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Rocky Patel Vintage Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Rocky Patel Vintage”
After smoking several Indian Tabac Ltd, I finally bought and smoke a RP 1992 (Vintage by Rocky Patel). It was outstandingly mild and tasty. Everything from the rich smoke to the tight splendid ash was excellent. It definitly made my top ten list and I can't wait until the next one. J
JC of Tucson, AZ
All I can say is that these rocky 92's (Vintage by Rocky Patel) go for $11.00 a pop at any California cigar shop. I just checked it out ! fantasic deal guys , just FANTASTIC.
MH of Canoga Park, CA
I have never been disappointed in Rocky's cigars. EVER. I was given some as a gift and I can say it was the best ever cigar gift I have gotten in my life. (Rocky Patel Vintage) I passed a few around at my birthday party and got "ooohhs and ahhhs" from everyone. It was heaven to be in the prescence of all those cigars aglow in one spot. Smiles were everywhere as the night went on. They were the perfect ending to my steak dinner. These kind of nights dont come along often enough. Which is good. It keeps the anticipation level up for the next big event. Thanks Rocky for what you do!
JH of Lexington, NC
I just wanted to say thank you about an experience I had at your store recently. A friend of mine and I have always wanted to come out to see your cigar selection and we finally made the trip from New Jersey last week. We were in awe of the overall selection and I was pleased to see some cigars that are not readily available at my local tobacconist. As much as I browsed, I tried to limit my choices to things I could not easily get near my home. I filled my hands w/cigars such as Gurkha, CAO Black Label and the Rocky Patel Vintage Series. Another cigar buddy of mine told me about the Rocky Patel series and said I should purchase as much as I can because they were excellent. I bought 3 to sample first if he was right. Well, last Sunday after a long holiday season of catering and overtime hours (I am a chef), I finally had a chance to sit down w/some of my crew and relax. I brought w/me a Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 as a celebratory smoke. I must say that was one of the best cigars I have EVER smoked. It had such a pleasant flavor that wasn't to harsh and an even more perfect burn. I have to say it was very well made and Rocky Patel cigars will have a permanent place in my humidor. That being said, I must thank you for a great cigar experience that I will cherish. I look forward to purchasing more Rocky Patel cigars and even bringing some of my buddies over for a cigar road trip. To you and your staff, Happy Holidays and I wish you the best for the upcoming New Year! You will see more of me in 2005 and one time I hope to shake your hand and thank you personally for providing me great cigars!
RO of Wharton, NJ
Nutty, earthy, sweet, that's the C.I. call on this one and they got it right. The "Rocky Patel Vintage 1990", is dee-lish. I'll state the torpedo size is the way to go. It adds a richness and depth of flavor over and above the smaller rings. But no matter what your preference is... you win with this one. Relax and enjoy, R.P.'90.
VB of San Francisco, CA
While most premium handmades tend to be a satisfying smoke, The Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 is what I would classify as a "smoking experience". RP has captured the true essence that we all long for in this beauty. I cannot find anyting that is sub-par with the Vintage Series. The torpedos and churchhills tempt me every time I go to my humidor. The cigar burns slow and even with rich flavors of cocoa, coffee, and hints of black cherry and toasted almond. Try these if you are after something quite special. This masterpiece has earned a mid-90s rating, a reward that it so graciously deserves.
TV of State College, PA
I have had the RP Vintage among my favorites, but the 1992 Sixty's are, without question, the best of the line. With the 60 ring this cigar smokes long and cool, with the same great flavors of the lesser gauge box presses. A worthy finger burner if there ever was one.
RV of CBuffalo, NY
This is a review of the Vintage 90 toro (Rocky Patel Vintage) and it's going to be a rave review. This is a medium to strong cigar with excellent flavor and no bitterness. It is beautifully constructed and burns perfectly. Best of all it takes about an hour to smoke one which makes it's price a lot more pallatable.
SB of Phoenix, AZ
Other CI reps and fans have said it well about Vintage 1992 (Rocky Patel Vintage) and it needs no further comment other than to say: gents and ladies we are so lucky to be smoking the finest cigars in history. Other than providing seed stock, talented growers, fermenters, blenders and rollers, why in the world do we lament the by-gone Cuban era of cigars? It's all right here in 1992!
RC of Hendersonville, TN
I've only been into cigars for a few years, and have had my let downs, but the Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 is worth every penny and then some. A great smoking experience worthy of the most experienced gentleman, and smooth enough for his lady as well.
