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Torano Exodus Gold 1959 Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.53 out of 5 Based on 17 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Torano Exodus Gold 1959”

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5 out of 5
Great cigar
The Torano Exodus is simply one of the best cigars on the market and you can't go wrong at CI prices.
5 out of 5
Historically one of my favorite brands is the Torano line.
Just two months ago I smoked my very last Toano Trillogy - God I miss those. What a fine job they did making those, so smooth with a very fine and slightly sweet tobacco flavor on the finish. The Exodus is my cigar o choice for the replacement of the Trillogy. Out of the box the cigar is somewhat harder than the Trillogy, but smells almost the same. After a week in the humidor it burns nicely and has a pleasant, but sharp aroma on the after burn. It mellows nicely and pairs well with a GOOD cup of coffee or strong craft beer. I will continueto buy these until Torrano stops making them. Now if we just get some more boxes of the Robusto sized Prensanados from Alec Bradley we would be golden.
5 out of 5
The Carlos Torano Cameroon beauty.
Loved them, though a little stronger than I thought they should be, but enjoyable.
5 out of 5
Great Cigars
These are the best cigars that I have smoked.
5 out of 5
Consistently, the most well rounded smoke..
Consistently, the most well rounded smoke.. Full. slow burning with a solid flavor & aroma...
5 out of 5
Excellent cigar
Excellent cigar.
5 out of 5
Great Cigar
Good flavor and aroma, enjoyed the good smoking experience.
2 out of 5
Torano Exodus gold 59 Double Corona
Good tasting but the draw was enough the cross your eyes and fold your ears. Solved issue with a "draw poker". Now the burn is even and you get about an hour of enjoyment. Will not purchase again. Gene
5 out of 5
A current favorite
This is a smooth Maduro, packed with flavor, burns evenly and has become a staple in my humidor. Offered one to a cigar-experienced buddy and he was blown away.
5 out of 5
My purchases are always a pleasant expirence and cigars are of highest quality never are dry or to moist. Excellent place to deal with
5 out of 5
Torano1959 robusto
I got one of these in your sampler pack at one time. It stood out from the pack. I have since ordered a box a couple of times. It smokes very nice and I usually smoke it down to a roach without it getting hot or funky. Great flavor. I have given some to my smoker friends and they also have ordered a box. With all of the cigar choices out there, this has risen to the top of my list.
5 out of 5
Great Service
I’m in the military and live over seas. I always get what I ordered and it comes quickly. Great company with great prices
3 out of 5
Torano Exodus Goild
Nice middle of the road smoke.
4 out of 5
Good Service
Ordering from CI is a breeze. The Torano's I received arrived on time, were fresh and delicious, and were purchased at a reasonable price.
3 out of 5
OK Cigar but Not Great!
Torano makes some very good cigars but this offering strikes me as just, OK, and not striking, maybe an 80-82 rating. Kudos on construction and consistency of burn, and I don't take that for granted. The attention getting flavor is not there but I will give credit where credit is due. I prefer a stronger impact with richer and more complex fillers. I am not done trying Torano sticks, but would not go for this cigar again. I may, however, be just what you are looking for, however! CI customer service is top notch, that is one consistent fact!
5 out of 5
New kid in my box
The absolutely beautiful and flavorful Torano Exodus 1959 box pressed robusto has officially been designated as my every day cigar. I only wish I had discovered these masterfully blended and rolled beauties long ago. Always a perfect draw and burn, packed with rich flavors and aromas. Spice, leather freshly ground coffee and a slightly sweet finish. This is a no brainer for medium to full aficionados and at a reasonable price. And for dessert I choose the Torano Exodus 1959 50 years! Try one and you will understand what I mean. Thanks CI
5 out of 5
Consistently great
this has developed into my favorite cigar over the years. Consistently great. I have had better cigars but they are typically two to three times more expensive but not nearly twice as good.
Customer Testimonials
Got one of these in a sampler pack. Gotta say my expectations for this Torano Exodus Gold 1959 were blown away. From the first puff to the last puff my mouth was watering and wanting more. By far one of my favorite cigars at a very, very good price.
6/4/15 When I stopped by my local liquor store today on my way home from work, I saw that they are carrying these in their walk-in. Having heard and read so much hype, I decided to pick one up. (Months ago, I had tried the Noventa and did NOT love it.) 3 words, ladies and gents: BELIEVE THE HYPE!!! I will be ordering...
Back around the late 90's/early 2000's this was perhaps my favorite cigar. Today it is still a very enjoyable smoke and I have a supply in one of my humidors. Back then you couldn't get a Flor De Las Antillas (1st one I had instantly made me think of a Torano Exodus Gold) or a La Herencia Core. Both are similar to a Torano (and both a little better in my opinion) but are also more expensive. One thing that Torano has going for it is that it comes in one of the most beautiful boxes you will ever see. My girlfriend wanted a box for her jewelry and she instantly picked this one out of my collection.
Rich fruit flavor well balanced by cedar; a very satisfying smoke. Great value.
Just an OK stick. If you want a bit more flavor opt for the Exodus 1959 50 Year.
Very easy to light. Excellent construction, draw and burn. Voluminous smoke output that is thick on palate with a creamy texture. Medium strength with medium to full flavors. Sweet tobacco flavor on lips with cold draw. Once lit, flavors of deep sweet tobacco, rich coffee and hints of black cherry mid palate. A very soft medium length finish of toasted caramel, cream and nuts.
Smooth tasting cigar and long burn. Beautiful cigar with robust flavor. Great after a meal.
