigm humidifier just the one that came with it and it is working great 2 weeks in.
JM of Milwaukee, WI
Love it! Quality workmanship and a great conversation piece. After using the humi-wipes I'm holding at 75%. Salt tested the hygrometer and it was only off by a couple percent.
DW of Saint Peters, MO
Received this humidor a few days ago and it is beautiful. I upgraded to a humi-care bar humidifier and a digital hygrometer. So far The analog hygrometer reading matches my digital. Humidity stays between 70-74%. Perfect for me
RS of Chicago, IL
wow i wanted something else but it wasnt in stock so i went with the versailles and glad i did looks great nice wood grain and great seal....
DL of Sealy, TX
This is only my second humidor so as soon as I followed the easy instructions to season it my baby was ready for sticks.The humidor held steady at 70%.I added my sticks and waited a week before taking one out to enjoy.My cigars tasted great and burned great without re-lighting.I owe this to the quality of my humidor.Being able to see my stogies thru the glass and read the humidity without opening is a huge plus to me.Overall a great investment with no regrets.Buying my cigars online at CI and storing in my humidor is the quality of life investment I will enjoy for months/years to come.
RR of Midway Park, NC
love it! well made, lots of room, looks great!
PP of Placentia, CA