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Victor Sinclair Bohemian Bamboo Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Victor Sinclair Bohemian Bamboo”
Yee Ha What a great smoke (Bohemian Bamboo) for no dollars. I was floored by how good they were for the peanuts I paid for them. I was just expecting another run of the mill sampler when I lit the first one. Boy what a shocker! I'll smoke these puppies for sure now keep em coming! Well worth the bucks
AM of Wakefield, RI
This (Bohemian Bamboo) is a SUPER SUPER cigar. I've been a moderate smoker for over 10 years and found this to be one of the smoothest and enjoyable smokes I've ever had and I'm addicted. My wife said I'm smoking more than she ever has seen me and it's because I really enjoy this puppy. Definitely try them but don't glom onto the specials because I'm going to!
JC of Parsippany, NJ
The Bohemian Bamboo is a positive winner! I ordered a bundle because of the VS association and continue to be delighted with them. Order a bundle and your only complaint will be that you did not order them sooner.
DW of Rabun Gap, GA
Quite a good one for the money. I am about halfway through a bundle. Every one has burned perfectly. These are tasty but mild. I have shared two and both those people liked them. The only problem is that they are very fat. Too fat for me. I would order more, but there are several other choices that I like just as much that fit my mouth better.
PB of Deland, FL
I got these on 9/29/12, right out of the box they were great. Good draw, smooth, no bite. This will be one of my go to cigars. I can't wait till they've been in the humidor a while. Can they get better?
DO of Davenport, IA
What a nice, pleasant smoke! A touch of pepper on the roof of the mouth, a mild bit of woodsy sweetness, nice even burn (even out here on a somewhat windy Pennsylvania day) and a nice buttery somewhat creamy flavor on the retro hale ....paired with water so I can taste all the delicate flavors...nicely done Victor Sinclair! Will definitely be back for more of these!
RC of Indiana, PA
Smooth. Burns evenly and slow. Great taste! Simply awesome!
BK of Jacksonville, FL
Decent cigar...smokes long and evenly...bite off the pigtail and it opens a nice channel for the draw to flow through...they do dry out if you have to relight it which leads to wrapper shredding and breakdown...otherwise an all around good mild cigar
These are simply unbelievable, from the ease of lighting, to the draw, to the taste, to the thick, creamy smoke...magnificent cigars at a top value!
HN of Providence, RI
An excellent, mild cigar. I love to smoke these on the water when fishing. Holds ash well and cool smooth draw the full length.
This is a pretty good cigar for Medium to of my many favorites. A bit crisper and peppery, yet a smooth finish.
RH of Chicago, IL