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San Cristobal Elegancia Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “San Cristobal Elegancia”

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A Don Pepin Garcia masterpiece. Takes Connecticut wrapped cigars to a new level. A great tasting, high medium flavor offering that smokes as smooth as silk. A must try for any fan of Don Pepin cigars.
MY God! Someone has created Cigar perfection! I JUST finished my first one straight off the truck. And it is/was amazing!! I'm a talkative kinda guy... And I'm at a loss for words on how best to try and describe this gem?? Pre-Light was tasty and a very easy draw. Construction was flawless. Dead even burn with TONS of smoke. held a very respectable 2" solid white ash. Oh yea. It was a Robusto its size. The flavors were amazing. Woody, nuts, earth, and some hints of spice. A good one hour of Cigar smoking bliss. I bought a 5 pack on Joe's daily deal. And my only regret was not buying TEN 5 packs! If your into a solid medium to almost a full cigar? This is one you have to have. I am really excited to see what various degrees of aging does to the awesome stick!! I don't care what the price is. As soon as i'm finished writing this? I'm ordering a box! Happy New Year everyone.
I have a thing for Churchills and this is one of the best. Excellent construction, even burn, tons of smoke, superb draw and great medium bodied flavor. Even the band is great. A bit pricey for everyday but you will impress on those special occasions.
I have to say, I was impressed. Nice heft, flawless wrapper, excellent even burn, comfortable draw, and great aroma. Have I left anything out? One heckuva great cigar. This one has worked its' way into my regular rotation, and that was a tough line-up to crack.
I bought a box of these at a local cigar bar when the rep was in. Picked up a half-dozen Maduro's as well. VERY well constructed, smooth and lots of smoke. I believe this brand is owned by Ashton?
This is an awesome smoke!
Easy light, excellent construction, draw and burn. Heavy smoke output. Think of a more mild flavored Montecristo White but with a long, lingering and light white pepper finish after every draw.
The Grandioso (Gordo) is perfecto. Highly recommend.
The San Cristobal Elegancia has everything I enjoy in a good cigar. It has great construction, even burn, great draw, plenty of smoke, and loaded with flavor. Even though it is not in the low price category, I don't mind spending the extra money for the quality I receive.
Starts off with a hint of bread taste, then it changes to a coffee ground taste, and finally it rounds out to a smooth blend of everything included. No wonder why they call it Elegancia! I like it.
Nice smoke and high quality cigar. My only grievance was the ease at which the cigar unraveled. A nice cut is important to the integrity of this cigar. Overall though, great flavor, nice array of flavors. Will definitely get these again sometime.
Bought a San Cristobal Elegancia Pyramid at the golf course the other day. The cigar was in a seal fresh pouch and was a perfect smoke in the 106 degree weather. Just ordered a box. Would recommend this cigar as it is mild and smokes real good...