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Swisher Sweets Outlaws Reviews

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Overall Rating 2.43 out of 5 Based on 7 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Swisher Sweets Outlaws”

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3 out of 5
Like the Flavor, Hate the Size
Good flavor to the cigar. Bring back the 4.7x32 size that the Swisher Outlaws used to be!!!!!
1 out of 5
Did not like the 3 per pack , and they are smaller size than before
1 out of 5
Swisher Sweets Outlaws Going Down Hill. FAST !!!
After the change to a smaller pack(now 6 in a pack, use to be 8) same price and the cigar only has about half the tobacco it use to have. Flat and hard to smoke. Really BAD
1 out of 5
I have enjoyed outlaws for many years very disappointed in the change to smaller less tasty cigars...hope they go back to original
1 out of 5
Swisher Sweets Ruined These
These used to be my favorite. Swisher downsized the packaging from an 8 pk to a 3pk, which I can understand. But, to top it off they totally ruined a great cigar by making them smaller. When I say smaller, these things used to be about 5" long with about a 32 ring gauge. Now, they are roughly 4" long and although the tip may be a 30 gauge, they roll the head down to about the size of a pin joint. The taste got awful and the head is rolled so small and tight it is very difficult to get a decent draw. It just baffles me as to why they would do this, and I think they lost alot of Outlaws smokers.
5 out of 5
Swisher Sweets Outlaws Double Barrel Rum
This is my cigar of choice, you haven't had them in stock for a while so I had to order from another supplier.
5 out of 5
Swisher Legacy
Swisher is a name and a favor I have known my entire life. They never disappoint.
Customer Testimonials
Best yard work cigarillo ever! When I last bought 'em, they were made from Nicaraguan tobacco; these have Honduran tobacco, so they should be even better than before. You can light it, stick it between your teeth and mow your a-- off and the Outlaws don't fall apart. If it gets a bit moist at the head, bite off the end and keep on truckin'. Closer to mild-medium, but very good.
These are delicious cigars. I can honestly say that I prefer the taste of these over 90 percent of the hand-made, long filler, premium brands. Once in a while you'll get a pack with dark wrappers that has hints of cinnamon on the draw. Get pouches instead of two-packs; ....the construction is much better.
Great little cigar for a coffee break, or to take on a motorcycle ride for stop breaks.
Swisher Sweets Outlaws Double Rum are the best tasting little cigar I've tasted, by far.
Great smokes, not available many places that I have found, one is this web site. I only know of two others in CA.
These are great, I've been smoking these outlaws for many years.
These are some great cigars, both the Natural & Rum. Good sweet taste, good burn, pretty good consistency. They're rugged looking hence the Outlaw name. Excellent 30-40 minute smoke.