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Sol Cubano Special Dark Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Sol Cubano Special Dark”

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Am I the only one who's tried these? Assuming they are the same cigar as the bundles that were on clearance, they are an excellent, rich, med.-full bodied smoke that I would consider paying regular price for. That's saying a lot for a cheapskate like me. Enjoy!
I just read the only review on these and it is exactly the way I feel. I'm cheap but I know and love my cigars. I would never have tried these at the regular price but I got them on clearance and thought that I must have just gotten lucky with a really good, maybe even wrongly labeled/packaged cigar with the my first bundle. So I bought a couple more bundles and they were just as good (I probably drove my wife nuts with months of telling her how great they were, but I am a blessed man as she has no problem with me smoking in the house, even in the winter when we have a fire burning, as much to release the smoke as any of the "normal" reasons! The long and short is that I probably bought 15 bundles, maybe more, and I was crushed when they were no longer on clearance. While I still have about a bundle left I find myself looking at the normal price, which still is really cheap for this cigar and I will be ordering some now so I can get the 20% discount that's available today (gotta feel like I got some kind of deal, right?!). The reality is that they compare with much higher priced, well known brands. So here I am probably eliminating any chance of ever seeing that clearance price again but if I ever do, I will be filling my 4 humidors (one of which is a big 'ol honkah that my wife surprised me with 21 years ago and is just about the nicest piece of furniture that we own!So I find myself ordering more and really looking forward to not having to ration myself on them as I have been since the sale ended. I've gotta say that CI has saved me a bundle over the years and for that I thank you Boys! Now can we just get a day or two of the clearance price back?! Please? My advice that I've realized through this is if you find a real bargain buy 'um up; sometimes it can even make sense to pick up another humidor so you can take advantage of these opportunities,...and no, I have no affiliation with CI other than being a customer (windy one too!).