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SWAG Limitado '99 Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “SWAG Limitado '99”
“When I first saw these cigars on CI, I thought that it was a very bold name for a newer company. But due to the name and packaging, I decided to indulge and try them out. The day the arrived the smoke was great, but it did have a little bite to it and some of the subtleties of it were lost. The other day I revisited the SWAG's and pulled one out of the humidor where it had been sitting for a couple months. WOW! The oils had really surfaced on the cigar, and the flavors had really mellowed out in the smoke. It was a nice, smooth, almost buttery feel with all the power and flavor you'd expect from a medium-full cigar. The more subtle tastes, no longer covered by the initial harshness the cigar had right of the box, really came to my attention: I was able to note an almost fruity undertone that was very pleasant. This was a surprisingly wonderful cigar that definitely deserves the SWAG it carries. If you have the cash (and especially a little room in the humidor) I definitely recommend these bad boys.”
JR of Des Peres, MO
“Just got them yesterday and couldn't wait...had to have one NOW! And what a fantastic smoke this is! Had been wanting to try them but kept putting them bad! Love these smokes! Smooth all the way through but so much flavor that it won't bore you at all.”
MJ of Kenmare, ND
“Saw the Limitado '99 advertised in a magazine and I was skeptical of trying a relatively new brand at such a premium price. CI's Blunderman's Bonanza had them for a ridiculously low price, so I rolled the dice. Best cigar deal I've gotten in the last 12 years of smoking. I've smoked a few and have been very impressed. Ordered another box and even took a chance on the original SWAG (still waiting for them to come in). Even burn, easy draw, great full flavor and tons of billowing smoke. Definitely worth taking a chance on these, you will be impressed. I am no longer a skeptic of SWAG!”
TK of Warwick, RI