I had been looking forward to trying one of these bad boys (Rocky Patel Vintage) for the longest time. When my buddy held one out and said "hey do you wanna try a-" it was already in my mouth and I was lighting up. This cigar is simply a master stroke. Perfect draw, perfect burn, perfect construction, delicious, and beautiful to boot. Don't waste your time reading anymore reviews. Go out and try this cigar for yourself. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPOINTED. By the way, CI's price is a steal. Plain and simple.
CU of Richfield, MN
I was skeptical 1st time I saw these (Rocky Patel Vintage). But later when I was back to shop for more, I remembered the attractive dark '92 Vintage RP, bought some, trimmed one up and kicked back in the recliner unlit. When I "dry hit" this box pressed beauty, I said, "I'm gonna like this one". The draw is precisely packed so you don't burn fast. While getting a feel of the unlit gar, guys lemme tell ya, this is from feel to aroma to taste, a Punch Rare Corojo over and over. And that is good, but at a better price. In my hand the construction was great, down right solid. The burn and cap also was an identical twin to the Punch Rare Corojo. Only difference I could see was the ash on the RP '92 is quite white vs the Corojo being quite peppery looking. The reviews of this cigar was right on and precise. A bullseye even. From the strength to the taste, "it is what they say it is". Thanx C.I., you nailed this one.
PM of Ona, WV
I prefer the Vintage 1990's, probably the Robusto most, out of the 1000+ Patels tht I've smoked. When it's good, it's very good. And when it's bad, well let's just say it's not that bad that often. The really good 90's back in the day remind me much of the Decade's of today. Smooth burning, great draw, lots of smoke, and a rich woodsy, slightly fruity taste. As with all the Patel's, I think QC is slipping down hill and the really good smokes are becoming fewer and farther between. Another 1000+ will take much longer to purchase unless things get better fast.
RW of Indian River, MI
To add to the accolades here for the RP Vintage (Rocky Patel Vintage) line - my girlfriend and I moved this weekend - a full day of lugging furniture, clothes, and boxes of stuff I haven't seen since we last moved. When we finished, we could barely move, but decided to reward ourselves with a couple of the Vintage 1992s that were in my humidor waiting to be tried. The initial nutty notes with chocolatey hints immediately took our minds off of the pain in our backs and legs, and for the next thirty minutes we enjoyed the great draw, unfaltering flavor, and notes of espresso at the end, just like the capper to a great meal. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and invigorating smoke. When we finished, we agreed that the quality of the smoke had chased the aches and pains away and happily declared victory over our move. What a fantastic cigar.
CC of Mamaroneck, NY
I havent gotten into the vintage 90 series alot but I love the RP vintage 92's. Worth every penny and get VERY VERY VERY smooth with age. My suggestion is to not age them to long (6 months or less). This is a great, classic cigar that is ready to smoke right out of the box. Buy me a box!!!!
MG of Dallas, TX
I just got my Rocky Patel One Day deal that a friend and i split it has Vintage 90 92 sun grown connecticut old world and legend and all i have to say is i,m a Rocky Patel junky thanks to you *******s I recommend all of them to all C.I customers i love them long time!
JL of El Mirage, AZ
I am hooked enough on the Edge, but I enjoyed the 92' (Vintage by Rocky Patel). I thought it a smooth and delicate stick, a little toothy with a spice and nut edge to it. I really thought it a flavorful stick. I have been seeing then come down in price... but never like the deals here. Nice stick for the money - I'd stash a box for at least a couple years. My rate this stick: 89
CS of Southern, CA
Only two words came to me as i smoked both the 1990 and 1992 vintage models-"absolute genius" (Rocky Patel Vintage).
AV of Roseville, CA
About the Rocky Patel Vintage 90 and 92........WHAT A SMOKE! I prefer the 92 myself, I feel it is a bit tastier and smoother. IT IS like smoking velvet, creamy and bursting with flavor. I have never had a bad 92. all the 92's i have had have been perfect from start to finish in every way. In my opinion this is a close second to his "Olde World Reserve" but when you factor in the price difference, the 92 is the way to go!!!! by the way, if you havent had the honor of smoking an Old World Reserve, cough up the 10 bucks or so and get one! you wont be dissapointed !
