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La Aurora Leoninos Corojito Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.37 out of 5 Based on 19 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “La Aurora Leoninos Corojito”

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5 out of 5
The perfect size and strength. Burns well and priced right in the quantity offered. Will be ordering again.
5 out of 5
La Aurora Leoninos Corojito
These are tastey, I really like to start my day out with one while i have my coffee. At three for one, this a great deal!! Jack... Hawaii
5 out of 5
Excellent for the quick enjoyment of a cigar.
A whole lot of flavor packed in these beauties, and very well made. Have yet to come across a bad cigar, neither has my wife and she smokes a lot more of these than I do. Well worth the great price. Aloha C I
5 out of 5
Daytime smoke.
Good everyday quick smoke.Will buy again.
3 out of 5
Just OK
Decent little cigar. Was hoping for better taste and aroma.
4 out of 5
Great everyday smoke!!
One of the best values for a medium strength cigarillo out there. Good draw and earthy flavor, some minor construction issues on a few....but perfect for this time of year
4 out of 5
Good quick smoke
I was looking for a good quick smoke with the colder weather coming up. I tried these mostly because the price was right. I have to say i really enjoy these cigars. I have only had a couple so far, but the construction has been excellent and I enjoy the flavor. If you're looking for a nice quick, but satisfying smoke, these are a good bet.
3 out of 5
Decent Small Cigar
During the day when I'm working in my garage or in the yard, I prefer a smaller cigar that I can puff on and keep both hand free and not feel like I have a baseball bat clinched between my teeth. I have tried both the La Aurora Principes and the Leoninos, I prefer the Leoninos. While not flavor bombs, the Leoninos taste more like a real cigar compared to the Principes machine made taste. The Leoninos have and easy draw and a good burn. The 75 I received came in every color from light brown to dark brown maduro. While decent smoke, I am not in love with the La Aurora brand as much as other reviewers, and find that they are better tasting small cigars out there.
5 out of 5
Good cigar for that price,
Good cigar for that price, can't complain will probably buy again in bigger size.
3 out of 5
4 out of 5
Good quick stick
Well made , well priced cigars . Good flavor after a little time in the box . They get a little strong towards the end but are a perfect cigar for my 20 minute ride to work . I will be ordering more when room opens up in my humidor ...
5 out of 5
All you could ask.
La Aurora is my favorite cigar mfg. I love the Sapphire. I wanted to start off with that so everyone knows where I stand. On to the review. First off I live in Texas and it is hot here. Add to that my wife will not let me smoke inside the house. At the end of the day Nothing I enjoy more than a good cigar, a nice drink and a good book. These cigars fit the bill. They are small but pack a punch. A lot of flavor pack into a small package. They are rich and pack a punch. Great cigar for a 30 min smoke with a nice drink.
4 out of 5
Good little cigars
They're perfect for when you're going to work. the only thing is that they have an after taste which is fine by me.
4 out of 5
Short Smokes
The La Aurora Leoninos are consistently excellent short smokes for the many occasions when you only have 15 or 20 minutes to light up. These are a good substitute for the typical hour long burner. The taste is a bit monochromatic without much variance, but quite good.
5 out of 5
Fine small cigar
well made and great smoke. I have burned many of these and can say consistent every time.
5 out of 5
An Exceptional Smoke
I would recommend this cigar to any women out there who are interested in losing their virginity (where a cigar is concerned). It is smooth, affordable, never harsh and lasts a good 30 mile ride which is how long I drive to work. I highly recommend Leoninos.
4 out of 5
La Aurora Leoninos Corojito Corojito.
If you like a nice tasty medium cigarillo... this is it. for the price and the number you get... cannot beat it. This is my 3rd time buying them. Great when you want a cigar but don't have time for the larger ones. This is like having a large cigar but in 30 - 40 min. You are done. Great golf cigars!
5 out of 5
Great little cigars
I call these my "dog walking"cigars. They are a great everyday smoke. Always consistent, well made and very smooth.
5 out of 5
La Aurora Leoninos Corojito Corojito 3-fer
One of my favorite light smokes. Great for when I only have a few minutes to enjoy a cigar.
Customer Testimonials
Let me first say, I had some reluctance in writing this review frankly because I want them all to myself. I fell in love with these 5 years ago when CI cleared out the larger sizes. I can smoke 3 of these little guys all day with no stress on the wallet. They are delicious any time of day or night.