I found this to be an excellent quality cigar, one of the best put together cigars I have smoked, Having only been smoking about a year I don't have a lot to go on, but this one was good enough for me to give it a review. Great quality, great fill and burn. I have actually come to make sure this one is always present in my collection. Being a new cigar smoker it is a little heavy for me, but such great quality it is a pleasure to just enjoy smoking it.
A fabulous smoke. Need I say more?
Well the smoke was overall pleasant. I actually quite enjoyed it. The foot was good, smooth draw rich thick smoke and initially mild. The flavor soon turned heavily into smoked walnut with oak notes in the body. Going into the finish the smoke dried out and had some bitterness, but not excessively. I agree with one other review that the finish was spicy; I got flavors of pepper and nutmeg. Overall a great cigar, it was rolled excellent, top notch! Average burn and fairly consistent, the ash was short and light white with a gray ring inside. I see why they ranked this 90+
Best cigar taste, smoke & burn when I get a good one. Trouble is, they are all not good ones in the box. But still worth it just to get the "spot on" one every other time.
Just had my first Torano Exodus 1959. I could go on about complexities and flavor but I'm afraid it might come off as a MadLib love letter. I will say that if I win the lottery quitting my job and smoking these all day every day is a real possibility.
I've got a question for everyone on this cigar. I'm kind of new to cigars I have purchased about a hundred in the past 4 months. I have toranos gurkhas all sorts of stuff. when I got these cigars I ordered the 6x60s. I let them sit in my humi for about 3 weeks and fired one up. It was very bitter,I tried a robusto from the flight sampler and was blown away. Love at first smoke. Should I let them sit longer? I'm not sure what to do, can one of my fellow cigar enthuasiast help me out?
Got 10 of these Bad Boys since I've never tried the Torano's Cigars and after sparking one up, "WOW"!! I got hooked!! I ended up buying more and I normally smoke one after work. My Family and Friends Love smelling the Aroma of these great Cigars. I will always have these in my humidor for sure!
The Carlos Torano Exodus Gold 1959 is one of my favorite cigars. Very consistant and a med/full, closer to medium smoke. Roasted coffee, Cocoa and Black Cherry abound. What no one ever mentions is the wrapper... it has to be the best smelling wrapper out there. Very enjoyable cigar indeed. The ratings are pretty accurate, but I would grade it just a bit higher.
The first two I smoked out of a 10pk were a little immature, but still good... After a month of humidor settling, I lit the third- and understood where those 90+ ratings came from. The first two thirds were flavorful and well worth a 94 rating, but the last third (while still good) was a little too spicy and burned a bit hot. My favorite cigars are typically one's I can smoke to my fingertips with no real heat, but that said, this was a very enjoyable cigar, and well worth checking out regardless of the extra heat towards the nub. Overal I'd give this a solid (and conservative) 90.
loved this smoke. Flavorful and well balanced. tasted various flavors in it. Burned consistently start to finish.
i'd have to say the robusto is one of those hard to find best bang for your buck!
I tried one of these after reading the Torano interview in CA magazine. This is one of my new favorites. This smoke is mild yet full of flavor. Hats off to Torano for a great smoke at a great price.
The (Torano Exodus 1959 Gold) was the first maduro I ever tried when I got into cigars with my navy and marine buddies. Over 4 years later, tons of all flavors, many maduros, these are still one of my all time favorites. My humi has always had a few in stock from the beginning. The Toranos know how to make a rich,cocoa lovers stick!!
This is an absolutely delicious smoke (Torano Exodus 1959). I am rather new to cigars, but in my short cigar life, this is the best I have had. Chocolately, oily, rich, robust, but sooo smooth. Loved it.
One of my new favorites (Torano Exodus 1959). What's not to like. Smooth and satisfying, and a great price at CI.
It's always a pleasure to find a new favorite for the humi. That would be the "Carlos Torano Exodus 1959". Semi sweet, creamy and some pepper. Dee-lish. A flavor explosion. Very satisfied with this cigar. Rated a solid 91.
This mild-plus Toro was very enjoyable (Torano Exodus 1959). A perfect draw combined with a perfectly even burn, firm ash and pleasant flavour makes this slightly box-pressed cigar a good choice.
I tried the corona 1959, and it was a good stick, but the allure of the box-pressed symetry of the Signature 1959 tickled my curiosity. I troed one... and well, hurriedly grabbed another. From the very first draw after crafting the burn on one of these babies is sweet, complex and bobied. Not heavy -- not too light but I wouldn't label it a medium body. It's just good, very... very good. It can box with Ashton's VSG brand for smoothness, and that is hard to do. It has a subtle spice to it, the aroma is delicate and spicy. The flavor is what really makes this a winner. Sweet, subtle... but still a man's cigar. It has made my cabinet. My rate this stick: 90
the Carlos Torano signature edition is outstanding... my favorite smoke by far. I have 2 Exodus 1959 that are sitting in my humidor...may try one soon
This (Torano Exodus 1959)is one fine, rich smoke!
Carlos Torano himself told me this is his favorite cigar he makes. He than proceeded to talk me out of buying a box of Casa Toranos and buy a box of Exodus 1959. I did so w/o ever trying one and well, Chuck didnt tell me no lies.
I smoked the Torpedo (Carlos Torano Exodus 1959) with a glass of nice scotch for a wonderful smoking experience. The smoke is pleasing and aromatic and the smoking was very satisfying. I paid retail for this single cigar and felt that it was worth the price.