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Villiger Braniff Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Villiger Braniff”
Signature Villiger dry-cured taste, these are an excellent tactical cigar. Take them anywhere, smoke them anytime under any condition. They don't need a humidor, which means you can throw them in the glove compartment, tackle box ect. This 5-minute smoke is a bit on the skinny side, but they are consistent in both quality & taste.
JH of Universal City, TX
Got a 10 pack as an add-on and found them to be perfect for work. Beats the hell out of Black and Milds. Good, quick smoke with classic cigar flavor.
SL of Syracuse, NY
If you like westerns like you'll enjoy these cigarillos. They make me feel like I am in a John Wayne movie. Really cool, portable and good tasting cigarillos. They are very tiny as far as ring gauge but their length makes up for it. On here getting a box of naturals after having some maduros.
CC of Battle Creek, MI