Great value and taste!
These are an awesome little smoke. It's an amazing value and has turned into an everyday smoke for me. I've had other smaller cigars, but for me these have been by far the best. I've decided to put in another order and stock up my humidor. They're not complex at all, but very enjoyable and yummy. I have been made a fan for sure.
These little cigars are extremely flavorful with a very surprisingly amount of smoke and just as much flavor. If you are looking for a short smoke packed with flavor here you go. One can last me from 20 to 35 min depending on how fast I smoke.
Non smokers would walk by and say "I am not a smoker but those smell wonderful" These were my go to for quickies. Excellent smoke. Please bring back MORE!!
Having ordered the Leoninos in 100 blocks several times, I eventually found them to be not to my taste. As noted the construction and price are great.
Great short smokes, you don't feel guilty about giving some out to your friends. They last about 45 minutes a piece and if you smoke quick possibly 30 minutes. Lots of smoke produced, not the prettiest but very tasty. As a small cigar this is a great buy and a great smoke.
Great little smoke. I took a chance on these for my commute from work, was very surprised with them. Most cigarellos I've had were really lacking but these have great flavor & can usually get me about half way home before I'm putting it out. Great for commutes or a quick smoke while you're grilling up something tasty for dinner. If you haven't given them a try yet, go for it, they're definitely worth it, I usually get the 3-fer & keep them on hand in their own humidor so I'm always ready with them.
Good little cigar. Very good quality. Greatt buy!
These Corojitos aren't world-class cigars. They are rather inconsistent in appearance, ranging from presentable to homely to downright ugly on occasion. They are short filler, and if you're used to super premium cigars all day every day they aren't likely to satisfy you. If you are not used to short filler or small-format cigars, you're likely to get them burning hot. Now, coronas and petite coronas (and these coronas are quite petite indeed) actually happen to be one of my favorite shapes, so I'm fine with it, and frankly I'm not too picky about long vs. short filler, and at this narrow you wouldn't really get a big benefit from using long fillers anyway, in my opinion. These are not complex, and they're not flavor bombs. Also, right out of the package I didn't think they tasted all that great. Suitable to smoke, but not very good. More like drinking Bud Light than Chimay, to draw an analogy. That said, the price is right, and for less than the cost of a White Owl or Phillies blunt from the gas station, you get something that actually tastes like a cigar. I bought the three-for-one deal and got 75 cigars. That was somewhere around a year ago, and I still have a good handful left. They haven't changed dramatically, but they are better now, with a few rough edges having disappeared and even a little bloom. They still aren't fantastic, but they are extremely serviceable. If you don't mind small cigars and you don't expect an Opus X for well under a dollar, you might be pleasantly surprised. Overall, though, I have to say I prefer the Principes, even if they use a homogenized binder.
Got the cigarillos today in my order. Just had to give them a try. I was tickled pink to say the very least. I have to say that I am glad I went with the three fer. These spicy little guys are excellent. If they are still around when I order again yu can bet your socks I will grab another three fer,
I like these little smokes! Well built, burn evenly and very smooth. Since I do my cigar smoking outdoors, they're perfect this time of year when the threat of frostbite limits your smoke time.
This is a perfect smoke for when you don't have a lot of time. Big smoke in a small stick for a great price.
I am new to cigars, but this one I really liked. I even started my cigar judgement based on Leoninos. I wish they were also bigger in size.
The cigarillos are great. They are very smooth with a hint of sweetness. They last for a good 20-30min, although I've had them last for 45 at times. Just bought another 9 boxes :)
Awesome little cigars. Surprisingly smoothe and full flavored for such a little cigar. It really packs a wallop and is completely satisfying. I use these as tweeners when I don't have a lot of time to smoke a full size cigar. I luv em, pure excellence!!!
Got a 3 pack last week and put in humidor with CI humidity jar with blue jar and waited a few days.... all kinds of loose tobacco in mouth after every drag....
I have to revisit my earlier review of this little cigar. A couple weeks rest really smoothes these gems out! They were a bit bitter and harsh right off the truck, as stated not my favorite flavor profile, but they sure grew on me after a bit, just ordered 4 more boxes. Great value and quick smoke.
