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Good Times Country Man Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 Based on 30 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Good Times Country Man”

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5 out of 5
Great Cigar at a Great price.
I bought these cigars for around the camp and hunting and dang if they might be one of my favorites now!! Great flavor, and a great cigar period all around..
5 out of 5
the best cheapie I ever tried
Worth every penny I spent on it and it wasn't much:) After 2 months in humi it turned from good to the best cheapie I ever tried. Very tasty thick smoke, even burn but still one of the ugliest I have in my humi:)
3 out of 5
Just ok.
Just ok, for the price its hard to complain about. Its a cigar that wont make you feel guilty not finishing. Out of 50 I only had 2 or 3 that did not smoke/burn well.
5 out of 5
Great everyday cigar
These are great for working in the yard or kicking around on the golf course. Very good smoke for the money !! Smooth and mellow with a good burn.
5 out of 5
4 out of 5
Good Times Country Man Churchill
A good working man's cigar , holds together well. Chomp down and go to work.
4 out of 5
Draw a little inconsistent but not bad for the price.
5 out of 5
Good Times!!
For the price this is a great every day cigar. Fun to smoke!!
5 out of 5
great cigars, fast delivery have been buying here for years.
5 out of 5
great service
i know when i order that i will get what i want and in a timly manner
4 out of 5
Good Times Country Man Churchill taste pretty good for an inexpensive cigar. Also the 50 count box provides a bumper for ordering more expensive brands when you are on a "cigar budget" like I am!
4 out of 5
good for work
Not the best cigar on the block. Good even burn nice flavor gets stronger the more you smoke it. Nice cigar while working stays together will buy more
3 out of 5
Good value
Decent inexpensive mild smoke. Quality is uneven as some sticks don't draw well. But at this price they are a good value.
5 out of 5
I have enjoyed Countryman for close to two years, As an active golfer,they are a perfect smoke.
5 out of 5
Great for its price
GTCMTM looks ugly, but smokes great. For the price you cannot expect more. Good draw, even burn, lots of tasty smoke. At least the 4 I have smoked already.
5 out of 5
Great tasting and pleasant aroma.
These are great cigars for the price.
4 out of 5
Very nice machine made
Honestly, you have to consider this for what it is. For an inexpensive machine made it really is a great smoke. Easy draw, plenty of smoke and no weird chemical tastes. Not what I will pull out of the humidor when I want to enjoy an after dinner drink but certainly great when working around the house or on the boat. When we have company and someone wants to try out a cigar for the first time, this is what I hand them. It's an easy smoke for a beginner. I would also recommend this for someone trying to get away from cigarettes. You can smoke as little or as much of it as you like and chuck the rest - guilt free.
5 out of 5
good service
good service-great deals
5 out of 5
Country Man
A decent smoking cigar with a good price.
5 out of 5
These extremely mild cigars are great on the golf course and are sold at a price where if you leave one burning near the tee box or fairway, it is not a major monetary loss.
4 out of 5
Good Times Country Man Churchill Maduro
Good flavor, decent smoke. Only drawback is it burns to fast. Should be wrapped tighter.
5 out of 5
Great smokes and great service!
every time I order, I get a quality product that is shipped super fast.
4 out of 5
Good value
For the price it is a decent cigar for when your fishing or golfing and you don't even need a cutter to enjoy them
5 out of 5
Lovw the maduros.
4 out of 5
Country man robusto cigars
It's a very good cigar for the price range. It holds ash well and has a nice smooth draw. For beginners I fell this the perfect cigar to start with; not to strong and not to mellow. It's just right.
5 out of 5
short but sweet
excellent smoke any time but especially when you're short on time. It delivers flavor with a smooth burn.I always carry some in my car and in my golf cart.
5 out of 5
Great price for knock around cigars
Great smooth drive to and from work cigars. Price is nice also. Can't beat them. Will always buy them when I run out of them !
4 out of 5
5 out of 5
great value
good smoke for the price. most burn smooth and complete. mild to medium flavor. nice every day smoke
3 out of 5
OK for cheap.
Taste is mild, consistency isn't the best. Some are rolled way to tight, some are OK to draw on from the start, but I have to use my Draw Poker on most of them. All in all they are OK for what I can afford.
Customer Testimonials
These are not a bad smoke, but not working for me. They are very mild with one dimensional flavor; simple. I prefer Principes over these by far, for cheap everyday smoke. None of these will replace a good stick for a optimum smoke, but for kick around cheap smoke they suffice.
When I bought this cigar I thought it would be a cigar to hand out to my buddies, but after smoking one I found out this is a surprisingly great cigar. Well built and smokes better than some $3.00 and $4.00 cigars. Makes a good every day stogie and it's well priced. I will be buying about four more boxes and ....No duds! All of 'em smoked good. Not the prettiest to look at, but great quality. Thanks Cigars International!
Very good inexpensive cigar. Nice draw every time. Not too tight. Smooth flavor. This is my favorite every day cigar
I have bought mega-samplers and have not found a single cigar I enjoyed. These however are a smooth, very enjoyable smoke. I have smoked 2 boxes and have not found a bad one yet. Good construction (not too tight) they burn evenly with plenty of smoke. They are my every day smoke
Even with shipping costs, these were less than a buck each. Well worth it. They burn well and hold a good long ash if that matters. They are mild without tasting like newspaper. Surprised me because I only buy cheap, mild cigars and there have been some disappointing ones lately. I'll be willing to buy these again when I run out.
