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San Lotano Connecticut Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.82 out of 5 Based on 11 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “San Lotano Connecticut”

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5 out of 5
San Lotano Conneticut Churchill
Great Cigar-wonderful taste,even burning-one of my favorites!
5 out of 5
San Lotano CT Torpedo
Excellent cigar, just excellent! Burns evenly, tastes great, well-constructed. The highest recommendation!
5 out of 5
Connecticut Lancero
I love the AJ line. This is really the only Connecticut that I smoke. Lots of smoke, smooth draw, great taste, even burn. What's not to love!
5 out of 5
Great cigar: great wrapper, great
Great cigar: great wrapper, great taste, burns evenly. A real quality cigar. My neighbors are envious!
4 out of 5
Solid Smoke
This falls into the "not your grandfather's connecticut." If you like a solid medium Ct with alot of flavor, this wont disappoint. Check out MMAO, and you cant go wrong.
5 out of 5
Fast shipping, great cigars at great prices
Wonderful deal and very fast shipping!
4 out of 5
Go to Cigar
San Lotano are my go to cigars. No matter the occasion, may it be the golf course, or on the patio with a glass of port they are great. They have a great draw and hold their flavor from start to finish.
5 out of 5
Holy Smoke!!!
Holy Smoke! Best Connecticut I've ever had. So many times I am left disappointed by the underwhelming experience of a Connecticut but not this time. The San Lotano Connecticut Robusto shattered all of my preconceived notions of what a Connecticut could be. This stick oozes flavor and creamy smoke that, in my opinion is closer to a medium bodied cigar. I enjoy it late morning/early afternoon with a cup of espresso and it is pure bliss. I bought a 5 pack to try yet this will be my next box purchase. Give them a try and you'll be a believer too.
5 out of 5
Great Every Day Cigar
Well rolled, smooth, holds the ash very well, and overall very enjoyable. One of my favorites.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Great Cigar-burns slow and even
Great Cigar-burns slow and even and tastes fantastic!
Customer Testimonials
I have to say the other reviews are on target with the S.L. Connecticut. I found the toro to be a medium-bodied cigar that started quite smooth and finished nicely as well. Smoked it down to the last 2 inches over a little more than an hour with a tumbler of Jack and Ginger on the back deck after work. It had a very even burn and a nice firm ash that left a decent cone after falling off like all the S.L. cigars I've tried so far.While I wouldn't buy a full box, mainly due to the price and the fact that I'm more of a maduro guy, I would not mind a few more hiding out in the humidor if (OK, when.) they show up in a sampler. Even preferring maduros, I like to have a wide variety of choices for when I get home from a long day of work. Thanks for making that simple guys!
Excellent draw, very mild with great flavor. Definitely recommended for the occasional smoker.
Leave it to AJ Fernandez to bring us a Connecticut cigar with flavor, complexity & spot on construction to compliment the smooth, creamy characteristics we associate with the wrapper. This is not a mild cigar, but more medium bodied due to the long fillers AJ has carefully chosen for this blend. Very nicely done. 90/100 is my rating. This cigar is beginning to earn 90+ ratings from all the publications & was the 2nd best vitola of 2012, according to Cigar Journal. I would not buy a box because of my full bodied yearnings & the fact that they cost too much, but will be looking for any deals like the impossible CI Kitchen Sink Mega Sampler that reduces the price by 2/3rds.
Like some of the other reviewers, I too am not much of mild Connecticut kind of person. But, like them, I found this cigar to be different. The wrapper is a little darker than I usually see in Connecticut leaves, which I suppose may be because this is Ecuadorian Connecticut. And there was a little bit more oomph than I expected (just a little). It definitely has more flavor to it than most mild cigars, which to me seem to be no more than glorified cigarettes. But this one had a nice, slightly sweet taste, with strong floral notes. In the second half, a tea-like flavor began to appear. Ash fell off on its own only twice, and I smoke down to the nub. Towards the end, it did take on the grassy taste that I don't like about mild cigars, but overall it was very good. I would never buy a box of them, just because of my stronger leanings, but I would gladly accept it as a gift.
The San Lotano Connecticut is my go-to mild-medium, change of pace cigar. I smoke the San Lotano Habano everyday. And I always have at least a couple of boxes around. But when my palate is feeling alittle scorched, I always turn to the San Lotano Connecticut for a full flavored, mild smoke. It's also great for those mornings, after a bottle of Wild Turkey 101 the night before. Even my fiance smokes a few a month.
Very few Connecticuts catch my attention, but being an A.J. fan I had to give it a shot. C.I. is right on with their description here and, once again, I'm thoroughly impressed with this cigar. This is a true anytime of day cigar you can take your time with. Ample flavor and gobs of smoke in typical A.J. fashion that is perfect for the beginner and longtime brethren of the leaf alike.
Now I have never been a Connecticut fan, that is until now. If the Connecticut wrapper has always been too mild, like tasting air for you it is time to taste the San Latano....Big Flavor, smooth and spicy and of course just fantastic construction and even burn...Has become one of my favorite cigars. Never thought I would say that regarding a Conn. wrapper. AJ does it again.