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Warlock Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.4 out of 5 Based on 5 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Warlock”

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5 out of 5
Witching ways
Unexpected, underated, magical taste, take a minute and put a spell on your tastebuds.
5 out of 5
Very good cigar for the price!
5 out of 5
Great cigar
One of my favorite smokes. Always delivers great taste.
4 out of 5
Good Everyday Cigar
This medium-full Toro begins strong with pepper overtones then relaxes into a butter-nut cruise to a warm spice finish. Good character, but burns unevenly, tends to tunnel. Worth more conversation!
3 out of 5
Warlock Robusto
Delivered a bit on the "dry" side and burned inconsistently.
Customer Testimonials
Burned poorly. A lot of cigar better for the price!!
I did not find this Warlock as powerful as some of the other reviewers. In some ways it seemed like just another Altadis cigar, by which I mean a cigar blended to appeal to a wide range of occasional cigar smokers. Also, it seemed to burn quicker than I would have expected (perhaps due to some dark spell or incantation?). I think the Omar Ortez Maduro is a much more interesting cigar if you are looking for an Altadis smoke with both oomph and flavor.
Full, rich flavor, and a well crafted cigar. Great smoke at a fair price.
Smoking one right now love it. Gary, why let one cigar ruin it for you. Dont be an idiot, if your a real smoker then you know it takes more the one time to get proper sampling. I had a bad one out of the whole box, so what. The rest were awesome.
I bought a toro Warlock from an Altadis representative who said he was hesitant about the line when it first came out due to the gimmick name, but he had constantly heard great things about the cigar. He tried it and love it. I took his advice and bought a couple sizes. It was an amazing smoke! Great flavor, burned evenly for over an hour, and had no bitter aftertaste. I smoked that bad-boy until it became impossible to smoke any more. I tried the robusto a couple days later and it was equally amazing. I will definitely buy more of these. Well done!
I got this cigar at CigarFest 2011.. It was surprisingly good , it was well constructed and burned even throughout the smoke. The finish was semi sweet like an La Aroma EE...... Well done , I'm gonna buy this....
Was given a churchill to try. Started out very strong and spicy, not to bad in taste. I had to relight 5 times to keep it burning even. The farther down it smoked the flavor just soured. Maybe it was just that one cigar, but I will not buy Warlocks. BTW the stick came out of a very good humidor. gary.
This is a good looking, well made cigar with plenty of strength and flavour. The pre light aroma is very pleasing and it burns evenly with a firmish ash with no flaking. I think it is strong enough to suggest it be smoked slowly and after having something to eat. I want more of these.