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Parodi by Avanti Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.41 out of 5 Based on 32 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Parodi by Avanti”

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4 out of 5
Good little cigars :)
Good flavor of you like a Maduro smoke. Some have such a tight draw that you can't even smoke them. Maybe 1 out of every 8 or so. But overall great flavor. Some of my favorite everyday short smokes. Great with coffee.
5 out of 5
I like the cigar great
I like the cigar great value would order again
5 out of 5
Finally I found a place to buy my cigars the way I want and expected. Great price and quality!!!!
4 out of 5
Unusual taste
I have been purchasing these cigars for a while now. The taste is slightly smoked hickory with a touch of salt with a bit of sweetness. Dry cured so storage is a snap. I keep a pack or two at hand all year long for times I can not have a full size smoke or just want a different taste. I recommend them!
5 out of 5
All went well
my order was placed through my mobile phone. Very easily done received my shipment promptly
4 out of 5
Good short smoke
Good for a yard gar, or a cold weather smoke. Not too strong, decent flavor and you don't need a humidor
4 out of 5
Parodi and De Nobili exact same cigar
"I just heard back from Dominic Suraci at Avanti Cigar, whose family owns the business. Very nice guy, and very helpful – he told me to share this with you: “All of our cigars are made with the same tobaccos. We use only the finest Kentucky and Tennessee Dark Fired tobaccos in all of our blends. Prior to 1945 the Parodi and De Nobili brands were slightly different. They still used the same tobacco but were made in different factories. The Parodi’s were made in Jersey City, NJ up until 1929, and the De Nobili’s were made in Long Island City, New York until 1945. After 1945 they were both made in the same factory in Scranton, Pa. To more directly answer the question, The Parodi’s and the De Nobili’s are the exact same cigar. The brand names were retained because, back then De Nobili was New York’s Italian cigar and Parodi was New England‘s Italian cigar.” So there you go – the difference between Parodi and De Nobili – nothing. Same cigar!"
5 out of 5
Best flavor for a short smoke - in a word, "enjoyable!"
I have been smoking these little beauties since I was a young man. I gave up smoking cigars for a long time, but when I lit up again, I made sure I always have some Parodis on hand. Great for a short smoke - full of flavor, medium-full strength, and affordable when purchased through CI.
5 out of 5
For me .Parodi is an
For me .Parodi is an excellent full bodied cigar with very consistent draw & construction.. The flavor is a change of pace, unusual.. Kinda like smoking a Nice beef jerky... For a small cigar they have a lingering finish.. When I'm short on time or need a quick de-stress these are my go to..Novices be warned-- these need to be worked up to..I regularly smoke large, full bodied ... These are my 'cigar snack'
3 out of 5
Parodi - A Matter of Taste
For someone looking for a quality smoke along the Padron line, this ain't it. That being said, I really like these little smokes. There's nothing fancy about them. You won't find reviews talking of "a hint of cedar and espresso". What you get with the Parodi is a solid little smoke along the lines of the home grown ones you find, if you've ever been down on a tobacco farm. (I'm in Kentucky) They are more tobacco than fluff. I have found them to be consistent in quality (for an all-tobacco cigar). You won't get a lot of smoke out of them in comparison to a full-sized cigar, but what you do get is good. I smoke these a lot while riding, so the tight nature of their construction, and their minimal ash is a plus. They won't rip apart at 70 mph, like most of your boutique smokes do. The Parodi Kings will give you a good 15-20 minutes of smoke, which is pretty good for a small smoke. I recommend you try a box. At the price, you won't be out much if you hate 'em.
5 out of 5
fast shipping
Great small cigar
5 out of 5
Great little cigar
I enjoy smoking them when I'm out working in my yard or fishing. Just the right size to not interfere with what I'm doing. They are also a dynamite insect repellant!
5 out of 5
last order
everything was great!
5 out of 5
Great Smoke!
The perfect smoke when you don't have a lot of time? Great for fishing... The King Foil 3 Pack is 10 times better than the box of 5! Always moist and fresh, comes in a zip lock packet that keeps them fresh and dry! The box of 5 are usually dry and stale. Great value as well...ENJOY!
1 out of 5
Bad, Bad, Bad
Out of the 100 cigars that came in this order (20 packs of 5) I was able to smoke about 12% of them. This means 88 of the cigars had to be thrown away because they would not draw. It was like trying to smoke a small sold stick. This order was a waste of money. I would not buy these again.
2 out of 5
Quality is gone
I've smoked these gars for years, & really enjoyed them. However, the quality has gone off the deep end. I've now got 13 sticks set aside that are unsmokable due to tightness- like trying to smoke an oak branch- out of the last 65 pieces. I've written Parodi, with no response. I'm probably done buying them. Any other gars out there that are like these in flavor, but work?
5 out of 5
Great service
5 out of 5
Family Tradition
These are the cigars that my grandfather smoked. I find them satisfying and excellent when I want a short smoke. I find this to be a light to medium bodied cigar with great flavor. Take a break and light one up!
