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Customer Reviews of “Castle Hall”
“I was the first one to review this brand several years ago when they first come out. Frankly I have to retract that review now because the blend keeps changing. It seems now when I order them it is a always a different blend with a different profile. Some have been very good and some have been average. I like the Connecticut wrapper which seems to be gone for now. The Habano wrapper is good, but I found it to be a little harsh and lacking the creaminess of the CT wrapper. Overall Castle Hall has been a good deal for a respectable cigar, but it has changed so much I can't say what it will be like in the future.”
GS of Fleetwood, PA
“Received this (Castle Hall) with the Gurkha Class Regent deal. Very nice cigar with subtle spice and a lot of creaminess. LOVE that twang. ”
SO of Barstow, CA
“The "Castle Hall", smooth, creamy, tasted a bit of the peanut, some spice and, unlike the S.F. 49ers, picks up the punch in the second half. Best of all it's now a "GURKHA".”
VB of San Francisco, CA
“The Gurkha Castle Hall, not my favorite Gurkha but if your looking for a decent smoke that doesn't break the bank, give it a try. Rate it "88" at best.”
VB of San Francisco, CA
“This is a good cigar with one issue. It is heavy in the hand, has a great even burn and the ash holds together longer than average, the draw is just right, has a pleasant sweet aroma, is very smooth throughout for the price range, and is a great med/full cigar for not much $. I have found (as well as seen it in other posts), that the wrapper is extremely fragile. The wrapper is tasty and attractive, but seems to split and crack under the slightest pressure. This is a cigar that you want to keep the band on, in hopes of not having the wrapper tear up. Even after 2 months in the proper rH enviornment, this continued to happen (not simply a dry cigar issue). Overall, price, quality, aroma, and taste make this a great cigar. You can work around the wrapper issue by using extra care, but it would be nice if Kaizad read this and worked on a thicker wrapper leaf, lol. ”
BC of Denver, CO
“This is one great cigar (Castle Hall). Very creamy, but with enough spice and complexity to satisfy those who's tastes lean toward medium to full bodied. This baby can be smoked to a nub without getting hot or creating trench mouth. It builds nicely and always burns well. Smooth enough for newbies yet complex enough for experienced smokers. Those who prefer cigars that blow their scalps off will probably enjoy this in the morning. Others will enjoy it anytime. I've already gone through about 45 sticks and I'll be back for more.”
GS of Fleetwood, PA
“Castle Hall is a good cigar for the money. It burns nice with the same flavor start to finish. It holds a nice ash about 1-1 1/2". It is Medium Bodied, with a nice earth & spice flavor. For the price it's a nice cigar for the car, or working around the house.”
LW of Bronx, NY
“I found this cigar mild to medium (Gurkha Castle Hall)..but then I really prefer full-bodied cigars. The burn was even and the ash firm and not a bit of flaking. The absolutely lovely, leathery pre-light aroma lead me to look forward to flavours I really did not find. This slow-burning, gentle cigar is not my favourite Gurkha, but certainly one I'd ever turn down.”
MC of MLeesburg, VA
“$2 a pop? WOW!!! Unbelievably good cigar, nice tight roll and a good even burn.”
LR of Louisville, KY
“Been eyeing these for awhile. Finally took the plunge with the Habano "chunky vitolas". With the thick ring guage, it had a real easy draw, maybe too easy, but I'd rather that than too difficult. There's tons of tobacco folded in there, so they didn't scrimp. I really enjoyed it. I'd have to call it mild ... more delicate than medium strength in the flavor category ... but under the circumstances that was just fine. Nice looking, nice firm construction. This is a repeat cigar.”
SP of Northern, VA
“This has a nice even burn, good flavor and its huge (Gurkha Castle Hall). A great cigar to smoke while you're working. I prefer some of Gurkha's other styles when i'm relaxing with a drink in my hand, however this will do. Picked 10 of them up for 19.99 as an add on to my order. For the length and quality of smoke, this is a true jem at 2 bucks a stick!”
MH of Tully, NY
“This is one of the best value cigar's i've had yet (Gurkha Castle Hall). The even burn is AMAZING. Even if its your fault for lighting it bad, it corrects itself. I keep these cigars as an "average" smoke, its big, hearty and lasts a while. I've been known to cut them in 2 (and then immediatly smoke the other half). Anyway, for these prices, you're absolutely DUMB if you dont pick up 10 or more of them.”
MH of Tully, NY
“There was a deal on these (Gurkha Castle Halls), so I decided to give them a try and boy am I glad that I did! The Gordo Sumatra smokes like a dream. There is a spicy overlay to the entire smoke. I've always had trouble identifying flavors, but whatever they are, they're good. The smoke starts out medium, but works its way to medium-full about a third of the way down. Try 'em, you won't be sorry!!”
IW of Hoboken, NJ
“Worst cigar I ever ordered. Mediocre taste at best. Much better values out there.”
FN of Pensacola, FL
“The more I smoke of these monsters, the more I wish I had ordered 100 of them when they were on special. Its a BIG-ASS CIGAR, and good down to the nub !! Hurry and get more ! Indian Bob”
BF of Princeton, WV
“If your a fan of Sumatra wrappers, Gurhka, & a med. to mostly full smoke get a $ 2.00 GEM. Just what I figured when I ordered (Gurkha's Castle Hall)'s a Gurhka!”
CC of Sharps Chapel, TN
“Received my bundle of (Gurkha's Castle Hall) just the other day. I decided to fire one up, without the nap time. Nice smoke. Like the other fans said quite the even burn, tasty but not very complex in flavors. I was almost tempted to inhale (haven't done that in ages) as it was mild. Quality thru out, no complaints. Would I buy it again? Perhaps.”
