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Sancho Panza Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Sancho Panza”
A brand I have been loyal to for years (Sancho Panza). Always a very satisfying cigar. Plus you gotta love those CI prices.
JM of Cumbola, PA
I have to say the Sancho Panza "Glorioso" is well worth a try, even by die-hard Maduro fans like myself. Everything about it is a pleasant experience and it delivers a taste that is consistantly rich without being harsh or bitter in the least. And, as usual with SP, the price is easy to like.
JM of Central Florida, FL
What a treat. These are outstanding for the money. A bit more than mild and something that those who prefer a lighter smoke should certainly investigate. Once again CI hits it out of the park.
PB of Auburndale, MA
The Sancho Panza (Caballero)is an incredible smoke with the most bang for the buck. I hate spending more than $5 on a cigar unless it's a Fuente or RyJ. These babies reinforce that school of thought. They burn incredibly slow and smooth. It's a mild cigar with a unique taste. It's been rated a 90 and I can understand why. THE best of Honduran cigars. I keep a surplus of them in my humidor and I always will. The CI price on these is incredible. Thanks CI!
JN of Middletown, IN
A very nice, medium cigar. (Sancho Panza) The one I'm writing about is a 46 ring, which is a bit smaller than I usually enjoy, but the flavour was excellent with a good, even burn and firm ash.
MC of MLeesburg, VA
The Sancho Panza Glorioso and the Sancho Panza Double Maduro Cervantes are a mainstay in my humidor. They compete with more expensive (sometimes much more) brands for a good consistent puff (burn, flavor and aroma). I've had few, and I do mean very few bad sticks. A morning espresso (a couple actually), a Cervantes and the sunrise is an awesome start to the day. A glass of Single Barrel Jack, a Glorioso and a sunset in the evening just completes that day. The crap in between is just filler! CI prices are icing on the cake!
SR of Cheyenne, WY
One of my all time FAVORITE BRANDS!!!Thrilled to see that they are now part of the CI stable. All varieties are OUTSTANDING!!! The problem is determening which variety to purchase. All are are winners each and every time. Do yourself a favor and pick up some of these medium bodied beauties at these prices
KG of Acton, ME
Perhaps the best sub $3 cigar in the world is, to me, the Valiente. I have been smoking these for 15 years & I never get tired of the delicious taste, flawless construction, perfect draw & amazing medium bodied flavor. Chock full of spicy goodness, Sancho Panza's well earned 93 rating is a testament to the addict that if you make a great cigar & keep the price reasonable, you will be successful. I can't imagine too many blends that blast off the shelves as quickly as this blend must. I'm a full flavor guy, but just adore a well balanced medium bodied smoke. This is it. A great go to vitola for any occasion, I always keep a few in the bottom of my "secret stash" humidor. With company like Alec Bradley & Camacho, Sancho Panza still holds its own & is cheaper than anything else that treasure chest of great smokes holds. This blend receives my highest rating, 5 vitolas, & is highly recommended to almost any type of cigar lover. If you don't like this one, what do you like?
Sancho Panza has become a mainstay in my humidor. The price is probably the best bang for the buck in the industry. I love every one of them. Just an overall great stick.
Very nice, smooth, slightly sweet, good burn and smoke, not too strong, buy em and enjoy em!
I discovered Sancho Panza smokes many years ago. They have been a staple in my humidor thereafter. Consistently smooth, affordable and delicious. (I prefer the toro or robusto sizes) I have no reason to stray from these cigars. They are fantastic.
Months ago, I received a Sancho Panza Glorioso as part of the +92 Sampler. Today was its day! It was 25º, nasty, snowing, icing, and blowing out at the official winter-cigar-smoking-zone here at the homestead. But I was in a powerful mood for a really decent seegar... albeit maybe a little shorter and smaller than usual just in case the elements might be too harsh. Well! From ignition to splash-down, it was heaven on earth and I didn't care if I froze to death to enjoy it! I'd call it an extremely rich and complex but wonderfully nuanced full-bodied smoke that was consistent throughout. Perfect draw and any small burn-problems healed themselves miraculously. It was one of those rare but exceedingly joyous times I just didn't want the experience to end. I smoked it down to the last possible inch possible to hold with ungloved forefinger and thumb. I saw "back-ordered" alllll over the website. Must be a couple other nutcake cold-weather fans out there as well! Way to go, Sancho!!!
