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Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniv. Champagne Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.74 out of 5 Based on 50 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniv. Champagne”

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5 out of 5
Champagne quality at a wine price.
Tastes great/Lasts long time & burned evenly. Could tell they were going to be a good smoke when they arrived in the zip lock. They felt solid and not crunchy or mushy. All five were good sticks. Thank U C.I. LR2
4 out of 5
Perdomo Fan
Have been smoking Perdomo Cigars for many years and they just keep getting better. 10th Anniversary are one of my favorites.
5 out of 5
Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniv. Champagne Churchill
This is a smooth cigar that will not disappoint. It's got great taste, a smooth draw, and the feel is off the chain. Its a medium smoking speed and it had a very consistent burn. I enjoyed while sipping on Makers 46. It did not disappoint.
5 out of 5
Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniv. Champagne Churchill
very good smoke,smooth down to the end
5 out of 5
you are my favorite supplier
you are my favorite supplier for cigars.
5 out of 5
A Very Good Cigar
I was at a cigar shop recently and tried this cigar upon recommendation by one of the staff. I have smoked Partagas, Macanudo, and Xicar as well as numerous other brands over many years, and this particular cigar is worthy of my endorsement. It has a wonderful full flavor and burns very even and true. It might cost a bit more, but the price is worth it. I am almost done with box I ordered and will be ordering these in the near future as I expand my cigar brands. I am pretty loyal to the three mentioned brands above, but this Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary, Champagne Churchill will be added to my list for sure.
5 out of 5
Great Cigar
Awesome flavour, great draw and fantastic construction.
5 out of 5
10 anniversary Perdoma
Excellent my favorite cigar
4 out of 5
Would buy again!
A very nice anytime cigar for the money. Perfect roll and burn. Would buy again.
5 out of 5
Finally the Perfect Vitola
Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagnes have been my go-to cigar for several years now, yet they still didn't seem quite right. The larger rings lacked the flavor punch the cigar always promised and the epicure and figurados while fine cigars, were still missing something. The Corona Extra is truly the sweet spot. The cigar large enough to provide about an hour of dense delicious smoke and the ring is small enough to truly highlight the Connecticut wrapper. The nicotine punch at the nub is also more controlled relative to the larger rings making this an any time of the day cigar. The Corona Extra is now my go-to vitola for my go to cigar.
5 out of 5
wonderful to deal with!
My husband loves this company! I used the magazine for him to pick out his favs.... he loved them!
5 out of 5
Perdomo 10th Anniv.
Excellent product
5 out of 5
great deal
The champagne 10th anniversary by Perdomo is my favorite and you had a fair price. let me know when you will have them again at that price
4 out of 5
Thirty minute Champagne
The Corona Extra size is a good 30-40 minute smoke with all the flavor of a traditional-sized 10th Anniversary.
5 out of 5
Holiday Cigar
I love the Perdomo Reserve 10 Anniv. Champagne cigar collection, to have around over the holidays, they bring me good tidings and cheer every time I light one up. Great balance and flavor. Great with the right friends, or simply alone, reflecting on a great holiday season.
5 out of 5
Great tasting and long lasting
These cigars are great for those who don't smoke cigars on a regular basis and the churchills make them last for hours of enjoyment
5 out of 5
Perdomo Great Cigar
Perdomo Great Cigar
5 out of 5
Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Churchill
I've never had a bad cigar from Perdomo and this sure didn't let me down. Excellent smoke. Although on most occasions I prefer a Maduro, on those days when I like something a little lighter I would normally reach for an Oliva. This Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne ceegar is just a great tasting smooth smoke from the time you light up until it burns your fingers. And you just can't beat these prices on CI. period.
5 out of 5
Cigar excellence!!
This is definitely my favorite cigar for the money. It is mild with a very good taste and a smooth draw each and every time. It provides about 1 1/4 hours of cigar enjoyment every time you light one up. As good as it gets!!
5 out of 5
Mild smoke good
5 out of 5
Great Value
Nice burn and a great mild-medium cigar. The box looks nice as well.
5 out of 5
Excellant smoke.
Perdomo is truly a very fine mild even burning smoke.
5 out of 5
1 out of 5
DC Texas
This cigar looks good but is absolutely tasteless,and am surprised it bears the Perdomo name. I like a mild cigar, but definitely not this mild.