DM of Monaca, PA
“I got the Gurka Castle Hall Double Perfectos. CI had a great deal on a box. I just got done smoking my first one. Here is the review: Pros: At first lite, tasty. Not Amazing but tasty. Draw was great, easy, smooth, etc. It had 2-3 different charicters throughout the cigar. For the price it ws worth it. Cons: Although it was tasty, the burn was very uneven and by the end of it, the wrapper was unraveling. I didn't wait the recommended 10 days after receiving them but still it was a bit excessive! If you buy these, don't plan on smoking them without aging them for a while. Other then that, go for it! ”
JR of Sandy, UT
“Nice cigar....coats your mouth with a nutty/oily taste, but not too many other flavors going on. This should be really good after some humi time.”
TS of Corona, CA
“My two primary smokes are the RP Connecticut and AB MAXX. I ordered some of these because of the price and am I glad I did. Everything about this cigar suites me; from the lightly spicy start, to the way it mellows after an inch or so and finishes so well that it is difficult to stop smoking, even when it is down to the very nub. Excellent aroma, burn, and draw. TY CI!”
JR of Spanish Fort, AL
“Castle Hall is a good cigar for the price. Burns nice with the same flavor start to finish. A good everyday smoke. I would prefer something else in the Gurkha family. For value I would go with the a Micro-Batch. A little over a dollar more per smoke but it's packed with bold flavor and smokes longer.”
MT of Arnold, MD
“First impression out of the box was somewhat a poorly constructed cigar. Like many cellophane wrapped stogies it was a bit dry and a chomp on the end started a bit of unravel. I was a little set to be disappointed but I soldiered on. With that said, upon light up it had a nice draw with volumes of peppery smoke. Consistent burn throughout, nice ash without a let up in bang for your buck. Not a lot of complexity here but it didn't change throughout nor did it become unpalatable. Not an award winner by any stretch but for under 2.00 a nice smoke. I've had comparable 10 buck smokes that were less enjoyable. I'm looking forward to my second one.”
CO of Kings Park, NY
“To add to my previous post: OK by my third and 4th I'm hooked. A little time in the humidity and these have truly become impressive. Can't deny it. A real nice smoke.”
CO of Kings Park, NY
“This is a fantastic cigar any time of day. This smoke feels very hefty in the hand due to it's fine quality, and never disapoints when burning one. Smooth through out with just enough of a hint of spice to go well with coffee, chocolate, or after a good meal. With the value on these from this site you can't afford not to add this to your humidor!!”
PG of Watertown, MA
“I received this cigar in one of the best deals CI has to offer. The Half Wizard w/ McTwist. You receive 10 quality cigars, all 6 X 54 for only $19.99. Having said that, the Castle Hall came to the front, then again most of the samplers were great. However, this cigar has a smooth flavor that for me is on the low medium side. Since I like full body cigars, this was a welcome change without giving up the sensation of smoking a cigar full of body. Since purchasing that first sampler with the Castle Hall, I've smoke several over the last year. It is a great smoke after burning two or three diesels during the course of a day. CI, I don't know how you can include the quality cigars in the Wizard H/Mctwist sampler. Please don't stop”
DM of Taylor, MI
“Very Good cigar , I am down to my last Castle Hall,, every cigar burned even, great flavor and had a nice pressed feel to it .. solid cigar, solid value ! will order again soon .”
RH of San Antonio, TX
“Decent cigar. Worth picking up, especially the Robusto bundles for 29.99”
KB of Shelbyville, KY
“I couldn't wait to try these out. So I got them in yesterday and noticed they were a bit dry, but still I wanted to try them out. It was a great cigar for being straight out of the bundle. I can't wait to see how they turn out with a few weeks in the humidor.”
ES of Bluffton, SC
“I really enjoy smoking this cigar. It is a nice medium to full body smoke. it goes good with a nice single malt scotch or Kentucky Bourbon like knob creek. (BIG.E)”
ET of Joplin, MO
“Didn't realize they were a Ghurka made product until now, but wow...I really like these cigars...have only been smoking cigars for about 3 years, actually hate cigarettes...but I've tried a bunch of brands, styles, and mixtures and this one is a nice, long, even smoke that doesn't mind being relit if you get interrupted mid-cigar...I was more impressed by this cigar brand/style than my recent Kristoff Maduro's a good robust smoke for everyday use.”
DC of Reading, PA
“I concur with GS of Fleetwood, PA. Loved them for a few years but they have become consistently inconsistent. Too bad, They "were" a nice cigar at a fair price.”
“Castle Hall by K.Hansotia Gurkha maker: mild to medium bodied smoke, pure creaminess, definitely a no brainer for a everyday smoke. Good construction, good ash, good draw. Excellent buy. Mild spice, mellow creamy leather and nuts. Highly recommend”
VF of margate, FL
“Gurkha Castle Hall Robusto 2nd review. The last of my bundle of 10 I purchased. Months of.humi.time Mild to medium bodied. Slight spice , Dominant flavors of creamy leather, buttered toast, cedar, with a semi long nutty finish. Good constructuon, snight snug draw, plenty smoke output. Comparable to the Gurkha Beauty n Symphony”
VF of margate, FL
“Very flavorful, but mellow. Medium-bodied, not mild, but a smooth, flavorful smoke. This one will be like the Bueso Genesis and the Black Crown--$90/box when it is "discovered". Better stock up now. Since it is a Hansotia product, you know already that it is a quality smoke. This one will be one of my favorites.”