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Victor Sinclair Vintage Select Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.21 out of 5 Based on 19 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Victor Sinclair Vintage Select”

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3 out of 5
Not Great
My box was a little dried out. Very poor box pressing. Most of the sticks have super harsh crease while other sides on the same stick are not. To look at a handful of these you would think "Dollar Store"....... They smoke OK and is rather smooth. Bought them on sale for a great price however if I paid suggested retail I would not be happy.......
2 out of 5
No thanks.
Wrapping is too soft and peels easily, very loosely packed. Not my cup of tea.
5 out of 5
They won't replace my Nestor's
They won't replace my Nestor's but they'll do.
5 out of 5
Victor Sinclair vintage select Gordo
Good burn excellent drawerSmooth all the way down to the nub
5 out of 5
Mild but w/ good flavor - very enjoyable. I usually include Victor Sinclair Vintage Select Toro w/ every order.
5 out of 5
VERY Nice Gentle but Tasty Smoke
Wish I could afford these more often. Wonderfully "quiet" in taste, but still taste-full. Mellow, smooth, maduro sweetness and flavor. Construction outstanding -- box pressed as easy to hold in lips as in hand. I'll buy again. Might try the V Sinclair sampler.
5 out of 5
nice box press,very easy draw,stays
nice box press,very easy draw,stays tasty down to the nub,no heat,no bitterness
3 out of 5
Victor Sinclair Vintage Toro
A great, inexpensive box pressed cigar.
5 out of 5
good smoke for the buck
You can always get a good cigar from victor sinclair. Quality smoke and easy on the pocket!
5 out of 5
Great Value!
These little guys surprised me... I wanted an affordable stick with a name i knew and trusted. Victor Sinclair never disappoints. This cigar hits the nail on the head falling squarely between a super premium cigar and those el-cheapo mixed filler sticks. Try this one today!
5 out of 5
Good deal
Got my favorites from Victor Sinclair for very affordable price.
4 out of 5
Excellent value
These are an excellent value for the price. Nice flavor and aroma for an everyday smoke. The first one I had --- out of the box-- was a bit bitter and burned hot, but after letting the cigars rest several days in a humidor, this problem went away. The box pressing resulted in a very well made cigar that was firm yet drew easily. Sharp corners. Purists may reject the shape but they don't know what they are missing.
5 out of 5
Smooth Chocolate Taste
Through the years, I've ordered just about all the V.S. "Vintage" cigars and have been pleased with all of them.
4 out of 5
Very good bang for your buck
For the price these are tough to beat in the mild-medium category. Good flavor and smooth, highly recommend getting a box and trying them for yourself
4 out of 5
Victor Sinclair Vintage Churchill
Always a really good smoke
5 out of 5
vector Sinclair
I am assuming that you were talking about the box pressed Victor St Clare's. the smoke is OK but the wrapping is not what I expected as it is extremely soft.
3 out of 5
Victor Sinclair Vintage Lonsdale
Good price for these cigares .Even burn. Half way down they get a little nasty.
4 out of 5
A Great Value
A very good smoke for the price, great to hand out to guys on a camping trip
3 out of 5
Good value, not bad.
Medium strength but a bit to ‘rough’ for my palate.
Customer Testimonials
If you like box pressed smokes this is an economical mid day smoke choice. Dark wrapper and even burn are good. This is a truly square cigar in the best of terms.
Ok smoke. Pretty good cigar.
First let's talk about construction. This cigar was pressed with sharp corners and wrinkles in it so it wasn't "pretty". I was a bit worried about how well it would smoke, but it had a nice draw with a nice amount of creamy smoke. I liked the taste and it took about an hour to smoke. Flavors were cocoa and a bit of pepper. Not quite as flavorful as a Nica Libre, but not bad either. Actually between the two, I like the draw on this one better. The Nica Libre is too loose in comparison. This seems to be a mild to medium cigar. It was not harsh at all. Definitely worth a try!
