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San Cristobal Elegancia Reviews

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “San Cristobal Elegancia”

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5 out of 5
I Really love these sticks
I Really love these sticks they are in my top 10 favorite cigars
5 out of 5
Must Have for Your Humidor!
This is now my DO NOT TOUCH cigar! I plan on buying a box this time. It's a bit spicy and leathery and creamy as you draw down on the cigar. It will delight the palate of any scrutinizing cigar connoisseur. This is even better than the My Father Connecticut cigars and those are wonderful as well!
Customer Testimonials
A Don Pepin Garcia masterpiece. Takes Connecticut wrapped cigars to a new level. A great tasting, high medium flavor offering that smokes as smooth as silk. A must try for any fan of Don Pepin cigars.
MY God! Someone has created Cigar perfection! I JUST finished my first one straight off the truck. And it is/was amazing!! I'm a talkative kinda guy... And I'm at a loss for words on how best to try and describe this gem?? Pre-Light was tasty and a very easy draw. Construction was flawless. Dead even burn with TONS of smoke. held a very respectable 2" solid white ash. Oh yea. It was a Robusto its size. The flavors were amazing. Woody, nuts, earth, and some hints of spice. A good one hour of Cigar smoking bliss. I bought a 5 pack on Joe's daily deal. And my only regret was not buying TEN 5 packs! If your into a solid medium to almost a full cigar? This is one you have to have. I am really excited to see what various degrees of aging does to the awesome stick!! I don't care what the price is. As soon as i'm finished writing this? I'm ordering a box! Happy New Year everyone.
I have a thing for Churchills and this is one of the best. Excellent construction, even burn, tons of smoke, superb draw and great medium bodied flavor. Even the band is great. A bit pricey for everyday but you will impress on those special occasions.
I have to say, I was impressed. Nice heft, flawless wrapper, excellent even burn, comfortable draw, and great aroma. Have I left anything out? One heckuva great cigar. This one has worked its' way into my regular rotation, and that was a tough line-up to crack.
I bought a box of these at a local cigar bar when the rep was in. Picked up a half-dozen Maduro's as well. VERY well constructed, smooth and lots of smoke. I believe this brand is owned by Ashton?
This is an awesome smoke!
Easy light, excellent construction, draw and burn. Heavy smoke output. Think of a more mild flavored Montecristo White but with a long, lingering and light white pepper finish after every draw.
The Grandioso (Gordo) is perfecto. Highly recommend.
The San Cristobal Elegancia has everything I enjoy in a good cigar. It has great construction, even burn, great draw, plenty of smoke, and loaded with flavor. Even though it is not in the low price category, I don't mind spending the extra money for the quality I receive.
Starts off with a hint of bread taste, then it changes to a coffee ground taste, and finally it rounds out to a smooth blend of everything included. No wonder why they call it Elegancia! I like it.
Nice smoke and high quality cigar. My only grievance was the ease at which the cigar unraveled. A nice cut is important to the integrity of this cigar. Overall though, great flavor, nice array of flavors. Will definitely get these again sometime.
Bought a San Cristobal Elegancia Pyramid at the golf course the other day. The cigar was in a seal fresh pouch and was a perfect smoke in the 106 degree weather. Just ordered a box. Would recommend this cigar as it is mild and smokes real good...