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Perdomo Tierra del Sol Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.24 out of 5 Based on 34 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Perdomo Tierra del Sol”

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3 out of 5
I would buy another box
Its not bad, real good for an every day smoker, The CI review is spot on.
2 out of 5
Perdomo Tierra del Sol Torpedo Maduro.
It is a fair smoke but rapped very loosely. It’s a quick burn without a great taste.
5 out of 5
Good Value.
Easy, cool draw. Even burn. Good taste.
3 out of 5
good value
I didn't get quite all the flavors others claimed at first...first couple were just ok...but with about a month in the humidor, for some reason, they mellowed out and turned out to be a good cigar at a good price.
2 out of 5
Not sure why so highly rated
Got these a while back and the first one I smoked after letting it hang out in the cooler wasn't too bad. A month later I grabbed a few for a trip with some buddies. Wasn't really impressed honestly -a little to earthy for me, though it wasn't overpowering it was there and not really something I remember tasting the first time I tried. After I finish this bundle, I highly doubt I'll get them again. I'll update my review in a few months as maybe they just need more time in the humidor.
4 out of 5
strong but smooth tobacco
strong but smooth tobacco
5 out of 5
Perdomo Tierra, Box pressed.
This is a great mild cigar and I will buy them again.
5 out of 5
Phenomenal choices at phenomenal prices.
I have been using CI for a few years now and they have not once let me down. I typically purchase 100 cigars per month to keep on hand. These sticks are always great priced and delivered quickly and in perfect shape. I have suggested them to colleagues for years and now I can mooch snakes off them.
5 out of 5
Great stick at a great price
great 2nd or 3rd stick of the day or night. With this price you cannot go wrong.
4 out of 5
I liked 'em. Good draw
I liked 'em. Good draw and suitable taste.
5 out of 5
Best bargain all year.
These babies were not what I expected...they were better. The flavor was outstanding. The amount of smoke time was perfect (about 9 holes). I couldn't have asked for a better deal! Thanks C.I.
5 out of 5
Great cigar, no complaints. I love the cigar, and love the price. Tasty
great cigar
5 out of 5
Perdomo lover
I’ve tried the Perdomo Tierra del Sol Toro and the the larger version as well. Both have good flavor and the characteristic nice draw of a Perdomo.
5 out of 5
Wow what a cigar
I have not been happy with some of the deals I have received from your company and your competitor but I figure you get what you pay for. What an eyeopener the last deal Perdpmo Tierra Sol Toro is a great cigar. I hope to be able to order them in the future.
5 out of 5
Nice all around
Smooth cigar Nice burn and very fresh...
5 out of 5
A cigar that is overwhelmingly Underpriced
From the first puff I was impressed with the smoothness of this cigar. It smokes evenly and holds it's flavor throughout the entire time. I would recommend this as cigar to be added to any humidor.
4 out of 5
Perdomo Tierra del Sol Torpedo Maduro
This is a great cigar. I got a box and tore right into them. The draw is effortless and it burns even every time. I enjoy the flavor not heavy kind of mild for a maduro. The construction is very good. I would rate this smoke 89-90 4 staar
5 out of 5
Butterscotch and cofee
For the price they are by far our favorite. The light colored stiicks have the most wonderful butterscotch flavor. The maduros are rch and complex and both have become out daily smoke. For as long as they last anyways.
4 out of 5
Chuck Jecminek
I have found these guys to be a smooth and mild smoke. I would buy them again. Because I am retired and on a fixed income, I usually only buy smokes that are on sale. These were a good selection.
4 out of 5
Good smoke - good value!
I have been smoking these cigars for several years now and find them to be just a good smoke for a small price. I particularly like the Maduros when I want a little more flavor. These cigars are uniformly made, with an easy draw and lots of smoke. I smoke almost exclusively Perdomo and Tierra del Sol is my choice while working or playing when I cannot give full attention to the smoke. I have the better Perdomos in the evening with friends and a toddy.
5 out of 5
... a wonderful thing...
I have been enjoying TDS for years now, as a part of the general rotation. When you can get them on a special it's well worth going deeper than usual to stockpile them. Great taste for the buck, and generally smoke very well. I give them 5 stars because they're better than an , or four star rating would suggest. I honestly can't recall having a 'bad' one. Seriously. That is a rare, fair thing in the cigar world, eh?