5 out of 5
The only complaint I have
The only complaint I have is that my orders don't come with at least a humi pillow. When shipped to Afghanistan the order may take a couple of weeks to arrive. Otherwise I am very satisfied with CI.
5 out of 5
My Favorite
I'm a newbee to smoking Cigars. After being educated by an expert, i've been all in for the past month or more. I've tried several different sticks such as Gerkah, Java, Acid, romeo..., Macanudo, and A few others. I've bought the Oliva Connecticut reserve on a couple occasions but this one by far is my favorite. It's smokes so awesome all away through and has a smooth mild to medium flavor. Just enough sweetness in the wrapper and completely consistent all away through. My eyes are open now. I'm a happy camper
4 out of 5
Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne Toro
Not as mild as advertised. Pack more of a punch than I was expecting. Not as full bodied as the sticks I prefer. Nonetheless a very tasty cigar and excellent burn.
5 out of 5
Great Smoke
This is one of my favorite cigars. Smooth and mellow the whole way through.
5 out of 5
Champagne of cigars!!
Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniv. is one of the smoothest smoking and great tasting cigars I have smoked in quite some time. My friends that I have shared this cigar with also have the same feelings about it. Highly recommend them.
5 out of 5
Good service.
Items arrived on time and were properly packaged and cared for.
5 out of 5
very nice, enjoyable.....was a bit
very nice, enjoyable.....was a bit pricey but met my expectations
5 out of 5
Great Cigar
Very nice smoke
5 out of 5
Great cigar.
5 out of 5
top notch stogeys!!!
these cigars are great! they come in a really nice box that has multiple uses for afterwards... they are well constructed cigars that have a wonderful draw everytimee, a rich flavor, and wonderful finish!!! the only problem i have is they are slightly expensive for an everyday smoke for my budget, but everytime you smoke one of these is going to be the hightlight of your day!
1 out of 5
Poor Quality
Very disappointed in this shipment. All of the cigars were so dried out and split apart after opening. Unsmokeable.
5 out of 5
Perdomo reserve figure
Excellent smoke and certainly one of my new favorites.
5 out of 5
Great CT
This is by far my favorite CT stick. Super creamy and light. This is the one I reach for when you want to have a nice smooth smoke. Construction never disappoints
5 out of 5
My go to cigar,a nice
My go to cigar,a nice mild smoke
5 out of 5
Pure Excellence
Very excellent smoke. If you're looking for something smooth and light but still has a ton of flavor look no further.
5 out of 5
can't go wrong with Nick
great cigar one of my top 5
5 out of 5
Fantastic cigar!!
One of the very best Connecticut out there. Smooth, creamy, mild to med, no bite, slightly sweet and well constructed cigar!
5 out of 5
Great gift
I appreciated the fact that I was able to buy the cigars I wanted in a Pack of 5. I didn't want a case and I didn't want just 1. The cigars were a gift for my Father and now he is hooked on this company. The cigars arrived speedily and in excellent condition. Full bodied flavores and a perfect blend for his tast. I was able to find what I was looking for easily and had several different options. I will most definitely recommend this company and their product to others and look forward to using them in the future.
5 out of 5
Fantastic Smooth Luxurious
A very soothing stick. Somewhat of a splurge for me on price, but the effect is worth it. You should have one of these in your hand while running a victory lap.
5 out of 5
my top 5
Great cigar start to finish, always keep at least 5 in my humidor for a relaxing smoke on the porch. goes with anything from a beer to a glass of good whiskey or even some morning coffee
5 out of 5
Cigars are great! Delivery is super -- I have the cigars practically before the keyboard is cold! Keep up the good work!
5 out of 5
This cigar is THE BEST smoke I have had!
A friend turned me on to these a while back, and its nearly all I buy. I have even had some of the Cuban big names, and NONE surpass THIS Stick! I COULD NOT be better, and CI is THE PLACE to buy them. EASY to navigate web site, NEVER a SINGLE problem! A+ all the way around!
4 out of 5
Mild cigar
I first saw my brother smoking these. My wife finds them mild and she is less likely to flee when I smoke one. I still like the Oliva's better.
5 out of 5
Fast and Accurate
Fast and Accurate....something I have come to expect and appreciate from Cigars International.