Caught a box of these on a special. Solid construction & burn. Just an okay smoke for me even at such a great price. Not my favorite flavor profile. I'll let them rest for a while longer to see if they improve.
Just get them. They are impressive, look great, taste great, and last almost an hour if you take it easy. Can't go wrong with anything from La Aurora.
Not bad for a high-quantity, cheap cigar. Though not the highest quality, still a great deal.
I love these little buggers! Normally smoke a big cigar (6 or 7 X 50) but when you're out and about and need to run outside for a short smoke, these are great. Great price, good taste, burn and draw. Definitely a keeper for what I use them for!
These are a fantastic deal! They look good, smell great, burn evenly, and are very satisfying. Thanks CI for another insane deal!!!
These little beauties bring back memories from past smoking events. the taste is still consistant with the La Aurora brand.
Tried the coronitos since they were on special and couldn't be more pleased with the value for the money. Perfect to take to work or whenever you don't have an hour to smoke. These little things are worth more than they're charging. Cons: Not overly pretty; Not very "complex"; sometimes underpacked. Pros: Cheap!; even burn and perfect draw; more smoke than expected for such a small cigar; more robust flavor than a cigarillo.
An aficionado would say the wrapper was a bit too veiny, but while this is not a $12 cigar, it certainly smokes like one- for about a quarter of the cost! The burn was relatively even, leaving solid ash up to a few inches in. I did have to puff on it every 20 seconds or so to keep it from going out. Perhaps another week in the humidor would have been a good idea. That said, this is a cigar you can smoke anytime or give out to your buddies and not feel guilty about it. Bottom line, if you're looking for a smooth weekday-to-weekend 'gar, this is the one. You're getting brand name (La Aurora) quality at bargain basement prices.
Pretty decent for an inexpensive cigar. Had to re-light a couple of times, one of my pet peeves, but the taste and draw is worthwhile.
It broke my heart when the #4's were listed as SOLD OUT. The morning ride to work hasn't been the same. They were better than some of the "Premiums" in my humi.
Just received a box of Churchills. Best 2 dollar cigar I have smoked in a long while. If you like Dominicans, you will love this cigar!
Great construction and nice burn with lots of smoke. Quite a nice smoke for the very low cost.
received two 5-packs of the robustos from last week's jam, the gars have been sitting at the post office for 3 days through the Labor Day weekend, fired one up today upon receipt; still yummy as evah
I just smoked my first Leoninos cigar today. I think it was the Robusto size. It came in a sampler grab bag of cigars I got from CI. Man, what a treat! It really took me by surprise at the flavor, draw and burn. For the price, this cigar is a great deal. I will be looking to purchase a box of these very soon.
First off a box of smoke from La Aurora for under $20 is straight nuts....But I still didn't expect much. I got a box of (La Aurora Leoninos) robustos just before heading for visit back home for Mardi Gras. This smoke was a real trooper it stood up to everything me and my Buddies tossed at it Beer, Whisky, single malts, etc..and not to mention the great meals. Leoninos is a great utility smoke great flavor and value for
The key to this bargain cigar (La Aurora Leoninos) is the corojo wrapper. Georgeous and tasty tasty with a fantastic aroma that caught me by surprise. The robusto lasts me nearly an hour and I don't exactly let my cigars smolder in the ashtray. CI, you guys keep bringing the heat with bargains like this! Just... Wow!
La Aurora Leoninos torpedo is the best, but regardless of size, let them rest for a couple months...they definitely improve with age
In the afternoon I had blown through a very meaty Cienfuegos Blazer which had picked me up from the four week constant rain which has plaqued Texas. Believe me, we are not used to this in June. After dinner I figured I should test the newly arrived Leoninos. As advertised, the "ruff hewn" texture was nothing to right home about. Not to mention, I have had some very average experiences with La Aurora entry level products, so I wasn't expecting much. Great light up, even burn, things are looking up. Volumous amounts of pure white smoke... Hey, what a bargain. The ash held true and burned even for over a 1/3 of the smoke. Holding an ash to me is snobby cigar talk but for the record I did bump the ash off. Bottom line, this sucker was one creamy delicious well made product. Not only will I keep it on hand for my lighter moments, but will proudly give it out to my friends who enjoy milder smokes. Well worth the bargain price that CI is asking for.