5 out of 5
Excellent for the money
Excellent for the money
5 out of 5
land of the setting sun ????
My el primo stick in all sizes. tell me its not true that you are droping this beauty.
4 out of 5
Perdomo Tierra del Sol Churchill
An enjoyable medium body smoke. Flavorable for the duration of the smoke. Not sure I prefer the “square” design but would buy again.
5 out of 5
Good Cigar!
Been ordering these for over six years and have always enjoyed them. Smooth taste and pleasant aroma with a consistent burn. I recommend them.
5 out of 5
Excellent daily afternoon cigar
For a good relaxing afternoon break this cigar fills the bill good smoke nice white ash great taste very mellow perfect smoke just kick and enjoy
5 out of 5
Simply Great
Fantastic Perdomo quality. Maduro or Conneticut are equally good. Nice long burn, can smoke down to a nub without getting harsh.
1 out of 5
Really kind of poor.
Honestly, not the best I've ever had. All the draw of trying to smoke a tree branch and the ash falls off on its own. Even if you manage to roll the ash off the cigar immediately goes out.
4 out of 5
Not a bad stick for
Not a bad stick for the price!
5 out of 5
Almost Perfect
I have had only 1 bad experience with CI out of all the years and all the orders I've recvd. Keep up the good work.
2 out of 5
good price
good yard work cigar
4 out of 5
A nice afternoon smoke at
A nice afternoon smoke at afair price.
5 out of 5
Great cigar at a good price...
Lots of smoke, great flavor, loved them...
4 out of 5
Very good wrapper great taste
Very good wrapper great taste
Customer Testimonials
This is probably the best medium bodied cigar in the Perdomo line. It is my favorite cigar for the money.
Excellent cigar! Great taste. Great draw. Great burn. Great price. This is my new everyday cigar after the Corazon ceased to exist.
If you really love a good Perdomo and you like to save some $$$, you should give these a shot. Flavorful and rich, these draw beautifully. To say they're box-pressed is a bit of an understatement; they're actually rectangular in cross section.
Nice smoke, especially for 2.50 a stick. Well constructed, burns well. The flavor is interesting, a bit different than any other cigar I've tried. I had the natural wrapper. The description speaks of a tangy flavor. Yep, its tangy but in a good way. I liked this one, and for the price its worth a try.
Good cigar, enjoy!
Excellent Cigar for the money. The first one I had did not seem to follow how others had reviewed. I thought I was going to have to suck it up and struggle through the rest of the bundle, but the following day I had another one and it was delicious. I have not had another bad one since, I mention that only in case others encounter anything similar. I recall someone else mentioning Perdomo Lot 23 in their review, I can definitely see where that came from and for the price I will be keeping a supply of these in my humidor.
After reading all of the great reviews on this cigar I had to try them. I placed an order for a box of the 7.5x42 which is a much smaller ring size than I normally smoke. When they arrived the first thing I noticed was the box press shape. For some reason I never saw that these were made in that style. Not being a fan of pressed cigars, I started to send them back but changed my mind & fired one up. What a huge mistake that would have been by not trying this cigar. In spite of its shape, from the very start this was a great smoke. The flavor keeps your attention with the way it seems bold but smooth as silk. You can't say it is mild yet neither is it strong. Enough spice to please your palate, with plenty of smoke. Even with the 42 ring size I got more than an hour of smoking pleasure. An even burn with long ash adds to the beauty of this stick. When you consider the price, this is a must try cigar that I will add to future orders.
These are extremely inexpensive torpedoes. I'd say they need some time and don't smoke 'em ROTT. With some humidor time they improve to the point they become more what I believe they aspire to. I think they're a bit rough around the edges at first. Initially, I thought they were white pepper and not much more. They burn nice enough, if a bit fast, but they get more of the earthy element when they have about 6-months age. At that point they remain peppery and have some darker, more earthy, tastes to balance out better. This will never, I think, be my "go to stick", but with a little patience they become decent. What must be kept in mind is the supreme low price and a degree of patience. If tempered with age and reason they're compelling within reason.
Tierra del Sol maduros are an awsome smoke for the $. Always tasty with an easy draw. Just a good everyday cigar that never disappoints.