5 out of 5
My personal favorite!
Of all the different brands of cigars I've smoked, these are my favorite. They are smooth, no bite and slow even burning allowing pleasant conversation to take place without the worry of the cigar self extinguishing before the next puff. An exciting alternative to more highly rated and expensive cigars.
5 out of 5
awsome cigar
Better than the white label and cheaper
Customer Testimonials
This stick is in my top 3 mild smokes to date. Perfect ash, nice smooth & creamy. Dry finish. Great with a Rum and Coke!
Picked these up in a mild-medium sampler, and I let them rest for about 2 months. Started off peppery and dry, which had me nervous that I wasn't going to care for them. However, the flavors rounded out and it settled in nicely over the remainder of the first third into a really enjoyable smoke. A solid mild-medium blend the rest of the way. Very pleased with this cigar, and I'll be looking to pick up more in the future.
I'm not a huge fan of mild cigars, but this one surprised me. I can go on and on about this and that and sound like I'm trying to write an article for "Cigar Aficionado", but I'll keep it short. After toasting, the first 3rd is spicy & peppery. I smoked it with a glass of George Dickel rye whiskey and the notes just exploded. As I got around the second 3rd my whiskey was gone and I wanted to see where the sweetness and chocolate notes were so I brewed up some fresh french press. I gotta tell you, this cigar soars with a fresh roasted/ground cup of black coffee. It leveled it out perfectly. I'm very impressed and you will be! This is an arrow you have to keep in your quiver!!
The Perdomo 10th anniversary Champagne Starts off with toasty cedar and mellows into rich cream with nutty hints. The smoke is copious, pillowy, and wonderful. I highly recommend this stick for beginners and veterans of the rolled leaf. Enjoy this stick with a cup of coffee and good company or a good book.
Picked up on of these at a local B&M for around $10 on Friday, smoked it the following day. For $10, it was a little bland at first, developing a richer, more flavorful character in the middle third. The wrapper cracked about halfway through, but it burned evenly without any touch ups for about 55 minute smoke that stayed cool until about the last inch. Ash fell at about the halfway mark, which impressed me. It smoked a bit faster than expected, with an effortless draw and good smoke volume, although the smoke was thinner than I would prefer. Surprisingly, it delivered a respectable nicotine punch that I didn't expect from such a light cigar. Long story short, I'd pay $50 or so for a box of 20 and rave about them, but at the price I paid for a single stick, it missed the mark.
A good friend that I exchange cigars with during our golf gave me one of these. I cannot begin to tell you how good these are. My "Private Stash" smoke has been either RyJ Vintage or Griffins. Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne just knocked both of those down a notch. They are great cigars, just not FANTASTIC like the Perdomo. Has the best draw and burn of any cigar I have ever smoked.
This was one of my first entries into the world of cigars, Perdomo has stuck with me and is easily my favorite brand. They do not disappoint.
A great tasting cigar with a nutty aftertaste. Very mellow and smooth. Smoke billows in the air with a capturing aroma. I enjoyed this one to the fingertips.
Just not what was expected, too strong for what I wanted....
Im not a regular of Connecticut wraps, but this one is different. Very different! I actually found it to be Medium+. Flavorful, thick smoke. Ive heard the hype for a while, decided to try a 10 pack. 3 deep, and each one is better than the one before. These are a definite staple for that Connecticut wrapped smoke I desire every now and then. Oh, and construction, top notch. Very nice job with this cigar.
Smoked one of these and it was great. Just as described by others. However i just smoked my second one and it was full of pepper and 0 sweetness and cream. Not even the slightest. Makes me wonder?
This is a fantastic cigar!! Its my go to when I want a mild one, creamy, never harsh. Burn and draw are first rate. nice thick smoke Perdomo has a winner here.
Got one of these as a from a buddy back at Christmas. There is something very special about this cigar that has made me a life long fan. I believe I have found a new favorite! I couldnt believe how great the taste was or the nice smell of smoke that hung around. The burn was great and even as it lasted for about 45 minutes. It paired perfectly with port wine and made me quickly forget it was 38 degrees outside on the porch. This cigar is amazingly mellow and the perfect relaxation or even celebration smoke. I plan on buying a lot more of these and won't be surprised if they become the majority of cigars sleeping in my humidor waiting for the special moment when I need the perfect cigar.
