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Victor Sinclair Vintage Doppel Gordo Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Victor Sinclair Vintage Doppel Gordo”
Great cigar lots of flavor and thick smoke. Take your time and enjoy!!!!
MW of Aurora, CO
This a really great cigar. Big, Bold and Full Bodied. Not a quick after lunch cigar but a flavorful way to spend over an hour enjoying Maduro tobaccos at their finest. I was never a Victor fan but these are really great. They draw well are well rolled and holed a very white ash. Great Cigar!
FS of Lynchburg, VA
I got this cigar when it was on a CI special. The immense ring gauge makes it difficult to cut cleanly and awkward to smoke. Having said this, it is still an enjoyable smoke and what I have come to expect from Victor Sinclair - great value for the price.
GS of South Haven, MI
I got these on special last fall and while they were not my most favorite in the box, I did go through them rather fast. And for the money ($2 per), I could not complain.
Warning...smoking these things around people with a limited maturity level will provoke certain jokes about what it looks like while you are smoking this brazilian wrapped brick of tobacco. You will need either a good lighter or a couple of decent matches to get this thing smoking properly and evenly and then after that a careful eye on keeping the end evened up by rotating it around to prevent one side from taking off on you...the first 2 inches and the smoking draw is firm and the amount of smoke you get isn't overly impressive...after that down to how low you want to take it, the smoke increases, as does the "hit" effect...and the heat can get a good blast of heat in a draw with even 2+ inches left on it, because of the monster sized cherry this thing could use it as a small space heater...for the price, the markdown from retail, these are decent maduros for a nice, long, deep smoke and are well made, but getting the label off requires carefully tearing it off...don't try to slide it far I'm fairly happy with the Victor Sinclair types of cigars I've had...they aren't overly complex, but a reliable good, smooth smoke in any case.
An awe inspiring stick that's simply awesome! Yes, this stick is difficult to cut and the immense ring gauge makes it awkward to hold in your mouth, but the flavors are terrific. I didn't think it was bold, more of a morning stick to me. It does burn for a long time and it will need several touch ups during your smoke. It's a terrific value stick for $2 bucks a stogie. Don't pass this up.
I bought these VS for my Son so he can stop bugging me for my own and that is why I have to keep my Humidor locked when he comes by. When he got these cigars, he called me and told me that they were great stogies and he was giving me one to try. well I did and man, they are AWSOME!!! They put out a lot of smoke and smells pretty good and taste not too bad. I am getting a set for myself too. I do dip the tip in some Sambuca before putting in my mouth and lighting the cigars, it gives a xmoother taste while smoking. Old Italian way.
NF of Groveton, NH
I was enticed by the the sale price and said "how bad can they be?" Other cigars at that price have been outstanding. Well, in this case, I got what I paid for. There's an off "chemical like" flavor as if you left the cellophane wrapper on it before you lit it. The wrapper starts blistering ( thank God for the binder!) when you relight it after a break. Don't waste your money on these cigars.
SS of West Haven, CT
Great stick if you have a couple of hrs or so to smoke it. Lots of flavor and lots and lots of smoke. Had no problem cutting it and it burned even for being as big as it was. Would buy again.
JB of Santa Monica, CA
A big cigar with plenty of thick tastey smoke. A good hour or more smoke. Big cigar at a really great price!
DC of Franklin Square, NY
This is my preferred smoke! It has a great draw for a big stick. The wrapper has great mouth feel and flavor. But the best is the taste, mellow but very flavor full! Enjoy this one!
One of the best values on a cigar you can get right now. Just make sure you have some time to smoke this bad boy! As previously mentioned, they are difficult to cut but I actually punched mine and it worked fine. There are some construction issues with them but mine burned evenly for the most part and only required a touch up once. Pretty solid chocolate flavors and thick, rich smoke. I had time to try a few different drinks with this cigar as it burns so long, and coffee went really well with it and brought out some of the nutty sweetness it has, and the porter I had complimented the flavors pretty well. Just my observation because we all have different taste buds, but this is a pretty solid deal on a solid smoke! Reminds me of the box pressed Toranos I have smoked, but for far less! Give it a try!
DG of Madison, AL
Just got my first ever VS. Not very impressed when first lit it up. Thought I was burning plastic. Once it got going good, it seemed ok. It has a decent draw; not too bad on taste. But that plastic burning smell is still here as I am smoking this right now. It isn't a bad cigar for the price and the ring size is a little much for me. I probably won't buy again, but there are so many great deals with CI. Love these guys....I only buy here....Thanks CI for all the choices.
SW of citrus springs, FL
Well I need to change my opinion about these cigars. I really love these. The flavor is great. Burns very well. The first one I tried was a little rough at the beginning, but it turned out to be one of the best cigars I ever smoked. Hell, it was just as good as a $6.00 cigar I have had before. I will be ordering more. You guys are awesome. Happy I found you. P.S. It might take 2 Bic lighters together to light, but that makes it all the better. These things are big.
SW of citrus springs, FL
Just received my VSVDG...I have enjoyed 3 without any complaints...a great smoke after a long day at work. My new favorite! Can't complain about the price at 2 bucks a stick. Thanks CI...keep the deals coming!
JW of Willis, TX
I just got these cigars on special last week and I am thourougly impressed. Great flavor and a smooth draw. Burn very well and last a long time. Great for a relaxing evening smoke!!
LJ of Childress, TX