RC of boston, MA
i think it's safe to say rocky is the king of cigars right now. edge, sungrown, fusion,(Rocky Patel Vintage),i havent even tried the decade yet. i had been smokin the 92 vintage and wasnt blown away. so i was under the impression that the 90 would be the same, boy was wrong , the broadleaf was the trick. i believe the 90 is fuller in body than the 92, deep sweet chocolate, and a hint of black pepper. smooth is the word here. i could smoke this thing all the time, one of the best balanced cigars ive smoked. i know people who smoke macanudo and havent even tried patel. come on live a little . rocky surely is the king. and christian eiroa is the it me but do cigars in general keep getting better and better.
JS of hamilton, OH
Being in the military, I’ve led a relatively Spartan lifestyle which leaves me a taste for the exceptional on occasion. With the wife and kids out for the night leaving me to my own devices, I took it upon myself to enjoy the evening. I just got a few of the 92 sixty’s (Rocky Patel Vintage) in the mail today and I couldn’t contain myself. Once they walked out of the house I grabbed one that had aged, oh, let’s say about 45 minutes in my humi and a wonderful chevas and coke. Toasted the foot and off we went on probably the best ride I’ve been on since I last jumped out of an airplane. The burn was smooth and even throughout and the flavors were strong, but not overpowering. Thick plumes of smoke that didn’t get hot until I almost burnt my hand trying to savor the last few millimeters before I would’ve needed to choose between the cigar and the burn unit in the hospital. Rocky, you are truly a master of your craft, and I am now truly addicted to this line of cigars.
NH of anchorage, AK
The RP Vintages 90 & 92 are in my top five cigars. Simply outstanding every time. Medium-Full, smooth, creamy smoke. The flavors are complex but not quite robust, nuts, coffee, hint of chocolate. You really pay attention to every enjoyable puff. That is high praise. Pair it with a heavier beer like Sam Adams or Guinness, maybe a single malt scotch. This is a cigar to saivor. I'd give both the Vintage 1992 & 1990 ratings in the 94-96 range. I've been smoking cigars for 30 years, hand rolled for nearly 20 years, I always highly recommend the Vintage series to my friends.
JH of Longwood, FL
The Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 is one of my favorite cigars, hands down. I have had a number of them with construction issues; however, the flavor is outstanding! There is nothing like sitting down with a 1992 after a long day at work and a filling dinner! Sooooo relaxing!
BA of Laguna Hills, CA
hands down the best cigar ive ever smoked (Rocky Patel Vintage). long burn and great taste. i found myself day dreaming of smoking them.
Vintage 1992's are Rocky's best, in my opinion. Delicious full flavor, good construction, even burns (tonight's robusto lasted an hour and a half)! One of my faves.
DS of Richmond, CA
Can't really add much to what everyone has said about these cigars except that the Vintage 1990 is one of the best cigars you'll ever smoke...period!
HB of Edgewood, MD
I smoked a Rocky Patel Vintage after being handed one after a great round of golf by a buddy from the restaurant humidor. It was perhaps the best smoke of my life. Just went through a box of these guys, and need to order more. Rocky Patel is now making the best cigars in the world in my opinion. The '90 vintage is smooth, burns a near perfect white ash, and has wonderfully complex flavors and aromas.
JW of LSanta Barbara, CA
This has to be the best cigar I have ever smoked (Rocky Patel Vintage). Rocky Patel got it right with this one. Everything is perfect from the appearance to the feel of the box pressed shape in my hand. It is so smooth and rich tasting...but not overpowering. I placed my order (Vintage '90 Robusto) and it arrived two days later in perfect condition. I put them in my humidor to rest a few days and I am smoking the first one right now. All I can say is keep up the good work CI!
SP of Lenoir, NC
i have to give it to rocky, for the price, in my opinion, this is the best cigar out there, you can't beat it. for me my favorite is the 92 robusto. i've tried the 60, the 90/92 torpedo, 90 robusto, the 92 toro and the 92 robusto beats them all. i know rocky gets a lot of hype from his other lines but the vintage is my favorite. the old world maduro torpedo is next. if you want to try a rocky vintage you will not go wrong with the 92 robusto. if you like something stronger the 90 robusto is good also. i just think the robustos offer the best out of this line.
CO of middle east, AE
rocky patel vintage 1990 & 1992 is hands down one of the great ones.all around the best draw,well made and even burn down to the nub.well worth it.
