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Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniv. Maduro Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniv. Maduro”
A really wonderful cigar. Great draw and wonderfully easy smoke. Has a little kick, but just adds to the great taste.
DF of Riverview, FL
Wow, this is "THE" maduro if you're looking for all around great rich complex taste. However, I have not tried 5 Vegas Triple A, or Diesel yet. As it stands now though, this stick is #1 when it comes to maduros. Ya gotta love that broadleaf Nicaraguan wrapper Mr. Perdomo uses. This cigar is even better than his pricier Perdomo Patriarch Maduro. Fans of: R.P. Vintage 90, Torano 1959, Gurkha Triple Ligero, and other top of the line maduros will surely love this one. Actually, this is the best Perdomo I've ever had, and I've had them all.
AD of Rochester, NY
Beautiful cigar (Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Maduro) with a lovely pre-light aroma. Typical of Perdomo cigars, it's excellent construction leads to a nearly full-bodied smoke. Firm ash, even burn. It would be an absolute crime to ever get used to this fine cigar.
MC of M Leesburg, VA
Rather strong but great cocoa nut with a spice finish. Perfect construction with an even burn and salt&pepper ash. Try it you will like it! Worked well with a nice single malt whisky.
MK of Lancaster, PA
I received the Perdomo Maduro Sampler early in the summer of 2009. This cigar, Perdomo Reserve 10th Maduro, initially kicked me in the gut. It tasted great, but boy was it powerful! I've never had a cigar that was so powerful that it made me queasy. I thought to myself, "Suck it up, wuss! What's wrong with you today?" So, about a week later I had another, and the same thing happened. That was when I decided to let them sit in my humidor for a while. Fast-forward six months, and here we are on a blistery January day. I decided to give it a try once again, and am I ever glad I let them sit! It no longer has that "Kick to the groin" that it used to, but all the flavor is still there...Give this cigar a try if you like a medium - full smoke, but you may want to let it sit for a while.
RB of Clinton Township, MI
My all time favorite cigar!!!! I am a huge Perdomo fan and the Reserve maduro is one of the best. Actually the whole Perdomo Reserve line is great. This cigar has everything: great flavor, even burn, thick smoke, etc. This is a cigar that you enjoy from ding to dong. From the first light until you pull out the rouch clip to hold the nub. Everything about this cigar is perfection. Nick keep up the great work. You make the best cigars.
MR of Howell, MI
Let me start by sayin' WOW"this is it...Great smoke all the talk about these other powerhouse cigars,they don't compare..The Perdomo Reserve 10th Maduro just blew them outta the water!!!!"Don Perdomo I pledge my ever dying loyalty to you"...
JB of Hagerstown, MD
My new favorite; one of the best Maduros I've ever had. It's smooth from start to finish with a very creamy, dense smoke. I've enjoyed my Maduro samplers in the past but after sampling who-knows-how-many I'll be ordering a brick or two of these. It's a definite lip burner as it's a difficult decision to put it out at the end!
DO of Roberts, WI
What can I say?.....bought these when they were up on the daily deal, glad I did. Solid construction, flawless burn...have yet to run away on me. The taste is killer, some nutmeg, earth and chocolate. I was impressed from the 1st one. One note though....have a pair of roach clips ready, this sucker will have you cranking on it until the very end, ENJOY!!!
JK of Mesa, AZ
Had one of these while I was out of town, so I couldn't let it sit in the humidor at all. One of the best tasting cigars I've smoked. It's not a dark maduro witch I liked because some Maduro's can be too sweet. The burn was not great but I'm sure that's because I was smoking in heavy wind and it had been in my pocket all day. I'll be recommending it to friends.
RP of Los Angeles, CA
Take a Lot 23 maduro multiply the good by, say, ten and you've got yourself a Reserve Maduro 10th Anniversary! A very fine cigar.
ER of Grosse Ile, MI
Nick Rocks!
CB of Savannah, GA
I bought one of these at a cigar shop and paid $7.75 for it. I don't think it was worth that much. I prefer maduros and this one was just so-so in my opinion. I was expecting more based on it being Perdomo and even Reserve. It started off with a big pepper kick, but thankfully mellowed out and became more smooth. The flavors were very dark, and it was pretty strong. I think it was a little too dark for me. With some time in a humidor it probably would be better. It reminded me of when I bought some 5 Vegas Series A last year and had one right away. It knocked me off my feet and was way too strong. But after 7 months in my humi they are much better. That might be the case with these as well.
RB of Bloomington, IN
Simply the finest maduro on this earth. This is a nuber... How does Nicky P do this? Move over Rocky Patel you have some competition....A Fantastic cigar!!!
As a newcomer to cigars, I have tried a number with maduro wraps and this was by far the best I have had. Wonderful taste and aroma. This cigar is fantastic! Easy draw, fine ash and it just flows. To those who had not yet experienced this cigar, go after it! It even made my vintage port better.
RK of Davenport, IA
Been smoking the robustos and never had a bad one yet. Excellent burn and smoke production. Mine always start out a little charry, perhaps thats my toasting. Settles into a luxurious smoke, rich with cocoa and some sweetness. I like all of the 10th series and this maduro is great.
JP of Chandler, AZ
Wow. I have 4 humidors full of quality smokes and this is the first one that I reordered another 5 pack right after trying one from another 5 pack that got delivered yesterday. This is a stronger blend between a Nica Libre and an Arturo Fuente Hemingway. Chocolately from beginning to end. Some dried cherries at the beginning. Wow. I love this ciigar. It was all out of stock except the Robusto, so I pulled the trigger again. Smooth draw and straight burn all the way. Nothing but completely sastisfied.
GC of Garden City, MI