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Sancho Panza Extra-Fuerte Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Sancho Panza Extra-Fuerte”
I've been a loyal fan of the Sancho Panza brand for a number of years. The Extra Fuerte is an excellent cigar when you are in the mood for a fuller bodied smoke with a little extra kick. I'd rate the EF right up there with some of the super premiums, but at a fraction of the cost. As always CIs prices and service are great!!. I'd highly recommend the Extra Fuerte to anyone who enjoys a full bodied cigar
JM of Cumbola, PA
In my view, the Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte is a fine cigar and certainly not over-priced. It smells good to start with, give an very good draw and even burn. It's got plenty of strength without a hint of harshness and offers a fine smoke from one end to the other. I'm certainly a Sancho Panza fan.
MM of Leesburg, VA
Ever since trying, and becoming a fan of the Sancho Panza Double Maduro, I thought I'd give the Extra Fuerte a try. I was not disappointed. Hearty and smooth flavor just like its bretheren, but with a spicy kick added, and very consistent from one cigar to the next. Now this cigar also remains a regular fixture in my humidor.
DP of Pinehurst, NC
if you want to be pleasantly surprised (and as cigar lovers, isnt that the greatest?) pick up any of the Sancho Panza cigars. for me, the Extra Fuerte is perhaps my favorite. just give em a month or so in the humi and you will be walking into flavor country with the strike of a match. they usually dont go higher than 5-6 bucks you will not feel bad spending too much on a cigar that, to be honest, wont be voted the prettiest girl at the prom but dammit she's got personality. a solid 88.
MC of Azusa, CA
Sancho Panza Extra-Fuerte Been drooling over these in the CI (You guys ROCK!) catalog for some time and finally decided to break the seal and grab some. Padron/ Rocky Edge fans rejoice! Great flavor from the first puff with a finish that makes you want to light another right up. Full flavor but not too strong even at the nub. Better get some before I buy them out.... Thanks CI.
W of WAtlanta, GA
Bang for the buck, one of the best cigars available. Great flavor, near perfect draw... can't go wrong picking up a box of these sticks!
JB of Coon Rapids, MN
This cigar is another fine blend (Sancho Panza Extra-Fuerte) by Sancho Panza.I find myself keeping these beauties in stock by the boxes. The flavor is excellent, with a mellow grand taste. The construction of this cigar is awesome. SMokes cool and consistent. A very good cigar. One you should at least try. For the medium to full flavor.This cigar is a favorite of mine.
KD of Broken Arrow, OK
I've yet to have a " Madrid " that was anything but REAL good ! Seem to be consistently well rolled and have that extra full taste you come to expect with the Red label ' extra fuerte ' line of Sancho Panza, also think highly of the Double Maduro escudero guys too ! ! !
VT of Blue Springs, MO
I agree with cs, that a little time in the humidor makes this a great cigar, but if you can't wait its ok because its a fantastic smoke. just the right amount of pepper, a perfect draw and construction, smooth and tasty to the nub.
MS of Milford, CT
Picked these up on the Jambalaya and let me say I was more than pleased by the smooth strength and flavor of this cigar. Full strength with no harshness whatsoever. Don't sleep on this one.
SA of Jackson, MS
It’s not as pretty, or complex or as high performance as all those twice the price boutique brands but it stands on its own for value, taste and consistency. I let one sit for six months in the humidor marinating. Came out strong and smooth blanketing the palate with a solid leather core, a dark wine tartness, and cloying earthiness you’d expect in a full bodied cigar. Recommended as a go to cigar when others fall short from their price tagged expectations.
LH of Marysville, CA
This is an absolutely excellent brand. If you would like to mellow them a bit let them set for six months. They are just EXCELLENT!!!
CS of Rock Springs, WY
You won't go wrong with these. Forget the cheap price and order one or two "vitolas." I will send anyone who thinks these stink some free top dogs and they won't be any better.
CS of Rock Springs, WY
Been searching for a bargain priced, great tasting, and full-bodied cigar on C.I. for a long time. Finally found it! I have been so pleased with the Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte line (love the Madrid size) and its great build quality, taste, and full-bodied flavor. I can't recommend this highly enough. Keep up the good work S.P. and thank you C.I. for selling them at such an incredible price!!!
GQ of Simi Valley, CA
I'm in Afghanistan right now deployed. And around month 2 here people started smoking cigars, and I did not know much about cigars, but I know that I liked strong cigars that leave you light headed after words. And being the rank I am I cant afford smoke 5-8 dollar cigars on daily basis. So I decided to try this cigar, and I smoke about 2 a day, when I had my first cigar I was impressed, and as time went by they got even better, the price is great and they do draw smoothly which I cant say about many cigars. When I smoke cigars I usually think when is the kick gona happen? with this cigar before you know it, its there already. Its really good. This a great cigar, the price is great, its just really good cigar especially if you don't want to spend to much money. I thought to my self to save money and not buy anymore but 2 weeks after I was out I could not wait anymore so I just bought 2 more boxes. If you reading this and your shopping cart is full and you looking for that last box of cigars, this is it. You wont regret it.
VJ of Klamath Falls, OR
Can't believe this cigar only costs what it does. Thick, rich smoke. Pleasant aroma, and to top it off, it's freakin delicious. What more can you ask for? They are easily as good as anything twice their price. The humidor will rarely be without some of these.
I am not a man inclined toward brand loyalty. I figure quality talks and, perhaps, that justifies saying, "that brand is the best." Experience taught me that Levi's is my go to blue jean, period. Pick a number, see which line looks and feels the best according to my taste. Just like my .40 caliber Glock 22. It fits, feels good and delivers every time. I started with the Sancho Panza Dulcinea when I wanted to try a high-rated milder smoke. A bounty of expletives gushed at my involuntary excitement. Yes, the outermost wrap seemed a little loose in my hand, but it was exquisite construction that delivered. So, when I ventured further into this company & tried the double maduro I was so impressed that I asked," What else do these guys have?" I am writing this as I work my way into the final 3rd of the Extra-Fuerte, and I'll be damned… Man up, boys and girls. This is the real deal. And you simply cannot beat the price for this kind of quality. "With a rebel yell… more, more, more!"
PS of Decatur, GA
I have purchased many boxes of the Extra Fuerte. Usually I purchase the ring sizes leaning toward Churchill, and the EF has always been consistent and better than most cigars, even if I spent a lot more money on other cigars. But as good as this cigar is, I found myself hot boxing the Churchill sizes wanting something more from the Extra Fuerte, even if I didn't know what that something was. I purchased another box of EF a month, or less, ago, but this time I purchased the Madrid size, which I had never smoked. I also purchased 5 or 6 boxes of other brands that cost much more apiece, some of which were new to me, but they all had high accolades on reviews with corresponding prices to match the esteemed wisdom of the reviewers . I have sampled them all, but ole Sancho put them all to shame. When I smoked my first Madrid, WOW and WHOOPEE! It had everything I wanted, looks, bite, price, I could go on and on, but you may not like it so don't get carried away. If everyone catches on to this brand it will explode in prices like other cigars I think are good such as Hogshead, etc. and I don't want that. I have smoked my last Madrid, and I am on here now buying some more.
OM of Orangeburg, SC
Indeed, this cigar is full strength! It is very robust in flavor and truly fits the profile.
EW of Virginia Beach, VA