Got some of these on sale and am glad I gave them a try. They have a nice, though not too sharp, box press shape. They seem mild to medium in strength and the flavors are distinct and pleasant. It's not the prettiest, but gets the job done as a very solid yard work cigar, especially for the price.
On the mild side; I expected a little more from an aged cigar.
Bought the box of VS Vintage Select in the Lonsdale size (6x44) since I'm not fond of VS's larger ring gauges. As maduro wrappers go, the Brazilian Arapiraca is not one of the "richer" maduros, but nonetheless quite tasty. This cigar has a nice medium body and flavor and is finely constructed in a box press. Reminds me of the ol-timey Mexican cigars from the 80s and 90s and early 2000s when Mexicano cigars were all the rage. The box is impressive, too, and the band is a beauty (but a bugger to remove). I ran into one noticeable downside, however: at about the 2/3rds mark--and maybe it's just me--this cigar begins to go sour, almost bitter. If you can tough it out, the final 1-1/2" smoke-able portion returns to its Mexican heritage.
Great "bang for the buck" here. Nice mellow smoke, great flavor too. One of my new favorites!
Just right. Smooth all the way Threw
Bought a bundle of these. Flavor is unremarkable, not offensive. Hey what do you want for a bundle of 20 @ $39.99? The caliber is awkward and looks comical as one smokes. It is too thick, boxy, and big. ..and I like large gauge cigars and box pressed! Good knock around cigar while working, not for quality smoke time.
I've commented on these before, when I was first getting into cigars, but years later, I still come back. Is it a Cohiba? No, but it is a well constructed cigar with a beautiful box press, even burn, and consistent (and for the price complex) flavor. They also mature wonderfully in the humidor. You can't really go wrong with any of the Victor Sinclair smokes. Give em a shot.
For the price this is the best morning cigar around and yes, milk chocolate in the morning with a cup of joe, just cannot go wrong...Victor Sinclair Vintage Torp.....
I took advantage of weekly special vintage select and smoked several of them , have to say a little dissapointed. soft, quick burn and a little harsh. perhaps a little more time in the humidor will help. However, I also smoked VS connecticut yankee and find that an excellent cigar. I think I will stay with them.
The UPS truck pulled away from the curb 15 minutes ago but I couldn't wait to try my most recent purchase. Trust me, the mazos of 20 presidente are EXCELLENT, right out of the cold package. If you enjoy a mild cigar, lots of smoke, this is a great cigar. I'm not a big maduro fan and when CI offered these recently on their daily deal I bought 2 mazos blind. Best buy I have made in a long time. You WILL enjoy these if you are a mild fan. I'm now on my way to buy more, at the higher price, before they are all gone. Good luck if you hesitate.
These cigars are absolutely amazing (VS Vintage Selects) I got mine in the lonsdale size and these things nver get too hot, they have a ease of draw that I don't have in some of my more expensive puros. And the taste...!!?? I get the sweet nunces, the mild peppery taste and then it changes into this wonderful chewy, meaty chocolatey aroma and as the smoke gets to my pallate, I just tilt my head back, look at the sky, and believe that these must be sent down to us from the heavens for all of us to enjoy. There is not one Victor Sinclair that I have had yet that gave me any other impression other than that these are some highly superior smokes. I would recommend that you get as many of these as possible because once this box is gone, I may be tripilingmy order or even more!! Guys, just keep making this cigar and you will have a customer for life. By the way, your guys'shipping is awesome!! I placed an order on a Thursday afternoon and had it before dinner the next day. You guys ROCK!!!
Wow, is about all I need to say these babies are just simply awsome for the buck. I was very pleasantly surprised when i picked these beauties out with my Fathers Day gift cetificate, so creamy, earthy and elegant, they burn about perfectly too. Highly recommended to all.
I've been smoking these for years. My golf buddies count on me to bring the smokes. When they tried these for the first time they thought I paid big bucks for them. I let them think I did! For about 2 bucks a stick, it pays off at the at the clubhouse after our round. I never buy the beer after a round of golf. They all feel like I was the generous guy every time! Thanks CI for saving me big bucks on expensive beer, LOL!!
