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Omar Ortez Originals Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Omar Ortez Originals”
Omar, you are a master craftsman. The smooth flavor of Omar Ortez Originals and the excellent construction far exceeds the price. CI, thank you for offering us this gift. Omar Ortez Originals will forever have a place in my humidor.
SC of templeton, CA
This cigar is so full of flavor and so smooth, truly wonderful (Omar Ortez Originals). I've smoked plently of brands for years and this one stands right out there. Love the box too!
JB of Lockport, NY
My new favorite cigar (Omar Ortez Originals) and you can't beat the price. An enjoyable smoke for sure!!
DS of Alliance, NC
For under $3 a stick it is an amazing full/medium bodied cigar. (Omar Ortez Originals) It is very deceiving at first but the last few inches are very powerful with thick spicy smoke and a hint of caramel . I will buy these again for sure. I smoke Rocky Patel's and this one ranks just a tad under the edge. If they came in a smaller quantity I would get them from this site, but 60 is just too many.
AS of Fraser, MI
Wow, what a great Nicaraguan puro (had the toro)! (Omar Ortez Originals) This cigar might not look refined and civilized, but it draws well, and tastes great. Very smooth, medium bodied, with that typical rich Nicaraguan flavour profile. Light grey ash, a little flaky, but that doesn't bother me one bit. Plus, it's a great bargain. Like one other reviewer noted, a box of 60 is a bit much, but I might just pull the trigger one of these days and acquire a separate humidor just for these stogies. With age, they will only get better.
MK of Salinas, CA
Bought the toro at a local B&M in the morning and sparked it up this afternoon. Mine too was a little "rustic" looking with lots of veins, but was firm and had a nice heft in the hand. I prefer a punch cut and had no cap issues. The draw had light resistance, just right for me. Lighted with minimal effort and had a very nice aroma from beginning to end. Normally I find smoke in my face unpleasant but I held this one close to enjoy it all. I too tasted mainly cocoa and nuts; no pepper I could sense. The taste profile for me remained the same throughout the experience, but since the taste was great I didn't mind a bit. My burn was excellent, only one touch-up, even with a light breeze blowing. The ash did not hold on long, but that is not a deal breaker in my book. All in all a very nice medium smoke with a nice price point; I've smoked cigars costing twice as much that I did not enjoy nearly as much. I would/will purchase again.
DM of Webster, MA
Omar Ortez Toro 6x54, is a rustic looking cigar, not so good to look at and some soft spots in the core, but once you lit it you'll forget the appereances. Good amounts of smoke from the begining brings a cocoa element in the palate followed by a woodsy base and a lingering leathery-nut. Have some burn issues, but with a nice firm ash. The finale brings up a little bit of peppery sensation follow by sweet notes. Medium in body with a somewhat long finish. 88 rated, took some points on appereance, construction issues, but is flavorfull, nice aroma cigar.
MF of Rincon, Puerto Rico, PR
Omar Ortez Maduro Torpedo's are excellent. Medium to full bodied. Well made, lots of rich deep spicy flavors. I like them alot.
JW of Plainfield, IL
As I have a penchant for full bodied maduro figurados, these OOOs are a jewell from Nicaragua!!! Somewhat rustic, somewhat toothy, a wonderful presentation, and the flavors, makes this stogie a winner in my book!!!
DC of Nashville, TN
Another reviewer reckoned this to be a Rocky Patel Edge knockoff based on the packaging. I bought one of these recently. I picked it up thinking it was my usual Rocky Patel, but realized immediately it was something else. Bought it anyway to try. Very similar to an Edge. Maybe not quite as strong. Well made.
PB of Deland, FL
I have only had one of these cigars, must have gotten a bad one. Very tight draw, that kills it for me off of the bat. Anybody else think these might be RP The Edge knockoffs?
DM of Haverford, PA
This is a great cigar. Very good tasting. Not sure about the wood or leather. I didnt taste these. I definitely tasted a little cocoa and a rich tobacco taste.
CQ of Harrison, NY
Man oh man these are so bad no one should order them. That way I can get them because they're always out of stock. On a true note these are the best cigar for the money any site or cigar shop. Rich, smooth, complex always a perfect draw. CI please get the boxes of 60 back in stock.
SC of Lemon Grove, CA
I have smoked thousands of cigars and have always been looking for the everyday cigar that I can afford - like all daily smokers. I have smoked the edge - everyone compares this to the edge because of the packaging in cigar shops and price but this is a better cigar for my taste. 6/54 toro - excellent construction - some burn issues - wrapper never cracks or unravels. This cigar has potent spice throughout - and Im a spice guy - also changes in flavor. I am not one to talk about chocolate and almonds...etc I think it's total bs and silly. I like a spicy and full bodied cigar - this is it - and not too overwhelming on the nicotine - for me anyway. Lots of smoke and a really great cigar - especially for $3 a stick. Hands down - best cigar for the price bar none. Trust me on this one - you will be very happy you did.
CJ of Rocky Point, NY
I wish CI would carry Casa de Ortez, also from Omars Nicaraguan factory. Those are the best $1.50 cigars in the world. I used to smoke the big brands and the latest boutique blends but being a City of Detroit retiree put a serious dent in my smoke budget and Omars cheapie line is the best.