VV of Monroe,Township, NJ
Ok...I picked up a few of the Rocky Patel Vintage 1990's to share with my buddies. All I can say is WOW! While deployed to Baghdad earlier this year I was introduced to the joy of cigars. Whether or not the cuban cigars we were able to buy there were real or not, I am now returned from deployment where I am able to enjoy a cigar accompanied with a proper ice cold beverage. The Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 is flavorful all the way through...tasty, tasty, tasty. It complemented my Jack and Coke quite nicely. 2 days ago I purchased the 2 Soprano + 5 pack and I am glad the 5-pack I chose was the 1990 Vinatge...I can't wait. Thanks Rocky Patel...the 1990 Vintage will be my top shelf cigar.
DF of Fresno, CA
Bought a box of the 1990 Robustos and have a few comments. For starters, these things get much better with age! I let them sit 6 months and the one I had tonight was so much better with the age. In a way I find this smoke to be sort of boring. It isn't too complex, but when you smoke Ruinations, Padron 64's, and Diesel Unlimited regularly I suppose you become biased. It has a very woodsy flavor which tastes great but doesn't have much else. Maybe a hint of berry or something a little fruity in the background. It sort of reminds me of a nice smoky campfire. If you are an outdoors type you know that is a beautiful smell. The burn and draw was great, as was the smoke output. A very mild cigar with a short finish. A lot of new smokers I have passed these out to love them so I like to keep plenty on hand for poker nights. It's a perfect all around smoke for anyone looking for a mild and simple smoke that delivers the goods. Smoke it slow! A faster draw changes the whole thing in a negative way. A very classy band and box press shape make this cigar look like an expensive choice, but CI fans know a deal is just a few clicks away.
BP of Folsom, CA
Rocky Patel's Vintage series of cigars are probably the absolute best all-around cigar being sold this century. I have had all three vintages, the 1990, 1992, and the newer 1999. All three are impeccable, wonderful burn, taste, construction and aromas. I do have to say that the Vintage 1999 is without a doubt, the most impressive cigar I have ever had. It has no comparison. I gave one to a buddy as a gift and said it was the best cigar he had ever had and if I had more. I said I only had 3 more and they were MINE. NEVER give the 1999 away unless it's someone you're trying to impress (the boss, know)! I just wish CI carried these, I received them in the Vintage Sampler. All 3 vintages are EXCELLENT, and addicting! Well worth every single penny.
GR of Sterling, VA
The RP Vintage 1990 (Rocky Patel Vintage) is by far one of the best cigars I have ever....I mean EVER smoked! I just can't get enough of them. The wrapper has that nice little oily sheen to it, and it stays lit much longer than most cigars, so you won't have to keep lighting it if you have to walk away for a few minutes! A smooth mellow and just oh-so-good taste on your pallate really sets the mood. Try it with a pinot noir or your favorite ale. Thanks CI! Just ordered some more!
GR of Sterling, VA
Ehh....I had a 92' today and was kinda disappointing don't take me wrong it was a good stick but, was just expecting more from all the hype that I have always heard, but like I said, nothing bad with them, just thought there would be more to it.
JP of Albany, GA
I took part in the feeding frenzy and got the 10 1990 torpedos and I have to give mad props to CI once again. I usually receive my cigars within a week of ordering them and for CI and the postal service to get them to Afghanistan that fast is incredible. CI, you guys are fantastic and thank you for your support.
KT of Afghanistan, AE
Ok, so I have to admit I love a dense box pressed maduro to begin with, but Rocky must put something special in the 1990 series. They curl your toes and leave a cloud of rich dense smoke swirling around your head for days it seems. I like the 90's better than the decades and the 92's but all are boom boom pow. Buy now and keep them around. The 90's are probably my favorite cigar right now.
MW of Fort Worth, TX
Toro 1990: Very enjoyable Cigar! Burns evenly, easy draw, great construction, and not overbearing on the with confidence and enjoy!
GB of Alpharetta, GA
As a relative newcomer to the joys of cigar smoking (8months) I am always on the lookout for good cigar at a fair price. This Rocky Patel was reccomended by my local cigar store to me and WOW! This 1990 vintage delivers the goods!! I am blown away with the quality how it sokes, the burn and how the flavor is consistant throughout. I have bought boxes of both the Petite Corona and the Robusto as my quick smokes for their size. All in all I guess i'm trying to say. If you haven't tried these yet. You should! I am gonna stock up on these babies before they run out!