Wow I really Love this Cigar. The flavor is so rich and tasty it makes You crave more and more. I love this Cigar and if You try it You will too.
CAUTION: this cigar may very well cause you to reevaluate and alter all your notions of what a premium cigar should be. This is the pinnacle of cigar evolution to date, Perdomo’s 10th Anniversary Champagne is the stick to which all cigars will now be measured by. After 30+ years of searching I can say unequivocally this is the whole package, price, construction, burn, draw, taste, and consistency....To those that think it burns too fast try the Epicure it’s good for about an hour.
A very fine mild cigar. On the top of my list of favorites. It gets even better the longer it stays in the humidor.
My everyday smoking cigar. To me it goes well with beer, red wine, or whiskey. I love the mellow start with notes of vanilla and caramel cream. I enjoy the churchill size because halfway through it becomes more complex and flavorful. Lasts a long time in windy conditions as well. Great smoke!
One of the reviews below, the only negative one, referred to this absolutely stunning cigar as “boring”. Well, I suppose it is possible he got ahold of a bad or poorly stored stick, but I can recall only one 10th Anniversary Champagne, just one out of 6 or 7 boxes that seemed a little off. Not that it was un-smokeable; it only strayed slightly from what is otherwise a remarkably consistent smoke. I have never had one run or draw poorly, not a single cigar out of hundreds. Every time I light one, I’m amazed at how immensely enjoyable this cigar is and unlike many other cigars, it remains so literally from one end to the other....
I have to agree with "KG of Acton", The initial burn is perhaps a bit rough. Every time I bring smoke into my nose, it burns my nostrils, even made me sneeze at times. The taste is blaugh, even bitter. I guess by reading all the other reviews, I must have gotten a bad one. I will wait a few days and try another. Stay tuned.
Delicious. Got two in a taster pack and then recently bought 10 more in Joes Daily Deal. Great cigar. From a very solid structure, medium body, easy draw, and creamy taste with hints of earth and spice. Id recommend this to anyone. These are hidden in my private humidor (no one knows about).
One hell of a cigar! Anyone and everyone should try one of these!
I have not found a better mild-medium stick that matches the flavor of Perdomo's 10th Anniversary Champagne. This stick is the BOMB! Smooth, creamy, buttery, salty delicious goodness. I've tried a lot of cigars in this range, but this is THE BEST.
Great Smoke !!.. Everbody ..and I mean EVERYBODY !!..I give one to raves about the high quality .. Bring them on !!
I bought five of the Churchills after reading the customer reviews. I have been looking for some interesting Connecticut sticks to enjoy in morning, and these (along with the Pedomo Bugatti's) were a great choice. Mellow, but still an assortment of interesting flavors. There seems to be a coffee component to these which compliments my morning cup of Joe. Highly recommended.
My favorite, I can only define this as the perfect golfing cigar! It's mellow enough to keep in your mouth on the greens, slow burns nice enough for all my mulligans on the tee box while it waits patiently for me on the tee marker, and the draw is always just so perfect!
There was a 10-pack special of various cigars plus Bugatti lighter. New to the cigar scene (but have already tried too many to remember cigars so I've learned to know what I like), I did a lot of research of reviews of these brands and decided to pick the Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary champagne cigars. I sat outside last night, freezing my bum off but kept warm with my cup of Mocha Swirl coffee and my Perdomo. Let me tell you, I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this cigar to the nub! I didn't want it to end, however my fingers were starting to get numb from the cold and I was out of coffee. Taking my Perdomos with me to Lima Peru in March so I can enjoy on my parents balcony overlooking the Pacific!!
Fairly new to the cigar world, but have given many different brands and styles a go. I keep coming back to the Perdomo Reserve Champagne's as my "go to" cigar every time. Smooth, mellow taste and a nice clean burn from start to finish. Glad to have found these, and they will always have a permanent home in my humidor!
When I first got these sticks, I was miffed at seeing all of the great reviews. I had never seen a cigar burn so quickly and out of control. I did not enjoy the taste one bit. I threw them into the humi and prayed I would never have to take them out. Well, I took them out tonight after two years and I began kicking myself. I was upset that I had deprived myself of such a gem after a few sticks that just needed a little care. Learn from my stupidity and enjoy these cigars NOW. (Just save a few for me, please.)
