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601 Red Habano Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.25 out of 5 Based on 4 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “601 Red Habano”

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5 out of 5
great buy and smooth taste
this and the blue re my go to cigars love them !!!
2 out of 5
Cigar disaster
Once you cut the cigar the wrapper exploded so I didn’t get to enjoy it. So I cut the next one and did the same thing. I just thru the rest away.
5 out of 5
601 Red Habano Robusto
The 601 Red Habano Robusto is one of my go to cigars along with the Punch Signature. They both have a lot of strength and spice at a very affordable price. Keep em coming.
5 out of 5
601 Habano Red
Nice cigar. Habano notes, with delightful flowery tones of rich tobacco undertones. Rich sweet spot with sweet finish. Nicely rolled, good draw, good middle of the week pick me up.
Customer Testimonials
Wow! Had the habano wrapped version. I bought a box without ever trying one, because I am a huge fan of all the players involved in making this cigar. Not complex, but smoooooth, aged tobacco flavors, without any strength. I let them sit for a month, and pulled out the first one today. Ill be through this box very quickly, I would imagine. Once again, Espinosa nailed it, with some help from Pepin. Awesome experience. I highly recommend!!!!
I've tried the Green and Red. Both cigars are really well made and have a lot to offer; however I prefer the red because the flavors are more vibrant and dynamic. I tasted some pepper, cocoa, cinnamon, coffee, and a dry berry flavor. Throughout the smoke the flavors seemed to be vying for supremacy over each other, sometimes in a disharmonious fashion. Definitely a full-bodied cigar. At times I had to put it down and come back to it. I think the wrapper is the star here.
Plenty of 'power' for a Connecticut seed cigar. Smooth, creamy flavour with a firm ash and even burn. A very well made cigar, good looking, and with a lot of flavour. Worthwhile.
One of the few Connecticut wrap cigars I really enjoy (601 Serie Black and Red). This is probably due to this being more of a medium bodied cigar rather then a mild cigar because of the filler. It has a great taste to it and I have found it to be one of the more complex Connecticut shade cigars I have had. I definitely recommend this cigar, and even to those of you like me who don't usually enjoy Connecticut shade cigar need to give this one a try.
(601 Serie Black and Red) habano is my go to stick, I was hooked on the edge but the 601 kicks it up another notch, if your a fan of pepin then this is a must try, grab at least a 5 pack because i gaurentee you will rip through them in less than a few days,,,long ashes
I've tried every Havana style stick out there and I can say, with full confidence, that Serie 601 stands alone. Great smoke start to finish, I even find myself ripping the band off and going the distance with these babies! I always wish that the smoke would never end, but thats why they sell 'em in boxes!