I received a Lonsdale size VS Vintage Select at CigarFest '09. I tried it this morning with my morning cuppa. The pre-light aroma was, well, 'different'. Unusual; don't know exactly how to describe it. I wasn't looking forward to what I got! Really a very nice cigar, if a bit rough looking. Absolutely even burn, excellent draw and a firm, non-flaking ash. I usually smoke cigars that are a bit bigger than the Lonsdale, so I'll buy some of the Vintage Select in a larger ring. This is a good cigar. The fact that it's inexpensive is just icing on the cake.
I picked my first box up (Victor Sinclair Vintage) on the bid site a few weeks back and tried one this weekend. I can't believe I got such a nice cigar for such a low price. I'll be setting a couple of boxes a side, at two bucks a stick, you can't go wrong, for a buck a stick on the bid site, well, need I say more. I'm not a box pressed fan, but these are worth it in my mind.
I just finished the Vintage Select "A" -- an 8-inch monster that nonetheless kept me occupied right down til the coal reached my lips -- almost 2 hours later! Smoother than the regular Serie 55 Maduro, this hummer has a natural sweetness and an easy draw from the very start. Even burn, plenty of smoke... what's not to like?
Perhaps my comments are at the bottom of the heap but this cigar for the price is at the top! (Victor Sinclair Vintage) No shame here! I'm a bargain shopper when it comes to cigars. I try to find the best deal on this web site (my FAV!) and then exploit it to the best of my ability! Alright! Here is one of them! I am happy to report that I was very suprised at the pleasant start on this cigar BUT as we all know it's the finish that makes it or breaks it. This thing had an easy draw and was smooth to the very end! Oh yea! The very end! Burn your lips end! My pals at work say I have yet to turn them on to a loser. A well constructed cigar, huge ash, and smooth from start to finish! That's my story and I'm stickin to it! Enjoy!
Allow me be as blunt and brutally honest. I took a chance on this cigar, only after convincing my buddy to split a box with me. Upon its arrival, I was skeptical...the band looked cheap, and the cigar didn't look like much. And then I lit one up. Wow. 200 plus Victor Sinclair Vintage Selects later, I can tell you that I only ran across 2 poss. 3 sticks that tasted bad, or burned mediocre. For under $2 a stick...that is some pretty freakin’ great odds, if you ask me. This is a solid staple to stock the humidor with, and it has become my "everyday" cigar. "Highly recommend".
I tried this cigar when it went on special and after doing so I had to give one to each of my buddies at the cigar club here on camp (Victor Sinclair Vintage). Not one person had anything bad to say about this cigar. AWESOME was most of the guys reaction. Great taste, good draw, nice moist wrapper, wonderful smell, again an awesome cigar. Your staff rated this cigar as a 88, I think it should be atleast a 90 if not higher.
Wanted to try these for some time (Victor Sinclair Vintage), so when they came up on special, thought I'd dive in. And glad I did. Smokey, creamy, cocoa goodness cradled in a beautiful box-pressed chocolately wrapper. Very impressed with the quality of the stick without the big-stick price. "That's a keeper...!"
I have been smoking cigars for over 13 years, and for the first time, I just bought some cigars from Cigars International, as the deals and the way the web-site is put together make it easy to determine what I might like. After reading the reviews on the Victor Sinclair Vintage I thought I'd give it a try. This is really a wonderful cigar. It looks good, and draws, burns and Tasts GREAT! I like the box press look of the torpedo, and the 3 bands give the cigar a classy look. No harshness, lots of flavor and clouds of smoke. What more do you need in a cigar? Regardless of the great price, this is a excellent smoke! I want to smoke what tastes great and is a good value. This cigar has it all! Buy some, you will be happy you did.