5 out of 5
Great Cigar in a small package
Great smoke, very tasty and last longer than you expect.
5 out of 5
Parodi Kings
These are unique to any other cigars. I enjoy the sturdy feel and hearty taste. Perfect companion with my espresso breaks.
3 out of 5
too mild
I was used to the Parodi's my Father used to smoke in the 70's that were stronger and had great flavor.
5 out of 5
good price
has always had the product we order in stock. quick processing and shipping.
5 out of 5
Great Service
Ordered to take on a long motorcycle trip and they got here fast, all the guy's enjoyed them.
5 out of 5
I love avanti cigars. I buy them on a regular basis
5 out of 5
Cigar Order
Fast shipping, great service as always.
2 out of 5
Cigars International
Cigars International has great deals on cigars and great product all of the time, but the company, in general, has a long way to go for customer service expectations.
5 out of 5
Mean suckers
I definitely dig these guys. They give off a barbeque campfire vibe. The cold draw on this in almost sweet like barbeque sauce. When lit you get a pretty strong, but Ohhhhhhhhh so enjoyable smoke. I definitely recommend these, they will be my winter smoke when I don't wanna freeze my fingers off but still want a decent, flavorful smoke
5 out of 5
A perfect drive time smoke
First, these taste good. They taste like cigars. There's a good density to the cigar that makes the draw right, and gives a good 30 minute smoke. Second, they are dry processed (fire cured), so that you don't need to humidify them, keep a 5 pack in your glove box, or tackle box and rest easy. I'm a fan of Nicaraguan tobacco, my base smoke is an Oliva V, while this is no Oliva V, it's a good stick for driving to work, mowing the yard, or running errands. Cheap, tasty, and easy to store.
5 out of 5
Great little cigars that I started smoking 45 years ago. Parodi is my everyday smoke.
5 out of 5
Most of the time the
Most of the time the Prodio's are very good, but some of the time I have to relight them, some are coming apart, can't smoke them at all. as many as 2 or 3 boxes of 5 cigars out of 20, on the last order, but the other orders where AOK! No problems. I smoke 2 a day, and a Padron Churchhill. Thanks! Bob
4 out of 5
Parodi feedback
I really like the Parodi's. Typically, i have one every morning during my walk.
5 out of 5
I have been smoking Parodi cigars for years. They are just what I want - a small cigar that packs a big punch. Most people think they are like smoking a dog-end. I like them.
Customer Testimonials
I enjoy these rough little cigars a lot. Even my girl likes the smell when I light one! Quick, flavorful, and dry cured makes these easy to keep around. The price for the enjoyment is great....Flavors are hickory campfire meets a bit of sweet and pepper with a dash of saltiness and are best after the halfway point. I recommend these and keep them in hand year round.
Parodi cigars, including the Kentucky Cheroots, are an excellent buy. Dry cured and a bit on the rough side, but delicious and without pretense! Perfect for yard work and relaxing, they are a tasty fill in when you don't have the time to smoke a Churchill, but want full body and taste. I highly recommend them.
A great yard work cigar. Nothing fancy. Solid construction. Old World shape and flavor. Taste is nothing to write home about, but when you're mowing the lawn, a hit of spicy tobacco mitigates the chore.
The Parodi/DeNobili was always a favorite of the old Italian guys growing up in Newark. I love them. Not a fine cigar, and no rating here, just a great every day smoke. They are certainly an acquired taste, and not for everyone. If you like dry cured cigars, this is for you.
good flavor, just the right size
I got the Ammezzati (cigarillos) to try some cheap and small/quick smokes. Turns out...they're inexpensive and great! About 20 minutes but great flavor for what they are! Just store them separately from your regular smokes. Since they're fire-cured and they're quite aromatic, they'll "infect" your normal batch (as well as your humi).
Definitely different! For a relatively quick and cheaper smoke, it's pretty good. Pulls very easily, constant flavor throughout. A bit spicy, but not overwhelming. Glad I picked them up!
The Parodi King is my go-to daily smoke. Its a good 45min-60min burn, and for the price it can't be beat. Definitely not a cigar for everyone; the gnarled appearance and unique aroma definitely fit it's rugged persona. Due to being dry-cured with hickory smoke, reminds me of a campfire.
These things are really quite satisfying- pretty strong but not harsh, you know you've smoked one! Nothing subtle about this cigar. The appearance is rough, if you were out in the yard and dropped one, it would look just like a twig, all gnarly. One of the great things about these is they are dry, no humidor required to store- throw a pack in the glove box or tackle box and a year later they're still good. The surprising thing is they actually are a good tasting cigar, and fairly long burning- a good half hour or more. Avanti makes these as well as the De Nobili, they say it is the same cigar in both packages, I've smoked both and tend to agree. If I were you I'd pick up a pack of five to try them (around here CVS sells them for $5.99) before you spring for the bundle, since they're not everybody's cupcake. They won't replace a fine cigar, but sometimes they're just the thing you want- a little taste of the old country!