I'm like TC from Chicago... Yeah, I know I should lay down freshly-shipped stogees in one of my humidors for at least a week before I sample the goodies. However, knowing that Nick Perdomo has never let me down so far, I fired one up last week, the day they arrived. First, no ammonia aroma coming out of the sleeve. Next, effortless draw yields a mighty plume of smooth fragrance across my palate. Okay guys, they've napped for a week... I can't help myself... I'm gonna fire one up tonight after dinner.
I have a couple humidors with a mess of brands. I always come back to a Tierra del Sol and always enjoy it. The first half tastes a bit like maple syrup and the second like butterscotch. To be picky it's a little soft and can burn hot, otherwise an excellent choice for lots of flavor and a surprising kick. Oh, and go with the natty and not the maddy.
Not a bad smoke overall (corona), some good flavor and aroma. A little underfilled, I would have preferred a little more heft. Not one of Perdomo's best. Definitely a lower end cigar.
WOW what a tasty smoke. Got a five pack of the double corona, it looks like a chocolate bar. Damn fine cigar, very creamy and smooth. keep it up Nick and CI.
32 reviews at this point... the 33rd being written by me... and not ONE bad one. I don't know that I've seen that before. Usually there is one crank in the bunch, or an unlucky soul who got a bad bundle, right? But not here. I don't know how they do it, but for a very reasonably priced cigar, Perdomo is getting some outstanding consistency. I've been smoking these for several years now, as part of the regular rotation, and I've never had a bad one... ever. They do draw beautifully, and they do burn faster than others, but not hot... just fast. But you don't care, because it was good and fast, and it tasted great, and if you want, you can light up another right away because, hey, they don't cost an arm and a leg. Perfect for those times when you don't have an hour and a half or two hours to smoke a great cigar, but you don't wanna choke down one of the cheapies you got suckered into buying the other day. They aren't expensive, but the word "cheap" never enters your mind when you're smoking them. Seriously.
Ok, I smoke TONS of cigars. Ive tried at least 15 different brands over the last month. Other than the Excalibur, this is by far the best legal cigar i've had. This is by no means a long lasting stick(45 minutes MAX), but it is VERY tasty. The first inch off the torpedo is very peppery, then it mellows out into a very toasty, medium flavored taste, with a slight coffee aftertaste. The nub once again goes to pepper, but not to the point that its overpowering. The draw varies with the cut, but I found it almost effortless, and the burn is pretty even, leaving a solid white ash which will grow to almost 2 inches if you let it. This is now my favorite Perdomo product and I would recommend it to anyone as a great daily smoke at a great price!
Must admit that the Bugatti lighter for 10 bucks with purchase of a bundle of 20 had a lot to do with my purchase of this cigar. But I can also admit that it will have nothing to do with purchase of my next bundle of these beauties. This is a very good cigar and will always have a place in my humidor.
Ah, Nick's been at it again, I see. The man just cannot touch a cigar blend without making it into one of his signature blends, it seems. If you like Perdomo cigars, you're going to like this one. If you need to economize, like I do, you're gonna just LOVE this cigar. This is the 2 buck chuck I throw into my pocket whenever I go somewhere, especially in the morning. But I could honestly smoke these all day long. I have to think that he makes his own Maduro leaves, 'cause everyone I've smoked is better than the last one. I have just found no better anywhere, no matter which cigar from him it's been on.
I just got these cigars last night. I know i am suppose to keep them in the box for a bit and then smoke them. I just couldn't wait... lite one up last night... was very impressed with it. I typically smoke punch, macanudos, romeo and juliet. These had a very smooth smoke and nice draw. I am sure once it age a little longer, the taste will get even better. I highly recommend these to anyone. Another comparable cigar that I love from Perdermo is the slow age lots. These are very similar.
Wow! 27 testimonials. You won't find so many for other cigars. Since I smoked my first cigar (Cuban's Romeo & D), I have decided to try various brands to find out what my tong like. One brand that always satisfies me is CAO. When I was on one of the cigar shows I had a chance to shake hands with Nick Perdomo. His cigars rarely disappoint me. This one, as many folks mentioned, surprised me, too. On my personal scale, the Natural deserved 94 and the Maduro - 98. Yes, it's my personal scale. I don't buy anything below my 94 score. This cigar beats Perdomo 2 (once my favorite, also pressed). I did not find ANY bite in this cigar at all. It is smooth to the end, and for the advertised price it's unbeatable. I just ordered one more pack.