I normaly prefer a medium to full bodied cigar but was absolutely blown away by this cigar. I had the Super Toro a beautiful looking 6X60 cigar with perfect construction. It was so tightly rolled that I thought for certain that it was going to require an electrolux vacume cleaner to get a draw off of it but boy was I wrong. A smooth easy draw and loads of fragrant spicy smoke. Hints of cedar, cinnamon, and light pepper were evident. I smoked this down to the point i was looking around for a pair of needle nose pliers to hold onto the tiny little butt at the end just to get a few more puffs. This will find a place in my Humi without a doubt.
I'm adding this fan mail so you will be envious...bought a 5 pack before these were designated as "10th Anniversary" and gave my Father in law 3 of them, about 6 years ago. He quit smoking. I smoked one of those robustos' tonight. While I personally do not have the willpower to save a cigar over 6 years, I will compare this one to a Davidoff, Avo, Macanudo or best Ghurka out there! I also have a glass tubo, Toro, from 6 years ago, awaiting me! These cigars, even without aging, are great right out of an order although I always give them 2 weeks to recuperate! If the price scares you, don't one of the sampler deals that CI always has on the Perdomos or, like I did last year for a Christmas gift for a buddy, buy the Herfador with 5 cigars....your buddy will think you came down from Mt. Olympus!
No offense but, I thought this cigar was B-O-R-I-N-G. Plain, one-dimensional and lacking in any disernable flavors except, for tobacco. On the plus side it was one of the most slow and even burning cigars I have had and it did have an EASY draw, which resulted in copious amounts of smoke.
This looks and smokes like a $12.00 cigar but for less than $4.00 its a winner. The initial burn is perhaps a bit rough but it continues to improve and finishes great.
This cigar is the only natural wrapper cigar I have found to be smokeable. The Champagne is eminently so.
Absolutely amazing! Had purchased a box of Lot 23 for wedding gifts, got a free sampler which included one of these beauties. Needless to say, I have picked up a box just of these. Wonderful flavor, from start to finish! Definitely a must have!
This is the mildest, smoothest stick you're ever gonna smoke and still feel it all the way to your toes. I can even sends clouds of smoke billowing towards my wife without complaint. I freakin LOVE this cigar.
Got one of the robustos in a sampler recently and enjoyed it greatly. It was toasty and mellow from the first puff, and got even better throughout the burn. I would compare this to Gurkha's Park Avenue; mellow, complex and delicious. I will be ordering a box of these next payday!
One of my new favorites. This is one of the top 5 Connecticut’s I have smokes. Just ordered 24 sticks and I am very pleased. I have tried Churchill and Epicure size in this line up. I highly recommend either one of them. The taste was amazing and I love the hint of spice not overbearing. The cigar is mild with smooth rich tobacco flavor followed with creamy goodness. That draw of spice every time just hits the spot. It is not like a Diesel Unlimited spice which is stronger. It is a more mellow spice but never fades with hints of nutty, coffee (just a little), and woody (little hickory could be mistaken for oak) taste in one cigar. Anytime these go on sale and I have cash I will be buying them. This cigar is a true treat. If you have not tried one go pick up one at cigar shop and come back to CI for savings and pick up a box.
Exellent smoke! I first got these in a sampler pack and have been hooked ever since. I handed out a few to a couple of freinds and family and they also enjoyed them. These smokes have earned a good piece of real estate in my humi and it is well deserved.
I love this cigar! Creaminess is the key word here and a nice even burn. You will want to puff this baby right down to the nub. I will be ordering some more very soon.
All the cigars in the champagne series I have personally smoked have been great. Smooth, creamy, flavorful and down right good. If some of you that are having bad experiences with cigars would join A cigar forum, others with more experience might have A few pointers to help you out. Most often bitterness in A cigar is simply to much moisture. Give them time to level out then rate your cigars, you might see A big deference
Great looking cigar. I have had a few of the figurados. Top notch build quality. Actually a little strong for me. Thought it would be more on the mild side. Good smoke and would recommend trying.
