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Staff Reviews for Maxim's de Paris

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Maxim's de Paris

Posted by Gonz
Holy crap! Maybe it's the summer moon that has me all weird, but I've gone completely crazy over this cigar. About a month ago, I smoked this for the first time. I lit one up a Saturday afternoon just after we received some samples. Another noname closeout comes through (and suddenly the no-namers have started coming through in force again.) This one catches your attention right away. It's tightly packed, fairly hard to the touch, and a veiny, bright, golden wrapper (seemingly Connecticut shade).

Over the past month, I've smoked nearly a box of these babies. I'm smoking the Bistrot today (basically a toro with a crazy name.) It fires up smoothly and is very forgiving if you're lazy like me and don't get the whole foot lit the first time. The burn will even out right away. The flavor is fairly mild, a hint of peppery flair, and a nice smooth finish. The pepper will hang for a bit after your exhale. Awesome! a perfect mild-to-medium cigar for these hot, humid summer days and nights we've been having up here in Pennsylvania.

I'm not one who ashes often, I love to see how long I can keep a cigar going until the first ash drops. This cigar held over an inch and a half! I couldn't believe my eyes the first time. It must have been a fluke, right? Nope, it'll hold time and time again. About 1/4 from the end, it starts to soften up and burn a little hot. It has tremendous body with tons of smoke to envelope you as you smoke (as you've heard me say before, I love that!) The body and flavor hold steady throughout. There is no roller-coaster here. There is little complexity to the cigar, but it's 100% enjoyable.

Who is Maxim anyway? Who cares (although I have seen a pretty nice magazine called Maxim containing many surgically enhanced members of the opposite sex, I won't go there.) I heard this cigar was produced for Pierre Cardin's restaurant Maxim's. I guess they didn't sell as well as they thought. Fine with me, I'm just glad they're in CI's humidor now. This is one you have to take a chance on. And if you don't, that just means more for me!

(Sing this to the tune of "You Light Up My Life" by Debbie Boon) --> Maxim (whoever you are), you light up my life (with a beautiful burning ember), you give me hope (that all of the crazies here at the office won't drive me to insanity), to carry on (and can come back tomorrow and do it all over again), you light up my days (with your sweet, sweet nectar), and you fill my nights (with such splendor that I want to light up one after another, after another.) I love you sweet Maxim!

I think I've finally lost it. Happy 4th of July everyone!