JE of Williamsport, PA
I think that I am Sancho Panza's biggest, and most loyal fan. Especially the "Doble Maduro" line. In my unending quest for a good "tweener" I gave the small "Matador" (4x24 I think) a try. Having such great experiences with the "Matador's" larger cousins, I was disappointed to find them lacking in what I had hoped for. I returned them, and CI accepted the return most graciously. CI has been my only source for cigars for many, many years and will continue to be so. Thanks to the folks there for such great service, and a fabulous satisfaction guaranteed policy.
RB of Kamiah, ID
This slightly box-pressed beauty is wonderful. Absolutely yummy down to the nub. Get some at these prices while you can.
GH of Yorktown, VA
I recently purchased a box of the Caballeros & was surprised by how small the ring gauge seemed. Reputed to be 6.2" X 45, it feels & looks more like a 40 ring gauge. Perhaps it is partially due to the box pressing, but a physical comparison to a Punch London Club shows the two cigars to be the same width. London Club is a 40 ring gauge. Thankfully, the blend is similar to the bigger cigars in this line & the taste is spot on. However, as is often the case with the smaller vitolas, I don't get the same satisfaction level that a 50 or larger ring gauge delivers. These are minor concerns, since all of the most important qualities are present. Spot on construction, classic box pressing, smooth, mellow long fillers that perfectly compliment my absolute favorite Connecticut wrapper, the beautiful, flavorful shade grown leaf of Sancho Panza. Highly recommended for mild/medium bodied ash-heads or anyone who desires a mild & flavorful smoke at a discount price. 92/100
A great medium cigar. For the price, I was really impressed. This medium-bodied cigar is full of flavor and has no hint of bitterness or harshness. The smoke is earthy and has a slight hint of leathery notes, but the aftertaste is very leathery. All-around great cigar.
TN of Havelock, NC
This Caballero by Sancho Panza is a true hidden gem. Mild, even and as smooth as a 30 year old scotch. This Honduran honey is worth every penny.
FA of Miami, FL
I am a big fan of the double-maduro and reluctant tried to broaden my understanding of the SP line. This is a good cigar, it will do everything it is supposed to do. Burns right, draws right, tastes right, a good smoke all around.
JS of Bellevue, WA
20 delicious Sancho Panza Valiente robustos are a good deal at the normal price of just over $3.00 per stick. Throw in free shipping & a $10.00 gift card & what you have is the finest Connecticut wrapped cigar anywhere, for a measly $2.25 a vitola! It's just these kind of deals that keep me coming back time after time to Cigars International for all my smoking needs. Humidors, lighters, accessories & cigars alike. Please keep up the good work & great deals, while I enjoy several tasty treats from Sancho Panza, at a price that fits my limited budget, while satisfying my unlimited cravings for excellent cigars. Give Sancho Panza a try & see why I love them so much. The robusto is my favorite & garners a well deserved 93/100.
Bought this in a sampler, wow, one of the best in the 90+ rated sampler I bought earlier this year. I'd say it is in the middle in terms of strength with great flavors.
KJ of Shorewood, MN
Smooth and flavorful. A nice draw with a strong finish. One of my and my friends' favorites.
NR of Hesperia, CA
Picked up one of these at my local smoke shop and what a great cigar these are. Similar to a lot of Connecticut wrapped cigars in flavor like the ROCKY CONNECTICUT, ROMEO Y JULIETA RESERVEA REAL and so on, but for a fraction of the cost, you just can't beat this brand....
CM of Webb City, MO
Great smoke. Glad I got a full box. And with looney CI pricing, I can enjoy a 93 rated gem without breaking the bank.
Excellent- Some times these small sticks can have draw issues. This one is nice and great flavor.
CD of Bristol, CT