What can i say...these "Victor Sinclair Vintage" cigars smoke like a dream. Smooth...chocolatey...hints of coffee and cream even vanilla, a real blast. They draw easily and burn consistently through out the entire stick. Also you can't go wrong with the sampler. Each size offers a subtle difference in taste. Hey guy's try them and see what you think, trust me you wont be disappointed.
Without getting too fancy, this is one of my favs (Victor Sinclair Vintage). A great smooth full flavor w/out harshness. Great for a novice smoker yet appreciated by the savant. One of the best smokes for the price. I'm stocking up before they get spensive again.
I always keep these (Victor Sinclair Vintage) in stock in my humidor. They have long been a favorite and the perfect any time of day cigar. Smooth, no spice, and creamy chocolate-expresso flavor hits the spot every time. Mild enough to be handed out to a beginner, too! My Conductors love the smell of them in the locomotive cab, some even mooch one off of me on our train runs!
One of my good friend's Uncle used to distribute VS Bohemians before the dyed wrappers came out. I fell in love with them almost immediately, a truly invididual smoke. Regal... tasty, and full-bodied it is can contend with any of the heavy-hitters and still make a mark. It is in my cabinet. The torpedo is a dark oily wrapper with nutty accents, very fragrant and kinda grainy finish with ahint of leather.. it is one of my all time faves! My Rate: 92
What can I say, this one is a winner (Victor Sinclair Vintage)! I like most all of the V.S. cigars I have smoked, however, this is my all time Fav! with the series 55 sun grown a close second. It has a nice chocolatey smooth taste, I try to keep my humi stocked with them as an every day smoke... they just don't last.
A friend and I got together on a box plus the sampler bundle a few months back (Victor Sinclair Vintage). At first these were a nice rich and smooth smoke with a good draw and even burn. After leaving some in my humidore for three or so months I came back to them again. Wow! The richness multiplied very nicely to the extent that I enjoy them only slightly less than my current favorite, the Carlos Torano Exodous 1959. Leave them in your humi for a couple of months and see what I mean.
I can't say enough about my new favorite cigar (Victor Sinclair Vintage). This is an excellent everyday smoke, with even, smooth-burning long-fillers that produce a sturdy ash. Mild to medium in body, these maduros have wonderful flavor from tip to nub, so you'll want to smoke all the way down. They're also a handsome stogie, cello wrapped with three bands, so you're never ashamed to pass them out to clients. They certainly look more expensive than two bucks per stick!
Just got my my box of Victor Sinclair Vintage. WOW!! What a great smoke. They came the day before Thankgsgiving. Everyone enjoyed them. Im putting this smoke on my favorites' list. Thanks again!!
I just got my Victor Sinclair Vintage on 10/9 and i've already smoked five of them.I think it's a great smoke at a great price. thanks
Very Good Quality. I've smoked cigars at 3 times the price and these (Victor Sinclair Vintage) are just a good!
Enjoyed the VS CT's in the past, so I gave the Toro (Victor Sinclair Vintage) a try. Easy draw, medium body, clouds of smoke and smooth tobacco flavor. Disappointed when I had to discard the last half inch!
excellent...this is a very consistant cigar (Victor Sinclair Vintage). great flavor, draw, and burn.
Great smokes (Victor Sinclair Vintage)! I've smoke dozens of these, and never a dissapointment!
Love the rich flavor yet smooth touch to the palate. A real winner (Victor Sinclair Vintage). Ordering boxes # 7 & 8.
Great Cigar (Victor Sinclair Vintage)... Smooth,Flavorful My new favorite. Even my wife likes the aroma of this one. I'm ordering my 3rd box.
Tons of rich flavor, yet medium in body, Nice construction and good burn. Hints of leather and coffee with a slightly sweet tasting wrapper. A top shelf smoke with a bottom shelf price. I'd buy it again.
These are one of my all time favorite cigars. Smooth, creamy, medium hints of chocolate and coffee. Just the thing I light up in the evening after dessert. Goes down like a great cup of cappucino coffee!