I had my first Tierra del Sol yesterday and came away quite impressed. The pressed cigar kinda feels really cool in your hand and belies the fact that the pull on this cigar is effortless. I just left a rave review of the Perdomo Habano Torpedo Maduro as looks like I will be smoking mucho Perdomos in the future!!!!
Thought i ordered the Camaroon but got the Maduro... My bad. Maduro is a bit on the peppery side for me, and i like a strong cigar. Nice burn and roll.
Very nice wrapper on the maduro robusto. Smooth but tasty smoke. Will Order again. i would rate The Tierra Del Sol an 89. Thanks CI! This is my 3rd very Satisfied order. Tried other guys, but ci is the BEST! Thanks again!
Ok 1st things 1st. When I received mine the first thing I noticed was how good they looked. Almost looks like a chocolate bar cut into a torpedo:) I (and it was hard) placed them in the humi for a week then couldn't take it any longer. Guess what Nick Perdomo does not disappoint! This cigar taste great! Draw is great, burns even, if I look for something bad I smoked the Torpedo in about 20 minutes. Really like 30-40 minutes at least out of a torpedo. I wrote a review about Bahia Blue and how I would buy more, not sure now, depends if I have money left over from buying more Tierra Del Sol. For the money buy them or don't and I'll have more to buy. Keep burning.
I got these (Tierra del Sol) a week or so back and put them in my humidor. Pulled one out today and fired it up. I was impressed from the first puff on. It had a nice burn, even draw, and was consistent right down to the end. I would suggest that you give this one a try. It was exactly as described as everything from CI always is.
Great cigar for the price. I am a big believer in finding the perfect smoke for the money and due to hard times I must continue not to indulge for my marriage sake...with that said this smoke will be a keeper. Raw scent seems a little harsh but the taste is not, smoke really gets better half way through and the end is also as good. Do not compare with other Mocha cigars as this one is not, and really is mild for a Maduro class. Smooth and creamy and burns great.
I absolutly love the smokes (Tierra del Sol), I have only had the maduro has anyone tried the other wrapper and what is it??? These are my daily smokes, in fact I truly believe they are better than about 75% of the premium smokes out there. Enjoy everyone I know I will!
These Tierra DEl Sol cigars were a very plesant surprise. These cigars have a nice easy draw and a smooth taste. They make a great tasty cigar for relaxing with friends and CI has them at a great price. I will always keep a supply of Tierra Del Sol's in my humi from now on. I highly recommend you Buy'em and Try'em!
Tierra del Sol is definitely a good smoke for chump change. Bought these prior to flying to Germany (not to mention the stash I placed in my humi) and they definitely hit the spot. Good clean smoke, nice slow burn, flavorful white smoke = Tierra del Sol. Grab this one while you can folks, I plan too!!!!
These sticks are a steal at these prices. Tierra del Sol cigars are tasty little numbers, not too strong, not too weak, just right. They have the right amount of spicyness, a great aroma and they smoke evenly with lots of smoke from an easy draw. What else can you ask for? Get your hands on these while you can. They are a great every day cigar.
Just smoked my last one from a purchase a few months ago. One of my cigar swapping buddies is a hound for La Gloria Cubana Serie R. Everything he smokes he compares to his favorite La Gloria's....he came back with a real "Thumbs Up" approval for Terra del Sol. Now I hope he buys a bundle and gives me a couple because I enjoy it more than the La Gloria's. I just love this square pressed beauty with the ample ring guage, rich flavor, and smooth draw it definetly provides some serious smoking enjoyment. I think it's better than Perdomo Lot 23.
I definetly recomend the Tierra Del Sol to anybody who has not tried it yet. It is a mostly med body smoke but it will linger towards the full body area a little with lots of flavor and some hints of hot pepper spice every now and then. But that seemed to mellow out after sitting in my humidor for about a week or so. Good construction, and well worth the money!!
This is hands-down a no brainer to pick up (Tierra del Sol). Price, flavor, draw - Nick has done the impossible. I just wish I had more room in the humidor for more. It's all Joe's fault and his daily deals.
I literally got my shipment of them (Tierra del Sol) 20 minutes ago and was going to let them age in my humidor... after about 10 minutes, I had to have one. I'm normally a mild smoker and these are a little stronger than that but very smooth. Great thick smoke, which I enjoy, and an amazing smell and taste. A top-quality cigar... the priced like a cheap machine-made one.