MM of Herndon, VA
I adore the vintage 1992. I got a sample pack of 5 and never had any burn issues. This cigar is one of my top 5 favorites. I experience nut taste with a little pepper but not overwhelming. If you have not smoked the vintage 1992 yet do yourself a favor and try one.
TH of Morristown, TN
Was a little surprised when I tried a vintage 92 for the first time. After having several edge and edge lite which are fantastic by the way, I was not particularly impressed with vintage. The quality of construction and burn I expect from R.P. was there but it lacked in the richness of flavor I've come to expect...
JM of Woonsocket, RI
RP 1990, bonafied cigar perfection. A+ construction, draw, burn and flavor. Casa Fuente is the only smoke I've had that tops this. All at a laughable $3.25 a piece (WhackADeal), a true 95.
TT of Eugene, OR
1990 and 1992. Both are fantastic. Both are in one of my humidors for my pleasure at any given moment.
CB of Savannah, GA
We bow down and pay due homage to the master, Rocky Patel and his hard working staff for creating such a masterpiece(Rocky Patel Vintage). Kudos and peace be with you.
DO of Bettendorf, IA
Very smooth taste. Good ash all the way through tll the end. You can't go wrong with this smoke. I will smoke again I give this one an 8.
The Vintage 92 was a very tasty cigar. Smooth, with rich, sweet and clean tobacco taste. With ocassional molasses flavor. Never ever got harsh and no pepper or spice to speak of. Vintage 90 tasted much different. Still smooth but lacked before mentioned flavores. 90 was also very dry and has a difficult draw from beginning to end. Get the 92 for a weekend treat. You will be very pleased!!! Mine was smoked ROTT too. Can't imagine what a few weeks rest will do. Get Rocky Patel Vintage 1992.
Wow, what a frustrating cigar. Why? Because it had potential to be great, but the terrible construction and draw issues are unforgivable. I've now smoked two of these, one at 65% humidity and one at 70%. Both burned right through the center and the wrapper was a disaster. Had to cut and relight to enjoy. Don't get me wrong the first few puffs are amazing, and then it's all downhill from there. The Rocky Patel Decade is one of my favorite cigars so I expected another great smoke here....
I purchase a sampler of 4 a few weeks ago left them in the humi. Now I'm enjoying a toro 1992. I been smoking cigars over 5 years an this is my first Rocky Patel. I lost over plus 5 years not trying them I better start now. Very well rounded cigar. You can't go wrong from start to end I rate these 93 that's for sure. I wish I had a long one cause all I have left is 2 inches.
FD of Hesperia, CA
I purchased a box and bundle of the vintage 92. I dont care for the bundles. Make sure you smoke these when is warm outside. They are so smooth and mild, that in the cold the cigar loses flavor imo. Great customer service!
For years, my go-to cigar. Never had a dud! Among the various RP Vintages, my fave is the 90, immediately followed by the 92. These two are well ahead of the rest of the Vintage pack (which is for the most part also quite good).
1990 Robusto: Easy to light. Very good construction and burn with excellent drawn. Above average smoke output. Heavy mouth feel and slightly oily on the palate. Medium strength with medium to full flavors. Deep, rich and dark tobacco flavors with hints of caramel sweetness and fruit. Very smooth with a medium length finish when smoked slowly. Very consistent strength throughout with increased sweetness and richer flavors at halfway point.
Got two 1992's in a sampler (The medium full taster pack) and this was my least favorite cigar. It constantly burned out and required multiple relights. It did not burn evenly by any means and i wouldnt smoke another one. The flavor was decent i guess. For the money, but something else.
DN of Green Brook, NJ
I've been sampling cigars of all types and strengths lately and I'm absolutely in love with both of these all though I do t like the 1992 just a little better very good smoke I did have to relight a couple sticks more than once but other than that A+ cigar
RH of Mount Morris, MI
The Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 was a great cigar, I will have to try the 1992 now :)
HV of Sarasota, FL
Torpedo - This is one I'll come back to again and again. The '92 left me kind of… eh… but the '90 offers SO much more, in my sometimes less-than-humble opinion. Seriously, this is surprisingly, yet subtly complex. I'm still a bit of a newbie, but I know what I like and the way this smoke unfolds - easy draw, great smoke output, moderate light grey ash, smooth and creamy with some woody notes I can't quite put my finger on… Would like to try some other Rocky's but the prices? Well, maybe one day I'll splurge.
PS of Decatur, GA