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Montecristo White Label Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.65 out of 5 Based on 23 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Montecristo White Label”

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2 out of 5
Montecristo White Label Toro
Order and delivery were great but what is going on with the quality of the montecristo white label ? I smoke mine to the last 1/2 inch but the last couple white labels start coming apart the last 2 inches and maintain an uneven burn through out entire cigar. Seems the uneven burn hinders the flavor through out the cigars. I must say have not had a good one in a while maybe one in the last ten. Very disappointed in the white label's construction lately. Figured at the price they should be more consistent.
5 out of 5
One of my favorites
Handsome cigar, classy label, easy draw, medium body.
5 out of 5
Fairly priced with excellent flavor and a very smooth draw. A great every day cigar.
5 out of 5
Great cigar, fast and great service.
2 out of 5
1 out of 5 cracked.
1 out of 5 cracked. Also a Perdido was cracked
5 out of 5
Your product holds its value
Your product holds its value well it's just a shame our dollars do not.
5 out of 5
Well worth it
Cigars always arrive quickly and always fresh. The Montecristo White Labels are the best value
5 out of 5
Love Your Cigars
In New York, cigars are so expensive it is hard to enjoy them often. Your prices afford me the opportunity to smoke my Churchill three or four times a week, even under my wife's supervision.
5 out of 5
Excellent Cigar
This is may daily go to right now. It is smooth, flavorful and burns long enough for a few rounds of Grindstone poker.
5 out of 5
Fantastic cigar
Excellent cigar. The draw was excellent with a great heavy smoke. Mild great tasting cigar. Will buy consistently and have in my humidor
5 out of 5
Cigars International always 5 stars
Cigars International has always been fantastic on their service. I love the specials that are offered and the gifts that are sent with the cigars periodically....keep up the good work
5 out of 5
Smooth, mild, creamy, perfect burn, moderately complex
Excellent. My favorite.
5 out of 5
Before bed
Really great evening cigar. Medium body, rich flavors. I enjoy mine with a nice single malt scotch.
5 out of 5
Montecristo White Label Toro
If you like a mild cigar that smokes extraordinarily well, you can not do better than the White Labels. The consistency is unmatched!
5 out of 5
Mark Howe
Excellent as always
5 out of 5
Very satisfied
Products were delivered on time and the quality was great. Thanks.
3 out of 5
ava maria cigars stale
dont want hassle shipping back waiting resending etc should arrive in expected fresh condition was told to leave in humidor for weeks to improve no thanks
5 out of 5
I always appreciate the great
I always appreciate the great service and specials from Cigars Intl
5 out of 5
love u guys
5 out of 5
Frank Discenza
Great smoke. Great flavor, smooth, burns very well.
5 out of 5
Excellent Customer Service!
I consistently order cigars from CI because of the ease of ordering, the fast delivery, and overall great customer service
5 out of 5
Excellent cigar. Really enjoyed.
Excellent cigar. Really enjoyed.
5 out of 5
I want to start with Steve ext 715 has the best customer service, hands down. Thanks Steve. I've always like the montecristo's, for some reason this batch wasn't up to par. They burned uneven and I had to relight them frequently. That's ok I will order them again, for this cigar isy favorite right now.
Customer Testimonials
Do not understand the high price. These cigars: yes, well made and they burn well, have little flavor and no complexity. I have smoked better cigars at half the price.
Mon Dieu. Smoked a Churchill in a cigar bar in Boston and I still can't comprehend how good it was. I normally smoke Habanos and Corojos, and this was definitely spicy enough for my tastes without being too sweet or too mild, and yet it was another couple levels beyond what I normally smoke. It was so good I'm a bit worried that I may not be able to enjoy my usual cigars. If you're looking for something special for an occasion then this will do it, if you can afford to smoke these daily I envy you but you certainly won't be wasting your money, I'd swap my humidor contents for a dozen without a second though.
Tastes run toward milder cigars and this was a real pleasure..nice mild flavor..will buy more of these..great afternoon smoke
A few of my friends and I went to one of our local cigar lounges after class let out yesterday. We asked for the employees recommendation, as it always nice to try something new. He recommended the Montecristo White Label and the CAO Vintage Gold. So naturally, a buddy of mine and I each got one and said we'd try the others. I thoroughly enjoyed my CAO, but he and I were not really feeling the White Label. It didn't feel as warm, or comforting if you will. It was a rough and even thin smoke. This was both of our first Montescristos and due to the reputation the brand carries I'm sure that other's palates are much different than our own, but that aside, we were not impressed. He ended up leaving the store with a few Asylum 13s for our graduation ceremony.
Pricey but first class and just what a special occasion requires. One of those smokes that both the regular and occasional smoker will appreciate.
Great flavor, well constructed and the cigar held an even burn from beginning to end. I would highly recommend this cigar to everyone.
Absolutely amazing. If I could afford it I would smoke these on a regular basis. Perfect construction, great full flavor without overwhelming you, a "10" in my book!
Nice and amazingly smooth cigar, paired well with morning coffee. Woody, almost nutty flavor all the way through, nice ash and burns even with a great draw and construction, highly recommended.
This is the cigar (Montecristo White Label) I smoke when I want an incredibly flavorful and tasty smoke without a heavy buzz. Perfect cigar to read with and my personal favorite Monte.
This was my first cigar purchase (Montecristo White Label) ... Best I have had and fully enjoyed. Smooth, clean, and even! All the way to the end. Worth the money for sure.
This is a well made cigar as you might expect from Montecristo. Slightly hard draw and an even burn. Slightly bolder than 'mild'. The White has a lovely pre-light aroms. A bit costly at retail (but, after all, this IS Cigars International, so that's not really an issue). Firm ash. Nice cigar, but not my favourite Monte.
"This is the Cigar that turned me on to cigar smoking" (Montecristo White Label) after getting this cigar i became addicted to the leaf. I love these. Always a few lying around in the Humi and you cant go wrong.
dont be turned off by the description CI writes about saying this cigar is for the more developed pallate (Montecristo White). i felt it was mild and creamy enough for the beginner wanting to treat themself as much as it was for the seasoned smoker.
This is my new favorite cigar (Montecristo White Label)! Such a smooth, mellow, creamy smoke. Nothing harsh about this one. I would recommend this cigar to anyone just starting out in cigar smoking, or to an experienced smoker looking for a smooth mellow smoke.
I got 2 White Labels (Montecristo White Label)in a sample box from CI and let me tell you the perfect smoke for an occasion the aroma the flavor will make you happy for hours and wont burn your throat or make an over powering smell so even non smokers will enjoy it a must try for anyone!
The toro is a great smoke....