After a few days in the humidor, I thought it was time to try one of these maduro torpedos (Tierra del Sol). I can only add to what already has been said ... nice easy draw, beautiful construction, rich sweet smoke. Great with a Belgian Saison or Trippel Ale.
I have been smoking cigars seriously and consistently for 5 years now, after trying over 200 brands and cig makers. I had finally settled in to 4 favorits all from Nicquariqa and all maduro. Ater smoking Nick Perdomo new "Tierra Del Sol", I now have 5th favorite. What a great smoke!! Now, I just hope Nick doesn't change any part of this new cigar. What a jewel of a smoke.
This is a must for anyone looking for quality and price (Tierra del Sol). I picked a few of these up last time they were a "deal of the day" and have been patting myself on the back for my shrewd bargain shopping (and I mean BARGAIN). These provide a nice mellow earthy flavor with just a twinge of spice and are spot on for someone looking for a quiet relaxing smoke; or as in my case, get lit about the 3rd or 4th hole on the front nine and last to the start of the back. Even if I can't get my game to work for me that day, I do get some solace that I did it while enjoying one of these tasty little beauties.
1: It's VERY difficult to buy a bad Perdomo Cigar. 2: When the thing costs as little as $1.50 it takes very little grey matter to decide what to buy. The Tierra Del Sol is, in my view, an excellent cigar regardless of the cost. Beautiful construction, lovely pre-light aroma, absolutely even burn and excellent flavour. There is now a bundle of them in the #1 humidor.
I ordered a batch of the Tierra Del Sol a couple of weeks back and when they arrived I was smack in the middle of a case of bronchitis. I stared at my humidor for about a week and a half thinking about my new sticks. I am happy to say I was finally able to smoke one today with two of my buddies. We loaded up our guns, went to the range and had a M-1 day. We then celebrated my not being sick anymore with a glorious smoke. Guns, good friends, great cigars, awesome day!
Just a note to thank you guys for a superior cigar at an affordable price (Tierra del Sol)! I was startled at the quality when I first lit up. You can count on this being my everyday cigar from now on...
Gun....check....Mask....Check....Computer key board.....check....ready to steal Tierra Del Sol from CI at the prices they are selling it for....double check. Hey, you have got to be kidding me. I am so becoming a big time CI customer I can't even tell you. I used to buy cigars from that bunch from New Jersey by way of North Carolina, but....I am seeing the light...and as for the wonderful people from Perdomo, I can't even begin to describe how much I LOVE the stuff they make. This cigar by the way might be the steal of the century. $39 for box pressed torpedo's of this quality just blows me away. It is a great time to be a cigar smoker, especially if you team up with CI and Tabacalera Perdomo!!!
I purchased a box of these Perdomo’s(Tierra del Sol)and wow they are good. These have a sweet flavor with a hint of chocolate. My brother who never buys cigars he just smokes mine (but I don’t mind) and is new to cigars looks at my entire collection and wants this cigar every time. I offer him some other top rated smokes and he looks at them and wants this cigar again and again. I looked and I have 4 left, they are plumed like you would not believe. I will be buying another box of these soon, you know for my bro!
Thanks C/I ! Just got my order today and tried one of these (Tierra del Sol), what a great cigar! I'm smoking the Torpedo Maduro at the moment and must say it's excellent all around. Construction, appearance everything I'd expect from a Perdomo. This will now be a regular in my humidor. Thanks, B
I purchased some "Tierra Del Sol" by Perdomo about 8 months ago and LOVED them!!! Only problem now is that you can't keep my size in stock now. My size is the Corona (6.5 x 42) Maduro. I would like to get all the information I can to find how I can get these as soon as matter the price. I love this mag and your site. If I could get on like an auto order I would order one bundle a month...please help!
Ordered a bundle of your Tierra Del Sols. A great smoke, smooth, great construction, an easy draw. The best bundled cigar I have ever smoked. I have already ordered another bundle. Just like your ad said, "when Nick Perodmo is on - He's on".
Just finished off a couple of Tierra Del Sol by Perdomo. What a fantastic smoke, great taste, smooth draw and aroma that make you want to inhale deeply. A cigar that lives up to all the hoopla that you write about. YUMMY YUMMY!!