The Perdomo Reserve Champagne 10th Anniversary is simply put, the best mild-medium cigar I've ever had. 1.) Generous sizing, as the Churchill comes in a nice beefy 54 ring gauge to accompany the 7 inch length. 2.) Volumes of beautiful, aromatic, silky white smoke. 3.) A perfect draw...not to easy, not too tough. 4.) A nice range of flavors. A predominant nutty, coffee flavor with hints of earthy tobacco tones...and about half way down the stick a slight hickory woody flavor comes into the mix. I can't say enough about this smoke. I'm a mild-medium guy, I don't venture into the full bodied smokes or Maduro's. Just not my thing. For the price of around 6 bucks a stick here on is an unbeatable everyday smoke. If you have to spend less, like I often do, Perdomo's Lot 23 or Carlos Torano Casa Torano are a very adequate susbstitute, but the experience isn't the same. As it is, I try and keep 5 or 6 of these in the humi for a change up. But if I could, the Reserve Champagne would be my everyday go to cigar, even for special occasions. It's that damn good.
I've had numerous of these. Only bad one I had was one fresh out of the box at the local shop. It was terrible. They basically gave it to me straight from a brand new box. But I've had a few aged ones, and they are tasty by far. Great stuff in deed. I'm working on trying all the reserve line!
The construction is flawless. The smoke is smooth and rich. The taste is delicious and complex. In short I love it. This is now one of my favorite smokes.
Amazing..... ABSOLUTELY AMAZING... I was very skeptical to try Perdomo...but man let me tell you I cannot believe how smooth yet crisp this cigar tastes especially for being a "light" body packs a full amount of wonderful flavor.
The Perdomo Champagne is the finest mild cigar I have ever had. Period.
I am new to the world of cigar smoking, but I have already found that of all the different cigars I have tried, I like the Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne the best. So I am going to real happy when you get them back in stock, so I can order a box of the toros. Keep up the great work Nick Perdomo , you make one heck of a cigar.
I've been searching for a mild cigar that has a smooth character, yet satisfying in taste and aroma. I need not look any further. The Perdomo Reserve Champagne is a beautiful smoke with all the savoriness one could ask for. As I was finishing this mid-morning pleasure on my deck, raindrops began to fall, and I actually thought I tasted hints of champagne at the end - Perhaps just a coincidence... Thank you Nick Perdomo and CI for yet another masterpiece to be enjoyed many times over.
Perdomo Reserve 10th Champagne......Simply delicious. I really mean tasty. You can tip this cigar and expect the champagne to flow. Utterly fantastic. Completely different than anything I've ever smoked. I am not over selling this stick. Bottoms up. 90.
I've always considered myself a generous guy, but I am humbled by BK of Florida. He gave one of these away! Is the guy nuts? These babies are part of my secret stash. I take the bands off and hide them in the bundle bin. My friends can have all my montis, my macs, my cohibas, but they ain't getting a single one of these gems! agree with DS! I got mine on a spur of the moment during checkout of an order this week, had one of those "while you're here and checking out" specials so I bit and bought a dozen. Oh my goodness what a smooth smoke to the very end! I only like a few certain brands, Perdomo being one of them and I sure didn't go wrong here. They were wrapped in a yellow kind of plastic wrap which gave a very nice eye appeal to make me wonder just what kind of treasure was hidden beneath this unique wrapper. So here I sit out back on our patio, enjoying a windy early evening and a Champagne. You will not go wrong here, as soon as I get more funds accumulated I'll have to add a box of these to my new humidor I also just received from CI- I had to get another (and bigger) humidor to accomodate my buying spree I've been on for a few weeks. The humidor will be rated later after I get it broke in and loaded with goodies. But on to this fine cigar, buy it! You will simply love the smooth texture and flavor it has!
WOW! I started with cigars 2 years ago and tried a wide assortment of sticks until a friend treated me to a champagne Perdoma. I am hooked. Golfing, fishing or on the patio with a nice "Iced Tea", there is nothing better than the Perdoma. I know I am a rookie but what a great experience thus far. Hopefully next time I order they are in stock again.
My favorite cigar (Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne)...every time I have given one of these away...there's a new convert. I am mostly a maduro smoker, the darker the better. Yet, after my first Champagne - I was hooked.
This is what I imagine heaven would be like (Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne). This is probably the most flavorful mild I have ever smoked. It has a perfect burn, billows of white smoke and a sweet aftertaste. Absolutely perfect!