I read many of the other reviews before I made this purchase. I like to keep one of my humidors full of cheap smokes for every day usage and this seemed like it would be a good bargain. When the box arrived I surely thought I had made a poor decision. By no means is this a "pretty" cigar and it is machine made. In fact I thought just by looking at them I would end up junking them in the end. However, the first time I lit one up I was amazed at the taste. These are actually quite good; creamy and a decent flavor mild flavor. They even have a decent bouquet while burning. Good with a cup of coffee. I will say that they were quite moist/humid on arrival. In fact, my humidor went from 70% to 80% overnight and even four days later only dropped back down to 78%. So it did take some drying out time to bring the humidity levels back down. Not sure if other boxes would be the same. I would definitely purchase them again though when these are out!
Great smoke and value!
Received an order of maduro churchill's last night. Have smoked 3 and have the rest in the humidor. Very nice for the price.
Nice smoke for the money...thanks CI!
DO NOT LET THE LOW PRICE FOOL YOU! I wanted an everyday smoker and I took a chance on these. I had tried many other cheaper sticks sent to me in samplers, but many of them were real turds. I received these, put them in my two humidors and forgot about them. A few months later, I grabbed one and sat down on our porch swing and lit up - wow! It was hard to believe this was a 'less-than a'buck' smoke.... Very good and much more than what I was expecting when I ordered them. It is a mild-medium smoke, gets a little stronger towards the end, nice and smoky with a good finish. I can smoke these when driving on my Jeep, mowing the yard, or floating in the pool. If you are looking for an everyday smoke to help you unwind while looking at the sunset and drinking a beer - Country Man is for you.
These were a pleasant surprise. They are flavorful mild cigars that draw well, smoke even, have a vanilla smell and creamy smoke. I hope this isn't an introductory price as they are cheap enough I can light one up any time I want. They are a decent machine made that are a respectable smoke for a very low price. They will not impress anyone who smokes high end hand rolled cigars but are a pleasant flavorful mild smoke worth the price for sure.
It's cheap and a good morning smoke, or out on the lawn mower. I don't want to waste my Man-o-war when I'm doing yard work so.
Good cigar, decent draw, burn well. Not too bad for tast and aroma, however, I'm not too crazy about the sweetness. All things considered it's not that bad for the price.
For a good banging around smoke these are the one. Mild yet tasty great for driving or putzin in the garage. Super budget stick.
I didn't set the bar to high at the price per box but even so these were awful! I was looking for a cheaper everyday smoke as I smoke 3-4 cigars daily but these failed to impress at all. They have no flavor.... I have smoked 3 and cannot stand the thought of smoking another one! I am returning the balance for credit....
Harsh to start but you get used to it, not the best...
I would not recommend these to a friend. Being machine-made, there's something to be said for. After smoking a few...I lost interest and still smoked them all just to justify my purchase.
Best cheap cigar I have ever smoked. They are great everyday smokes. ordered the Maduro but sent me the natural but not complaining they are great everyday smokes.
These were supposed to be natural, but there is a flavor/scent added to them that smells rather like chocolate. These would be pretty good if you don't mind the added flavor. I don't really care for flavor cigars myself though. :(
Not a bad cigar for the price at all.. good for a cheap everyday smoke..
Great flavor ! I have a girlfriend that loves them! Great everyday smoke. Let them rest in the humi for a month and even better. Roll them a little tighter would be nice. It's a machine made and worth every penny.
On my second box of the maduro robusto, what a great smoke! This has become a everyday cigar. Rustic, easy draw and great flavor.
There is no doubt this cigar can be classified as a cheapie. There's a secret, though, to enjoying it more than you might a cheapie. Simply close your eyes! The damned thing isn't as pretty as some, but it really is a nice smoke. I bought fifty of the maduro Churchills on a whim and I'll do it again. A big more than mild and quite flavourful, an even burn and excellent draw. I've had much more expensive cigars that I don't enjoy as much as this one. I don't believe a cigar is 'good for the money.' It's either good or it isn't, though I'll admit some are better than others, price notwithstanding. Try this thing; I don't think you'll be sorry.
I wanted to spend less on my everyday smokes, so when a good sale came along I could stock up. I tried most of the machine mades, but after smoking Pinar Del Rio or Padilla, I couldn't even put most of them to my lips. So, I bought a box of Country Man naturals, hoping for more, and I got it. The construction was not bad and the slight touch of sweet was pretty good. Sometimes a little more flavor is better, so, I got a box of the maduro. I was very surprised. Best domestic grown and wrapped, all natural cigar I have ever had! Don't get me wrong, you don't want to chew them for long, because they are short filler. But, $35 for 50 and a normal size smoke and real tobacco! I will be buying them for a long while.
I bought the box of 50 Churchill Maduros. For about $35 I am pretty happy with what I got. They Do look incredibly rough, and they are very soft and loosely rolled, BUT they are VERY smokable. They are, (unlike many cheap hand-mades) unoffensive in their flavor; being mild, and with more than a hint of sweetness. I use them as a guilt free extra smoke to pad out a day off, or extend my evening.
35 years of smoking cigars, I smoke 2 to 4 daily, I have purchased in my life as low as 50 cents a Cigar to as high as $15.00 a cigar the Countryman cigars have shocked me, it's better than some of my high ends sitting in my humidor. I'm not sure for this great tasting cigar why it's selling so cheap. I hope it's not an introductory price only. with this great price I can smoke and hand over to my friends without breaking the bank.
Well pleased with my new box of Countryman natural toro's, An easy drawing well constructed, evenly burning little gem. The Connecticut broadleaf gives it a slightly sweet character and I find it a pleasant change from my normal maduro cigars. I would have bought more since receiving the first box but much to my chagrin they are sold out! Come on CI stock up! There is going to be a lot of demand for these cigars! Not 90 rated but a good affordable everyday cigar!!